A Romantic Drink For Two With Mr And Mrs Glasses To Enjoy


Browse around almost anyone’s home and you will find certain items that are common to all of them and one of those items will be a glass. We believe you will be hard pressed to find any house that does not have, out of all of the varieties, at least one tucked away somewhere. Everyone needs to drink and a glass is one of the most popular vessels to use for many different drinks from water to alcohol and a house without one would feel pretty peculiar. In reality you are bound to have many kicking around and during a lifetime you will go through many because of breakages and loss. They come in many different types and although it is just a tool to provide a drink, certain styles go with certain drinks. Some will come with words, images or some kind of theme, some are opaque while others are simple see through drinking objects. You will find most are clear but they do come colored of which you will find a wide mixture and they do come in many different designs and sizes.

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As you take more of an interest in items that are available to buy as couples you will be pleased to learn that there a huge range of clothing and accessories that are produced for a couple to use or wear. It will soon become apparent that if you able to buy it individually it is more than likely available to buy as a set of two. If you hear anyone talking about couples in matching things you will find, like anything, quite a large number that find this style particularly irksome. However, there also people that find them romantic and cute and enjoy showing the world by dressing in robes that match, using phone cases and wearing matching underwear. There are many items within this niche and they all make wonderful gifts especially as they will usually be embossed with words and imagery that will often be romantic and loving and this in turn makes them item an even more special one to receive. These words and images that have been pre designed will be presented in a meaningful way, the point of them being to display your love for each other. The larger items in this range can have full verses or loving poems  displayed while smaller ones with limited space will have small phrases. For either size there are also additional custom options which may include adding your own loving words or having options for names, initials, dates or even photographs.

Glasses, no matter what the style – flutes, wine, tumblers etc are an item that falls into this his hers matching category perfectly. The right design looks exquisite when produced as a set but there are also those individual pieces that look divine when paired with a special declaration of love. With all of the wonderful designs on offer along with the romantic element included they make for fantastic and unique gifts to give to your partner. In addition to how exquisite they look they also carry that personal element which equates to your partner being even more appreciative due to the extra effort and thought involved in the purchase. Throughout the year there are many occasions in will buy your partner a present and because they number quite a few it can soon become difficult to think of something new to buy and as the years roll on it gets even harder. You might find that you end buying the same kind of things as previously so these would make a pleasant change and are perfect for most celebrations including anniversaries, Valentine’s day, Christmas, birthday, weddings, engagements, Easter or Thanksgiving.

There are many matching items in the clothing or jewelry range that can be worn and displayed when out although as we previously mentioned they don’t appeal to many people. Obviously, a glass will be used in the home which means it is only going to be seen by family and friends. Because they are for the home and a useful object means although it still lies with the matching niche those that don’t particularly like the clothing will be more acceptable of these. Although they are inexpensive they look fantastic and any couple – Mr and Mrs, boyfriend and girlfriend receiving a set with be overjoyed. While drinking wine together they make for a romantic way to enjoy it and when used alone become a reminder of your partner with each sip.

A glass maybe a simple object but they do come in various shapes, styles, designs, sizes and colors and for those produced for couples a great variety of imagery, words and messages. We all like to have plenty of choice when buying anything as there will always be a greater chance in finding the item that is perfect for you. But, on the other hand, there are times when too many choices can mean you end up with a large number that you really like and picking out just one seems almost impossible. Because his and hers glasses have a high chance of being used daily by either partner it adds to the importance of making the right decision. We will be going over a few points to consider to help eliminate some options and get you down to the one.



His And Hers Couple Glasses Are Perfect Gifts For Champagne Prosecco Wine Beer And Gin



We all, well almost all, love to receive a gift no matter what it is and there is also a marvelous feel good factor from giving someone special to you a gift that lights up their face. When said gift is intended for your partner or as someone buying for a couple their enjoyment of it will be enhanced by adding a personal touch. It will be this personal element that makes the difference between loved ones as, whatever the item, it can become one that will be a symbol of the love and strength in your relationship. Any couples will experience the same effect, whether they are husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend or perhaps in a civil union. All of these partnerships have certain things in common and they of course include the love you have for one another as well as the trust and support between you. They are going to be the person that you spend your life with and who will be there to confide in and share your deepest secrets without judgement. Telling your partner you love them and showing it through your actions is a vital part in a relationship but there are times when showing this by way of a gift also helps and is romantic.

Glasses are one of those items that can be simple and unassuming or sparkling and desirable to look at and will be an item that almost every home will have. They are an item that is used daily by most members of the family and those that have been designed as his and hers will carry some kind of sentiment for the owners and this makes using them feel a lot more special. Glasses are obviously manufactured with glass although you do get plastic looking variants but by personalizing them in a certain theme they become more interesting to look at. There are a few additions you could make to a glass and among those are adding names, initials, meaningful dates or images of you and your partner. You have further options in that you could decide to add a long loving verse or you may be happy with those pre design words and images. The theme of transfers or engravings can be romantic or funny and the types for a couple will come as a set of two.

These are being produced for couples and they will mostly be chosen and bought by them together or by one for the other as a gift. As they are a gift for a couple there is no reason why they cannot be purchased by close family members or friends for them as a set for a particular occasion. The people who will usually know you best such as your mom, dad, brothers, sisters or best friends can see first hand the love and romance that defines your relationship and can make the right choice that is appropriate for you as a couple. They are a great idea to be used as a gift for the bride and groom on their wedding day or also for an engagement or bridal shower. Another fantastic idea is to give them for a house warming and the usual yearly celebrations like birthday’s and Christmas.


What Type For What Drink

While a glass may seem pretty straightforward and easy to buy there are quite a variety of different styles and they all fit with certain types of drinks. To give you a better idea of what to buy we will run through what glass to use for different drinks.


Used for drinks without ice, large mouth, holds up to 6 ounces


Ideal for most mixed drinks and cocktail and hold 8 – 12 ounces


A tall glass at around seven inches and can be frosted or clear, hold 13.5 ounces and were originally for the zombie drink


12 ounce capacity but can hold 14 at a push


Tall and thin and perfect for Long Island Ice Teas

Irish Coffee

Small handle perfect for any heated alcoholic beverage

Old Fashioned Or Lowball

Solid base often used by people who like their liquor neat


Ideal for any cocktail or straight on some ice


Well rounded and can be used for almost anything


Large mouth, thin stem, perfect for a Martini


Cocktail variant traditionally for Margarita’s


Common in New Orleans and named after the drink most commonly poured into it

Poco Grande

A longer stem version of the hurricane perfect for cold or blended drinks


Look similar to a Champagne flute but is used to serve whiskey sours and other sours


Large with a distinctive shape and great for a milkshake


Long stem, wide shallow bowl used for a side car, martinez and aviation


Perfectly designed for brandy’s in that it improves the drinking experience


Updated version of a brandy snifter but can be tricky to stop falling over


Design to capture the aroma and flavor, often used for straight whiskey

Pousse Cafe

Gentle curve and wide bottom make them perfect for layered drinks


Good for an after dinner aperitif or a liqueur


Named after the drink they were created to hold


Smaller glasses great for a sweet liqueur


Self explanatory, for shots


Tall version of the shot good for custom mixes or for double or triple shots


There are also quite a wide range of wine glasses as you can see listed below.



Tall and magnify the smell


Wide bowl to accommodate the aromas


Great for Merlot or Cabernet


Experience the full flavor and smell of the wine

Pinot Noir

Allows for the wine to have contact with the air


Long stem so the heat from the hand doesn’t affect the wine



Great for younger white wines


Great for wine the includes violets, peaches, pears and minerals


Ideal for sparkling wines, Champagne as the narrow glass help retain the carbonation

Sweet Wine

Perfect for sweeter or dessert wines ideal for directing the wine to the back of the mouth


Not always the best to use and a bit hit or miss on whether they make wines taste better

Rose White

Designed so you don’t accidentally warm the wine with your hand



Don’t fill it more than half way in order to fully enjoy the aroma


Long stem to protect the quality of the drink with the small mouth directs the aroma to the nose


Versatile glass used for reds or white


Tall and skinny to protect the carbonation and ensures the wine stays sparkling


Simple and popular but ensure your hand doesn’t heat the liquid


Aerates the wine for you rather than having to do it yourself


There are also a large number of beer glasses that allow for perfect carbonation and head of various beers, below is a list of different types of beer glass.

  • Weizenbier
  • Pilsner
  • Footed Pilsner
  • Tulip Pint
  • Nonic Pint
  • Willi Beacher
  • Stange
  • Flute
  • Pokal
  • Snifter
  • Goblet
  • Chalice
  • Oversized Wine
  • Tulip
  • Thistle
  • Tumbler
  • Hopside Down
  • Yard
  • Boot
  • Stein
  • Dimpled Mug
  • Tankard
  • Oktoberfest Mug


Surprising not all of these glasses are actually made from glass. You will find different venues use different materials which will depend on the circumstances but you will probably find other materials such as acrylic, copper, polycarbonate, crystal, pewter and stainless steel.



A Gift Idea Guide And Inspiration For A Tantalizing Set


Looking for some ideas or inspiration? Here we have listed a few of our favorites along with a short description to you pick out your sparkling set.

Mr And Mrs Champagne Flutes

  • Mr – Mrs Champagne flutes with heart period at end of engraved Mr and Mrs in gift box
  • Straight horizontal edge flutes with Mr – Mrs
  • Kate Spade 2 piece Champagne flute set
  • Mr – Mrs rippled stem cross base champagne flutes
  • Mr – Mrs silver or gold custom printed flute set
  • Decorative font Mr and Mrs 8 oz flutes
  • Linked love with half heart in stem and base Champagne flutes
  • Gold decorated Mr and Mrs Champagne flutes


Mr And Mrs Wine Glasses

  • Mr – Mrs stemless wine glass set with gold foil lettering
  • Mr – Mrs stemless wine set of two 16 ounces
  • Mr and Mrs crystal stemless set with gift box
  • Mr – Mrs etched wine set of 2
  • Mr and Mrs 20 oz etched stemless pair


Mr And Mrs Glasses

  • Mr right – Mrs always right wine pair
  • Mr right – Mrs always right wine and beer combo
  • Mr – Mrs party shot glasses with gold foil print bow tie and heart
  • Mr Right – Mrs Always Right – wine and beer glasses with top hat, mustache and lips
  • Mr and Mrs – You and Me
  • Mr – Mrs with cartoon drawings of man and woman


His And Hers Wine Glasses

  • His – Hers stemless clear wine pair
  • His – Hers 19 oz pair for wine
  • His and Hers written within hearts
  • His – Hers elegant gold print flutes
  • His and Hers Wine tumblers with straws


His And Hers Glasses

  • His – Hers 2 piece stemless stainless steel unbreakable 18 oz
  • His and Her short heavy base
  • His – Hers with dog and cat paw print for animal lovers
  • His and Hers with dog paw prints
  • His – Hers beer and wine with dog paw prints
  • His and Hers beer and wine with sip happens text
  • His Beer – Her Beer
  • Magnetic fun with charms


Couples Wine Glass

  • You are my one and only with heart message on both
  • Soul – Mate stemless 15 oz crystal
  • Hello Gorgeous – Hey There Handsome with gift box
  • Mama Bear – Papa Bear 15 oz
  • I love you – I love you more with hearts
  • I love you to the moon and back
  • Happy wife – Happy life
  • Together Forever precision lead free crystal, hand blown 22 oz set of two


Engraved Glassware

  • Engraved – monogrammed with custom initial glassware
  • Etched world map – whiskey, rocks, run, tequila, Scotch
  • Yours – Mine engraved for whiskey, Scotch, bourbon
  • Crystal etched stemless 16 oz
  • Crystal engraved trinity know shamrock glassware



  • Mr and Mrs tumbler for couples
  • Mr – Mrs 12 ounce tumbler set
  • Mr and Mrs two large 20 ounce tumblers
  • Mr and Mrs tumblers with heart and arrow



  • Gin to my tonic pair of goblets
  • Let the good times be gin


King And Queen

  • King – Queen with crowns, fun 2 piece 12.75 oz
  • King – Queen with crowns wine and beer set
  • Elegant font King and Queen in silver or gold


Funny – Novelty

  • One lucky Mr – Soon to be Mrs
  • I like his beard – I like her butt
  • I like his beard – I like her butt 15 oz crystal stemless
  • I like his beard – I like her butt beer and wine set
  • Her Wineness
  • I’m sorry did I roll my eyes out loud
  • Trouble maker – Partner in crime
  • Her Captain – His Mermaid
  • I drink and I know things beer and wine set
  • Drunk 1 – Drunk 2
  • Worlds Okayest Couples
  • Show me your kitties
  • I like her buns – I like his guns
  • Cheers to love, laughter and happily ever after
  • It’s been a long day Dachshund
  • Mama shark needs a drink do-do-do-do
  • Let’s keep the dumbf*uckery to a minimum today
  • Tipsy – Tippled
  • I like pig butts and I cannot like – I’d smoke that
  • Milf – Dilf Wine and Pint of Beer
  • Peanut Butter – Jelly glass mugs


Star Wars

  • I love you – I know Champagne flutes


Game Of Thrones

  • My sun and stars – Moon of my life wine and beer


Husband And Wife – Hubby Wifey

  • Hubby – Wifey stemless wine and beer
  • Hubby – Wifey shot style with gold foil print
  • Hubby – Wifey 15 oz crystal stemless set



  • His and Hers Mickey and Minnie cartoon outline
  • Mickey and Minnie silhouette head on tall shot type
  • Disney kissing Mickey and Minnie cartoon
  • Mickey and Minnie faces on set of 2


Beauty And Beast

  • Beauty – Beast with rose and claw marks etched
  • Looks like a beast, drinks like a beauty beer and wine set



  • I stole her heart – So I am stealing his last name 15 oz pair
  • Boyfriend Fiance – Girlfriend Fiance
  • Stranger Boyfriend Fiance – Stranger Girlfriend Fiancee
  • I’m getting Meowied
  • I met a boy as cute as can be – I met a girl crazy for me
  • I said yes – That’s what she said



  • Personalized Mr and Mrs beer and wine set with custom engraving
  • His and Hers personalized with first names or initials



  • Set of 2 shot glasses shaped like 50 caliber bullet casings
  • Truth Serum 2 pack shot
  • Te Amo Tequila shot 2 pack
  • Purr me a shot for cat lovers
  • Fred Doomed crystal skull shotglass



  • Engraved Iron 6th anniversary periodic table of elements
  • 25th anniversary toasting flutes
  • Happy Anniversary red or white wine gift set
  • 10 years – Happy Anniversary
  • Vintage – Cheers to 70 years
  • Vintage – Cheers to 30 years



  • His and hers Prosecco set



  • Insulated Martini cooling cups stemless 2 pack
  • Pair of dipped crystal Martini glasses


Personalize Or Customize Your Matching Pair To Add Some Fun To Drinking


When it comes to the people that have the most impact on your life and the ones that make you happiest it will be your family and dearest friends that come to mind. It will be these people that love, support and stand by you and it will be the times that you spend with them that create the most precious memories that are sure to be treasured. Whereas your early memories will be dominated by family your later ones will include you partner who will be the person you love and no matter if they are a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend they are the one you will spend all of your life with. Your partners is the one person that you share everything with the one who will support you through good and bad times and often a token of your appreciation is well received.

You can show them how much you appreciate them in a variety of ways but one such way is through a gift. The nature of the gift whether it be cheap, expensive, simple or dazzling is not so important, it will be the gesture and the love that is poured into it that counts and keeps your relationship happy. When you give a gift to your partner you are letting them know how much you love and care about them and the item itself acts as a symbol of your love. There are many different objects that could be given to represent your bond, a piece of jewelry such as a necklace or one that both looks beautiful and is usable like a set of glasses.

The glasses that have been produced and had text or images engraved or transferred with respect to this niche can often look stunning. Many times the owners will find them too nice to use and they will instead be used for decoration and display pieces for their home. They are great to use at the end of a long day to relax together drinking your favored beverage and enjoying one another’s company. Using them as decorative pieces will also bring joy as with any other beautiful item you display but they are also either romantic or funny and can be enjoyed by family and friends and make good conversation starters.

As has been previously mentioned, rather than being a simple glass, there are numerous options when buying one for your partner or a couple close to you. There is the type, material, color, size and you have choices of engravings or transfers that have either already been designed or ones that are custom designed by yourself. We know these additional engraved elements can be romantic, funny and often contain rude adult humor and which you choose will depend on the reaction you hope to see from the recipients. The reaction you might want and what they might like will depend on the receivers personalities and for what occasion you may be giving it. Where some occasions such as bachelor/ bachelorette parties or a birthday with friends might welcome one with that is funny or has adult humor they may not be suitable for other times. For a bride and groom’s gift on their wedding or a family orientated gathering something that is romantic or just fun will be more acceptable. Obviously, you will know for which type of celebration you are attending and choose the appropriate style.

While it may feel like there a large number of different option to consider and get right before buying, there are times when all it takes is a little thought to make things perfect. This will an item used or seen daily so just a little thought at the buying stage can make a difference between the receivers believing it looks alright and absolutely loving it. Although it may seem like a chore to research all of the correct options, often it will just mean getting one or two of them right for all the rest to fall into place and the couple that will be using them to be ecstatic.