Head Into Style In Matching Hats For Dad And Son


If clothing or accessories in the matching style are a niche that you enjoy you may well have noticed that the biggest variety and choice are those that are designed for a mom and her daughter. If you look at almost anything that includes a set for family members it will be the mother and girl that a catered for the most. Having said that, there is still a great range for father and son which is really what you want to hear if your boy is going through a period of want to be dressed like his daddy.

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We all know it isn’t always down to the child who wants to match up with his dad, often it will be daddy who is eager to have himself and his child in some kind of coordinated look. This can start from the moment they are born and carry on all their lives with a wide variety of dad and son outfits and accessories available and this includes hats. If you or your child wants to start dressing in some matching way that headwear could be a good place to start.

Whether it is you or your boy who wants to start looking the same we know this particular niche is one that many people simply do not like. If wearing any kind of matching clothing isn’t too your taste then a hat could be a good solution to keep your son happy. A hat makes a great accessory and are something that is worn frequently by many people. It is not an item that would stand out too much but will still carry that same bonding experience of wearing the same style, color  and print that matches both fathers and sons and will still be noticeable. Even for people who dislike this style a hat is one of the items that is accepted and for some of the funny ones, even laughed at.

These can also make great gift ideas for your husband, boyfriend or other relative or friend and their child. A hat is simple to buy although there are always some choices and can be a great solution if you are struggling to think of a present that doesn’t fall under the bracket of being the same old stuff. We understand how it is with all the various celebrations and trying to fulfill a gift for each and these will make great presents for Christmas, Birthday, Easter or Father’s Day. This kind of gift is usually well received and generally adored because they are quite personal and because they include their child, even more thought of.

Although a hat is a pretty simple but awesome solution to a gift problem there are still a variety of styles and designs to choose from. You will need to know what kind of hat they like to wear, do they prefer caps, snapbacks, trucker, beanies, bucket, baseball, bobble, newsboy or flat caps to name a few. Once you have concluded the type you then will want to know what colors they like to wear most of all. After that you need to think about what reaction do you think they will want to get when wearing it. There are those that are fun and made to bring a laugh or those that are cute, adorable and there to melt everyone’s heart. The same can be true for what reaction you want from the recipient when they open it. Obviously buying for two people means keeping both happy in all the factors we have mentioned.

With all those choices, whether the hat is for a gift or you are buying it for yourself it could be an idea to purchase a couple of different ones. The advantage to this being you can wear different types to suit a variety of occasions. You could have a funny one that may not suit a certain occasion whereas one that is more subtle and discreet may. If you can’t  narrow your decision down to the one you want, buy two or three.



Are Daddy And Me Hats The Cutest Of Them All



In the range of clothing or accessories and many other items there are many that are devoted to all the different kinds of couples and combinations of family members you can think of and this includes hats. Can we say that the daddy and me style is the cutest looking? Many would probably say that it was mommy and me hats that look the cutest as there is something that little bit special about a mother and her children. Daddy and son items are still incredibly cute and some may argue better than their mommy equivalents.

Hats make a great choice in this range if a full outfit does not suit you. There are hundreds of millions sold throughout the year and they make a very practical addition to your clothing and can also be worn at almost any occasion while also being great for activities and accepted in many situations. With these matching types available they can be worn while  also helping the dad and son bonding time.

Depending on where you wish to wear your hats will determine what types of hat you may wish to purchase. Are you most likely to wear them together in warmer or cooler weather? What sort of things do you intend to do in them? Where will you be going and what places or functions are you planning to go to? These are all questions that you may wish to answer before choosing on the type of hat you will buy.

A persons hat can also tell a lot about the owners personality and they also make a good source of expressing your mood. Once you have chosen the type of hat the design, image and words you pick will portray your personality. This could depend upon what kind of reaction you might want to receive from people you meet. There is another option to consider and that is how they look when worn individually. You may be buying them as a set to wear together and many designs are perfect for this and although it does not necessarily matter, when wearing them alone they can look out of place. However, there are some that come as a pair but still make sense when worn separately which gives them more flexibility and usability.

Although they are just a hat and can be simply choice there are still many different varieties, styles, colors and designs available for you to make your choice from and though they maybe an easier option it can still be hard to choose the one you like the most. We will run through a few designs and styles to help you get some kind of idea.



Inspiration And Ideas For Father Son Sets


If you are after some ideas and inspiration then here we have a list of a few of our favorites including type of hat and designs that will suit father and son. Hopefully you will be inspired and these sets will make your choice easier.

Baseball Cap

  • Legend – Legacy
  • Pro – Prodigy
  • Captain – First Mate
  • Pilot – Wingman
  • Couch Potato – Tater Tot
  • Big Dipper – Lil Dipper


  • Viking Style


  • Captain with anchor


  • Best Dad – Best Son


  • Flat Ivy Breathable Mesh Set of 2



Personalized Headwear That Matches Looks Great


All of the time you get to spend with your son are precious moments that you will look back on for many years and you will enjoy every potential memory that you create. These treasured memories can only be looked back on if you spend the time together in the first place and those potential moments will soon pass as your son will grow up very quickly and before you know it will be spending more of their time with their friends and on any new technology that they have.

Because this time does fly by so quickly the time your spend with your child now is vitally important. Many parents are often too busy to have many quality moments with their little ones due to other aspects in their lives and if you are one of these then it is important to make changes because before long it will be too late. You need to remember that you can never buy more time so don’t regret missing out on these wonderful moments when you get older.

When it comes to dressing in coordinated outfits you are more likely to find that girl is a lot more eager to dress in this way than a boy. You can make introducing it this style to your son and many will find it fun to dress like dad although not all dad’s may feel the same anyway. If a full outfit is not your style then hats make a great start or compromise to getting into this niche of clothing. You will still have the matching effect and show off the bond that you both share together and still let the world see how much you think of each other.

Hats are not just a great start into this style you also get those that are personalized with your own custom message, dates names etc and there is a type of hat to keep everyone happy. Some of the more popular being baseball caps, snapbacks, bucket, beanies, trucker and bobble. With all those styles available there is one for everyone situation and because they are so
cheap you will be able to buy quite a few different types to suit many different occasions and you and your children will
love wearing them.