Keep Your Feet Cozy Together In His And Hers Couple Slippers


For many slippers are an important aspect of their time at home and there are many advantages to wearing them but there are also those that prefer to remain in the outdoor shoes, just wear socks or go bare foot. For those that love to slip theirs on when they get home understand the benefits of wearing them. Many times when you get home from work or any other long day, taking your shoes off feels like instant gratification which is enhanced by popping your feet into a pair of super soft slippers that not only keep your feet warm but wearing the correct type can be beneficial for your feet. Whether you or your partner are current wearers or not they are an item you will be both sure to love and make for a wonderful gift.

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Slippers are one option that you may have come across when looking at the range of clothing and accessories available to couples who want to wear or use something that matches. You can almost guarantee that if an item is sold separately that it will be available to buy as a set. You can purchase any kind of item from towel hooks to necklaces and there will be those that are bold and draw attention, albeit some negative attention and others that are more discreet. We say negative because there are people that very much dislike the whole matching items range although this will usually be more for clothing rather than a piece of jewelry that is much more subtle. Slippers are one such item that can be bought as a set and like many items in this niche will often have some kind of identifier such as His and Hers or Mr and Mrs.

Many of the items you will find in this range will be purchased by couples together or as a gift from one to the other. As a gift idea a set of matching slippers is a good one because they are practical and a bit of fun and will connect you both. We all know how difficult it is to think of new and unique gifts with the very many occasions that occur through the year and one such as this show you have given some thought and effort into it which will be greatly appreciated. Obviously you can buy a present at any time of the year although these would suit occasions such as Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries very well.

As we have already mentioned, slippers can be very beneficial for your feet when relaxing at home and there are many reasons why, some of which you may not be aware of.

Help With Swollen Feet

Swollen feet are fairly common and much of the time it will because of a medical condition or poor blood circulation that effect the extremities of your body. If you wear the correct type of supportive slippers you can actually reduce the swelling because they can help to encourage blood to flow to your feet.

Improved Balance And Stability

The right type of supportive slippers have an arch support that will not only help your feet to feel more comfortable but also alleviate any strain on the parts of your feet that might be taking more of the impact when walking. Those with the right type of arch will help increase your balance and your stability when you walk.

Help To Fight Colds And Flu

When it comes to your body fighting off colds or flu symptoms your feet play an important part. As your feet get old the blood vessels found in your nose constrict in order to prevent the body from losing heat. As this happens the skin on the inner parts of your nose and throat turn white due to the reduced flow of blood and it is this decrease that results in less white cells in your nose and throat that help protect the body from any virus. By wearing slippers you are keeping your feet warm which in turn reduces any heat loss and therefore helps to maintain blood flow to the nose enabling your body to fight off illnesses better.

Prevent Bacterial And Fungal Infections

Any kind of foot protection will help prevent easily spreadable foot diseases such toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. When all members of a household wear bare feet they are potentially spreading diseases to each other and for any that wear their outdoor shoes in the home they are laying down even more germs.

They Are Comfortable

Putting the right pair on can be heavenly, especially after a long day on your feet and you can’t wait to kick your shoes off. The correct pair with the right level of support can alleviate pain in your feet and this very true for anyone who usually walks around in bare feet at home on hard floors.

While list some of the reasons they are beneficial we have mentioned the right type to provide the best support. Although any kind of foot covering will help, especially with warmth and germs and often comfort but to wear an extra comfortable pair that will be kind to your feet you will want the following.

  1.  The right type of foot bed that will support and ensure natural alignment.
  2.  A heel with a deep cup which provides stability.
  3.  Support for the arch of the foot and ensuring it is sizable enough to mold into the foot
  4.  A sole that is flexible but still on the firmer end of the scale.



A Pair Of Personalized Matching Slippers Are Great For Gifts



Receiving any gift is an enjoyable experience and when they come from a loved one it is even more special. The same is also true of when you give a gift to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Many people get more enjoyment from seeing the happy look on a partners face knowing how happy we have made them. This person is your soul mate, the one you will be spending the rest of your life with and with whom you trust and share every detail of your life. They are there for you through the good and bad periods in your life and although this true love sometimes a gesture of appreciation like the giving of a gift will make them feel happy and special. There are many objects that could be given but one that has a personal touch that you can both share and acts a connection between you both will be ideally suited. This gift does not necessarily need to be of a high value and something as simple as a pair of slipper would be perfect.

Although many people do not wear slippers it is a good habit to get into for reasons we have listed above. Taking off your outdoor shoes is the first step and bare foot or socks can cause discomfort to your feet especially on hard surfaces. There are many different types of foot protection people use for the home and these can include flip flops, slides, clogs etc. Slippers will be softer and warmer which means that provide greater comfort and warmth during cooler months. Even if you or your partner do not currently wear them a set of slippers that match will be a gift that are not only fun and look fantastic, they are also practical. Wearing the same pair together adds fun to the occasions and they can be personalized in some way to suit you. There will be times where they will need to purchase two individual pairs to make your set of two while others come already as a set. Being a material outer they will come in almost any color you can think of and can be themed to be romantic or to be a bit of fun.

Although for the majority of the time they will be purchased together by partners or by one or the other as a gift they could also be purchased for a couple from someone close to them like friends or family. They would make for a wonderful housewarming gift or perhaps one for the bride and groom on their wedding or even their engagement or bridal shower or any of the other yearly festivities that take place.

Although the basic concept of all foot wear is the same, they obviously come in various colors but also designs and this is especially true for slippers. There are what you might call standard looking ones but also open toe, sandal type, novelty or funny varieties in shapes of animals etc, boot styles and they come in many different materials such as cotton, polyester, fleece, wool, sheepskin, suede, leather, acrylic and more. Size is another obvious factor and one that may different from outdoor shoes depending on the style and how you want to wear them. The last feature will be the text that is added and this can be along the lines of Mr and Mrs or there are some that will be custom embroidered or monogrammed.

There may seem like many options to think about before actually getting to buy a set and buying for a couple means pleasing two people in terms of color, design and overall look. However there are only a few key points that need to be correct and the rest will naturally fall into place. To help kick start your search we have coming up a list of a few that we think might be suitable.


Find Your Next Set With Some Ideas And Inspiration



Here are a few of our design favorites and while there isn’t a large range of matching sets there is the option to buy two pairs of the same type in the sizes you need.


Bride And Groom Slippers

  • Just married flip flop sandals set of 2
  • Bride – Groom for wedding day morning and night in white embroidered
  • I – Do for the bride
  • The – Bride great for the honeymoon
  • Brides – Mother
  • Bride – Bride
  • Bridesmaid spa style slip on’s
  • Mother Of The Groom embroidered
  • Maid Of Honor
  • Mother Of The Bride


His And Hers

  • His and Hers set of two gift set great for home, spa or hotel stays


Mr And Mrs

  • Mr and Mrs set of 2 comes as a gift set for home, spa or hotel



  • Welcome Home comfortable memory foam clog style slip on
  • Cotton lightweight, washable slip on style for the house



  • Memory foam and fleece lining with fluffy collar
  • Men’s and Women’s Moccasins with fluffy collar



  • Ultra comfortable soft sole design for the bedroom
  • Closed toe fleece spa style



  • Penguin with reindeer ears perfect for Christmas
  • Santa face light up slip on’s
  • Reindeer face with red nose



  • Cozy house slippers covered in hearts
  • Red Clogs covered in white hearts
  • Black slip on’s with red heart on upper



  • Cute cartoon cat plush and warm indoor slip on’s
  • Cute cartoon sheep soft indoor shoes



  • Mama Bear – Papa Bear
  • Cartoon dog face indoor ankle boots
  • Dad Needs A Beer
  • Poop Emoji plush fluffy house shoes
  • Hairy Big Foot fluffy slippers
  • Hobbit feet with toes and hairy tops



  • Men’s and Women’s with pig face
  • Warm winter indoor slip on with bears face
  • Polar bear paw boot style and furry
  • Fluffy bunny novelty animal design
  • Green animal paw warm and fuzzy
  • Non slip ankle boots in fleece with wolf face
  • Fat cat plush and fluffy
  • Slip on with squirrels on front
  • Fluffy animal dog face in brown
  • Grumpy cat face
  • Zebra stripes and face
  • Warm soft and fluffy with various animal head – Owl, Lion, Gorilla, Fox, Koala, Cat and Bunny



  • Men’s and Women’s indoor slip on shoes, cozy cotton and fleece



  • Cozy home shoes with memory foam, fleece and non slip grip



Protect Your Feet Indoors And Enjoy Sharing a Design That Matches



The most precious times in your life and the ones that you treasure as memories are those that you have spent with family and loved ones. Your earliest memories will be fond ones with your family happily doing things you enjoy or with friends. As you get older and settle down those memories you treasure are of your partner and it is with them that you have chosen to spend your life. Every couple expresses their love for one another in a variety of ways and one of those ways is to buy them a gift.

Often a gift between partners is just a small gesture that lets them know you are thinking of them or to act a simple thank you for their support and it is these little things that help a keep a relationship healthy. It shows your partner how much you care and that they are in your thoughts and can often represent the love you have for one another and act as a reminder every time you wear or use the item involved. For slippers it could mean a lighthearted moment when putting them on together or when you are on your own they will be a reminder of your partner and perhaps a comfort if you are apart for sometime.

We understand that slippers are not to everyone’s taste but they are good to wear in your house for many reasons, some of which we have gone over earlier. There are other advantages to wearing them and perhaps these reasons might change your mind and be ready to embrace those slippers together.



For those that don’t go for socks or barefoot but prefer to wear their outdoor shoes in the house it should be known that you are spreading millions of bacteria. The sole of a shoe worn outside is actually dirtier than a toilet seat and samples show they often contain traces of dirt, feces, millions of bacteria and vomit and there is an almost certain chance that this will be transferred to your floor. Would you want to sit on that floor now? Would you want your children playing on it? Do you or they drop food, pick it up and pop it in your mouth? We dread to think what is entering your body and getting that vacuum cleaner out won’t solve it.

Increase Productiveness

There has been many studies to show that workers that are relaxed and comfortable are more productive. Kicking your shoes off and slipping on slippers feels incredibly relaxing which means you are more likely to get all those jobs done around the house that need doing.

Protect Your Socks

Many people swear by socks in the house and while they keep the feet a little warmer they still do not provide much protection. You will no doubt also find those socks wear out quite fast when wearing them around your house but popping your slippers on will keep them going for a lot longer

Prevent Accidents In The Home

If you are keen on wearing socks and have wood or tiled floors then you have already probably slid along on a particularly slippery area especially if anything has fallen on it. Obviously you can get socks with grips built in but they don’t protect against that all too often stub of the toe.


Because they are for making you feel relaxed at home you will want them to be super comfortable and there are some factors that will influence the comfort levels which include the following.

The Insole

For the best comfort choose a pair with a padded foot bed or has memory foam built in.

The Seams

The seams hold the upper and sole together and should be in a position that does not dig into your skin


You do not want to have heat trapped in the lining so it should not be too thick or your feet will sweat

The Lining

You will find the majority have some type of inside lining which should be soft against your skin


Those that are flexible will mold to the shape of your foot and offer the most comfort


For most people it will be the overall appearance of the slipper that will be the most important factor, especially when deciding on one that has some novelty value. Although they are not the most romantic gift in the world, a pair with the right wording on both can help connect you, offer a conversation point and some laughter. They can also look incredibly cute and can be gifts for a bride and groom, a housewarming, to give to newlyweds or as an engagement gift. Whether you intend to buy a set for another couple or are buying them as a gift for your partner you will need to consider many of the options we have mentioned here. You also need to decide whether you want pairs that are cute and a little romantic, plain or those that have a novelty theme. This depends upon you and your personalities and some what the occasion for which you will be buying them. Either way, they are something that will be worn, enjoyed and best of all keep the owners feet comfortable.