Necklaces For Father And Son Display A Wonderful Connection


There are numerous different types of jewelry and among one of the most popular are necklaces. They are an item that are worn by both men and women, from children to the elderly and are one of those pieces of jewelry that many people wear on a daily basis and some of which are rarely taken off. There are necklaces that are expensive being made from gold and some with precious stones such as diamonds but also cheaper varieties made from inexpensive materials such as stainless steel or even cord or beads but all have their own value to their owners. In its most basic form they are usually a chain with some addition such as a pendant but there are a wide variety of designs and styles.

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By searching through the various items available for father and son you will find there are many different pieces of jewelry, clothing and accessories that are produced and not only for these two but also many other family members. The various objects will sometimes come as matching sets while other times be produced to be given to one person especially from another. Such items include items of clothing like pajamas, hoodies and trunks, accessories such as aprons and hats as well as other pieces of jewelry including bracelets.



As this particular style is for a dad and son, whether they are to purchased as a set or individual items, it will most likely to be the dad or the son that purchases them. Almost all of the necklaces within this range will have a message engraved on the pendant, disc or dog tags that come attached. These engravings are often already written and will have words that have some strong meaning offering love, thanks or courage. Some can include personalized text or photo’s or even trinkets or charms that might join together in some way in the case of a matching pair such as two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, for example.



It is fairly unusual to see a father and son or any other members of a family in matching items such as clothing during a normal day. This is probably because it is quite a niche sector of fashion with many reserving the wearing of such items for home use or out of sight as might be the case of most types of jewelry. This does not mean to say wearing such things is not popular as it certainly is among many familes and often this is because it was a tradition of the dad’s or mom’s parents and they are passing on something they enjoyed. However, it may also be something new to a family which could have been copied from another or seen somewhere and given either mom or dad an idea which they think their children would enjoy. A dad or son may wish to show the other how much they care and want to give them something that shows their shared bond. Alternatively, you may have a boy who just wants to try on everything of dads and to ensure you get to keep your stuff and your son remains happy, you buy him an item, such as a necklace, that matches yours.



This style of jewelry that have been designed with a parent and child in mind is available for purchase in different formats. They can be founding as a set that matches or joins to complete in some way to make it whole and this can be achieved by the shape in which it is manufactured, through design, words or letters. There will also be separate necklaces for one or the other and these will have pendants that have been engraved with words that have been written in such a way as to show it is from one to the other.



A Matching Necklace Set For Dad And Son Are A Gift That Shows How Much You Care




 Most necklaces draw peoples eyes, especially those with interesting pendants and the ones that connect a dad and his son have an added special element about them. They can be separate items from part of a set or an individual piece but they both give the same message, one of a special bond between dad and boy. There are many clothing and accessories that can be worn to show a coordinated look but jewelry can carry important words that can be displayed and carried at all times.

 As they are produced especially for two people it will usually be one of these that purchase the one or a set. However they can also make a wonderful gift for any father and son who have a special connection. In the case of a gift from another party a matching set would be perfect as they both get to share and wear a symbol of their bond with one each other. If it is a gift from father to son or vice versa then a single necklace with a dedication to the other is perfect.

 Throughout the year there are many celebrations and many of these are the perfect answer for this type of gift. These occasions include Father’s Day, Christmas and Birthday’s but they could also be given for Thanksgiving, Easter, New Year, a graduation or a child leaving home for the first time for education, joining the military or even a wedding gift upon getting married. There are numerous times when a special neclace is the right gift and with so many celebrations during the year it can be difficult to think up something new and different and one of these will fulfill that requirement.

You will find quite a number of options which would need to be consider prior to actually buying a necklace. They can be made from expensive or cheap materials which include the likes of yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, sterling silver, stainless steel, pearl, bronze, copper, beads, cord and leather.

Other options include the type of chain, of which there are many, for example:



  • Curb
  • Bead
  • Belcher
  • Rope
  • Box
  • Snake
  • Wheat
  • Mesh
  • Diamond Cut
  • Herringbone
  • Popcorn
  • Gucci
  • Franco
  • Foxtail
  • Anchor
  • Singapore
  • Figaro
  • Marina



As well as options for the chain there are also various types and these include:



  • Pendant
  • Festoon
  • Sautoir
  • Locket
  • Graduated
  • Bib
  • Riviere
  • Multi Strand
  • Lavaliere
  • Negligee



There are also names for the lengths and these are:



  • Collar
  • Choker
  • Princess
  • Matinee
  • Opera
  • Rope



Finally there are also some choices of clasp which include:



  • Hook
  • Toggle
  • Bead
  • Magnetic
  • Barrel
  • Swivel
  • Lobster
  • Spring Ring
  • Box
  • Fishhook
  • Bolo



These are some of the basic options that you will find available for the majority of necklaces but with those that are for loved ones you will find more personal additions which could be words engraved on pendants or photographs in lockets. When you include custom options, there are an infinite number of various ways to make the necklace personal to the person you are giving it to through the names, initials, dates and messages engraved onto plates and pendants or special pictures. There are also standard additions such as hearts, infinity symbols and birthstones which are designed to make the necklace all the more special and unique.



Find Some Ideas In Our List Of Favorites



Here are a few of our favorites with a brief description which may offer some inspiration or a few ideas.






  • Shield – Armor of God pendant
  • Father and Son – Best friends for life






  • To my dad with personalized photo and message



Daddy And Me



  • Daddy – Son stole my heart set






  • Set of 2 – Father – Son split into two with jigsaw puzzle piece
  • Set of 2 howling wolf pendants engraved dad – son



3 piece



  • 3 piece puzzle set for dad and two sons






  • Baseball fan to son from dad in gold color and laser engraved



Mother Father Son



  • 3 piece, 2 large one small engraved for parents and child



With Name



  • Stainless steel bar with custom name or names






  • Custom engraved image of your photo






  • I’ve had my daddy’s heart since the first time he heard mine






  • 2 piece cross in stainless steel with Lords Prayer



Dog Tag



  • To my son – I want you to believe deep in your heart…
  • To my son – Always remember you are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem…






  • Set of 2 Olive wood cross pendants with leather cord made in Bethlehem






  • A piece of my heart lives in heaven






  • Vintage Celtic knot pendant in stainless steel – Viking Norse rune



Wearing Personalized Chains And Pendants Symbolize Your Bond And Can Be Worn Everywhere



To maintain a good relationship with their children as they grow it is imperative for a parent to take the time to do things with them. Spending time together taking part in activities a child enjoys are great ways to build a connection and a good time to communicate. With younger children it is easy to join in with what they are doing and get them interesting in other things but as they grow harder it can be a struggle to bond with some children. Developing a common interest can make this easier which could be anything from sports to playing video games. Sometimes a parent may need get themselves interested in what their child likes so as to be a part of their lives.



While it can be a child that is difficult to connect with, there are also parents who are busy with work and social lives and not dedicating enough time to a child who is desperate for their attention. This is unfortunate as busy parents will often miss the various milestones their child meet or first times that would become treasured memories not to be missed. Watching your child grow up has got to be one of the most incredible things to witness and will leave a parent filled with precious memories that will be looked back on forever.



It is not only the parents that benefit for the interaction, a child will also not only get to be with their dad or mom but also learn from them. A child learns from the people they spend the most time with so if you wish to be the influence on your childs progress and how they act within their own relationships now is the time to give them more of your lives. This may require a change in lifestyle but it will certainly be worth it for both parties.



Wearing any kind of jewelry to symbolize your bond or represent a promise to always find the time to be with your family especially children has its advantages over other types of matching objects. A necklace is one of those items that can be worn everywhere without anyone questioning whether or not it suits a particular occasion. Whether it is a important meeting, a formal event or a casual day out, the same necklace will fit in which means the wearer will always feel and have that special bond with them.



We have previously listed some of the various options that would need to be thought about before actually purchasing one necklace or a set. Everyone has their own individual look and style that they tend to keep to and while there are many options, often getting a couple of the key ones correct is enough to keep most people happy. The most important options would be to use the correct material although this will also depend upon budget and the correct length. The last and possibly the most important part is the personal options. These are the standard pre written messages that are already engraved onto a plate or pendant or your own personalized options of words or photographs that can be custom added. This is the vital part to get right and will take some thought to ensure the words and feelings you wish to say are portrayed correctly in the words that are to be engraved.