Enjoy A Swim In Matching Trunks For Father And Son


There are many different items, including various clothing that are produced for father and son with swim trunks being just one of the popular choices available. Trunks are not what you may call an essential item but for anyone who enjoys time at the beach, in the pool or spending hot days with cool legs then a pair of shorts is a high priority. For anyone who experiences some degree of warm weather, even for only a few weeks of the year, then wearing a pair of shorts will help the legs feel refreshed and not so heavy. Trunks are a much needed garment for all that enjoy a swim or simply want to take in the sunshine.

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Swim trunks are only one of the many things that have been designed for a father and son to match. There are in fact many variousitems, not only in terms of clothing but also accessories and jewelry that have been manufactured for them and also many other members of a family that can be found for different combinations of people. Included in this list of items are garments such as outfits for a family, socks, hoodies and pajamas for a dad and son as well as jewelry such as necklaces for a dad and his daughter.

Many of the clothes that match are quite a niche category of fashion. Obviously there are many different combinations of people which can wear such garments with those that are aimed for couples romantically involved probably getting the most negative reaction. Although it is fair to say opinions differ and while some people think couples wearing their twinning styles are a little to over the top, many people just think they are cute. Having said that, most people would agree that those produced with any parent or child in mind really are just adorable.

It is not all families who even consider the wearing of matching stuff, for some this is just not a look they would want to wear and for others, not an idea that may even cross their mind. For other families it may have become a tradition that parents want their children to enjoy like they did. Another dad or mom might see friends or other people wearing such sets and think that their children will like the how they look and see a family united with a strong connection while showing anyone who sees them that they are all equally important. Another reason for choosing this kind of clothing is curious children who particularly want to dress like their parents and in this case a boy who wishes to copy his dad. The choices of which garment to buy to please him are plentiful and a set of swimming trunks are a great idea for the beach and pool fans or if they are especially for a vacation.

When buying an individual pair of shorts or trunks there will be a decent range from which to pick your favorite. Obviously there will be different colors to select from and the same can be said of patterns, prints or images that have been added. Materials will usually be nylon, polyester, Lycra, microfiber polyester and other blends. Another obvious option is size and this can also be a benefit if you cannot find a matching set you like. Simply buy two of the same pair in the size you need. When it comes to styles there are a few different types of trunks and shorts and here are a few available:




These are knee length and have a close fit. They can boost performance when swimming and are often used by professional athletes. They do however look best on tall people with an athletic build.



These are similar to shorts that are worn on land but are made from different materials that allow them to dry faster and are usually of a lighter fit.



This is the classic style of swimsuit and are minimal in appearance. Again they are good for professional athletes because of the small amount of fabric. The most popular type being Speedo’s.



Similar to trunks but just a longer version that come to the knee. The term board comes from the fact there were developed for board sports such as surfing or paddleboarding.

Square Cut


The fit tight to the body and cover from the waist to upper thigh. The have a box shaped look and are less revealing than briefs.



These are a cross between jammers and briefs in that they have more material and therefore cover more than the briefs but do not have the same close fit, streamline advantage of jammers.



These are you typical leisure style shorts that most casual swimmers wear and are good all rounders for swimming and relaxing in with the benefit of drying fast.



Swimwear And Shorts Are Great Vacation Gifts For A Dad And His Boy




Any of the above types of swimwear are a must have garment for any warm weather vacation or if you are planning on spending any time in a pool or in the sea. Some versions of swimwear are fairly versatile and can be used not only for swimming for casual day time use as a normal pair of shorts. Briefs and jammers are not the best example of a good choice daily wear but trunks, boardshorts or watershorts are a perfect example of being flexible enough to be worn for both swimming and casual day wear.

The swimsuits versions we are looking at here are those that match a dad and his boy which makes them more than likely to be bought by the dad. However they can also make a wonderful gift that will be all the more special because they are for both father and son to enjoy while together. As there are so many celebrations during just one year where a gift is usually given it can soon become more and more difficult to think of something different to buy. Quite often many of us give up on new things and end up opting for the same things we always buy but a set of trunks and certainly ones that are of a matching set will be something unusual and unique.

For some people a pair of swim trunks will be used throughout the year and these will be for those who live in year round warmer climates or like visiting the swimming pool or even for anyone who doesn’t mind cold water when they swim. As gifts they are more likely to be purchased on certain occasions and these dad and son versions makes good presents on Birthday’s, Father’s Day, Christmas or as one to start off a vacation. Because shorts tend to be more summer wear they are not often themed around a certain time such as Christmas which means most of those purchased can be worn throughout the year without looking out of place.

The more casual trunks and shorts are those that will usually be seen as matching sets where as varieties such as jammers are aimed more at the professional athletes. Although it is unlikely to see these style as a set of two, if they are your preferred type of short that you would like to purchase in a pair you could, as with any other pair that doesn’t come as a set, buy two pairs of the same one in the sizes you require. This overcomes any obstacle of not having the correct matching types you would like. Those that are available can be found in a large enough range of colors and patterns from which you are bound to find at least one set you both like. Many have patterns such as Hawaiian floral designs, fish, lobsters, pineapples, cactus, tropical and more types related to the beach as well those of a plainer style.



Some Of Our Favorite Swimsuits



Here we have listed a few of our favorite swimsuits with a brief description to help offer some ideas and inspiration.


Hawaiian Floral

  • Beach board shorts with pockets with black, orange and white floral pattern
  • White trunks with blue palm tree pattern



  • Blue in color with pink flamingo print



  • Hawaiian beach board shorts with classic hibiscus print
  • Faded floral pattern on a spandex material
  • White trunk with palm leaf pattern



  • In red with all over lobster print



  • Light blue with multi colored pineapple print



  • Light green with dark green cactus pattern



  • Blue trunks with multi colored fish pattern
  • In graphite with silver and black fish print



  • Pale green colored material with tiger and forest print




Chill Out And Bond Having Some Fun On The Beach Or By The Pool




Having the time to bond with your child is an important part of your parent and child relationship. Being close to one another, communicating and doing things together are all vital to maintaining a strong relationship. There are countless activities to try together and finding a common interest is a great way of ensuring that your time spent in each others company is fun, exciting and something you both look forward to. For a dad and son it should be quite easy to find something that both enjoy and this could be sports such as basketball, baseball, football, cars or chilling out playing games or watching movies. Sometimes a father may have to adjust and find what their son likes interesting to have that common ground. Making these bonding time fun can also be a positive and by wearing father and son matching swimsuits can make chilling out by the pool or swimming even more fun and also show what a strong connection both have with one another.

It is not all parents who have a lot of time to spend with their children and some moms and dads have hectic working schedules as well as their own social events and while there are times when this isn’t avoidable, we are sure with a little effort more time could be dedicated to their children. This is not only beneficial to the children but also the parents. Babies grow very fast and pass important milestones very quickly and for any parent not there to witness them it is a potential treasured moment and special memory missed out on. Seeing your children grow and achieve various things is one of the most amazing experiences and creates countless memories to enjoy forever. For any parent who feels they are missing these moments we suggest making some changes and sacrificing certain aspects of your lives to be there more for your son or daughter.

Parents benefit from seeing their little ones grow up and completing various milestones but children also benefit, not just from the fact that they get to spend time with their moms and dads. As they grow up children will learn from the people that they spend the most time with and this will dictate how they act around other people and in their own relationships when they get older. If any parents want to be the most influential person in molding their children then they must make an effort to spend time with them.

How easy it is to start wanting to spend time with your kids will depend a lot on their age. A child that is still an infant or toddler is easy to interact with by joining in with the games that they are playing. Older kids can sometimes be a little more difficult to communicate with and find an activity that will allow you to spend time with them. Often they can be engrossed in their phones, computers, TV or video games with little chance of pulling them away from these objects. However, do not give up, it is important to persevere and find some common ground even if it is over just one thing. Swimming for instance is one thing most kids enjoy and a lot of fun can be had on the beach or in a pool. For a dad and son to wear coordinated swim trunks it can add to the fun factor and give both a feeling of having a connection through their shorts.