A Beautiful Daughter Necklace From Dad


Browsing through the numerous styles of necklaces you will see there are a lot of various choices available for many different combinations of couples, and these include those that are involved romantically as well as parents, children and best friends. Among the most popular and probably the most adorable are the mother and daughter necklaces but there is also a place in everyone’s hearts for a dad and his daughter. Although there are types of clothing available for father and daughter they are more limited to those associated with mom so for those wanting something in this range a necklace could make the perfect solution.

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These designs can come as a set of two and sometimes three so both parties get to wear one each or if you have two children then the three of you. Those that will come as sets will carry an message that could be words or some kind of crafted pendant, locket or charm that will be split and become complete when brought together. These are fantastic examples of what buying a matching pair is all about and could make the perfect gift for a child who is moving away to college or into their own home and you want to show them that you are still there for them, thinking of them and encouraging them to be strong.

A pair or set such as these could also make a perfect gift for a younger child. They may reach an age where they find it is fun to copy their daddy and dress like them. When it is a girl copying her mommy you can turn to a vast range of mommy and me outfits available but for a daddy and his girl the choices are not so vast. There are a few items that might satisfy their desire to be like you and a necklace is one of them. Buying a matching set means you are both wearing them same thing which will keep her and you happy.

Many necklaces designed for father daughter will come as individual items which are produced to be given from one to the other in either combination. The make great gifts for certain special and notable occasions in a persons life as well as the usual yearly celebrations. As we have previously mentioned, for your daughter this could mean a major event in her life such as leaving home for either college or getting married and a gift like this will include a message of love, inspiration, encouragement, words of strength and pride and will forever show the bond you have with each other.

A gift such as this can make a great idea for you husband, boyfriend or any other relative and their daughter. They can be purchased by other people and given as a set and make for a wonderful surprise and solve a problem if you are struggling for ideas. With the various celebrations we enjoy through the year and with many requiring gifts of some kind it can soon become difficult to think of anything to buy while a pair of these would be great for Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays or Father’s day.

Because you will be facing quite a great deal of choices when purchasing a necklace it is important to know what the potential recipient likes in terms of style. Although there are not quite so many different types available compared to looking at any normal piece of jewelry you will still have many options. When buying them as a set you will need to think about whether the design suits both parties who will be receiving them which may sometimes require a little but of compromise. Individual pieces are easier as there is only one person to please but you still need to know what material they like to wear – gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel etc, what colors, the style – bangle, cuff and following that what words you may want engraved and this will be determined in some way by the reason you are giving it, as a thank you message for instance.


A Father And Daughter Will Adore A Matching Necklace Set



There is something beautiful about giving a parent or child a shared gift or a separate one that represents the bond and love they have for each other. There will always be a special connection between a daddy and his girl but having an item that represents or shows off that connection to the world acts as a reminder that it will always be there and just how important you are to each other. A necklace can be a symbol of this and because they can be worn at any time in any environment you will always be able to carry it wherever you go.

Most people probably like to receive a piece of jewelry as a gift and a necklace will always be among one of the favorite items to open. There is so much too them and such varieties that all contain something wonderful. You have some amazing materials such as platinum, gold, silver, stainless steel, titanium, beads and leather and they can look just as good in a simple design as they can when produced as a delicate and intricate piece. Being able to make them more personal with custom engraving options adds to their delight. Making them even more special with names, initials, dates or a message that is meaningful is another addition that makes them a wonderful present.

You can also make a choice when it comes to what that message portrays. This decision will be influenced by what reaction you may wish to see from the recipient. The majority of this type of jewelry will carry a standard message or pendant or you can customize your own. You have the option to make this funny and bring laughter to an occasion or have one that is full of meaning, sentiment and love.

As we have previously mentioned the options for these necklaces are to be given between or to father daughter as a set of two or from one to the other individually. They both are designed to produce similar effects and that is to carry a message, act as a symbol for something personal or represent something. A pair can be worn by both and will always serve as a reminder to both of you of the message you are sharing whereas individual items will be one half telling the other half something and that person carrying it with them as a reminder.

There are sets that work well as a pair and are designed to be worn when together and may not always make sense when worn separately. This does not hold any great importance buy it might influence your decision as to what type to buy. If this is something that is sentimental that you will wish to wear all of the time then those that are produced as a set to be worn together may not be the best option. However there are still many sets that are made to split and serve as a count down to when you both see each other again and the pendant/ charm becomes complete.

Other opportunities for this style of present are to give for or during a vacation. It is nice to have something to serve as a token of a wonderful time spent together with special memories. When you wear and look at the necklace in the future you will always be reminded of an amazing holiday full of treasured moments spent together.

Although the necklaces designed for dad and daughter are not as vast in choices as those for mom and daughter there are still enough designs, materials, colors and engravings to make for a lot of different choices. You will still need to narrow it down and finalized your decision which can be fairly difficult so we will run through some options.


Find Some Ideas And Inspiration


Time to go through a few ideas and hopefully inspire you to make your final decision. We have listed a few of our favorite designs and engraving we think are the best so lets take a look.

Daughter Necklace From Dad

  • Pendant charm in silver engraved – To my daughter, I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you…
  • You will always be my little girl disc pendant
  • Round pendant engraved – To my daughter, Don’t let today’s troubles bring you down…
  • Gold heart pendant – You are my little girl forever…

Long Distance

  • Heart shaped pendant – Although sometimes we can be far apart, we are always connected…
  • To my girl – Wherever your journey in life may take you I pray you’ll always be safe…


  • Sterling silver interlocking circles infinity

Set Of 3

  • Keychain for dad with two hearts cut out and a necklace for each daughter with missing heart pieces

Daughter And Dad Set

  • Split style with two pendants, one heart shape piece that fits into missing side with daddy’s girl and stole my heart
  • Heart shape pendant split in two with father on one and daughter the other

Dad From Daughter

  • Ring style pendant with Love You Dad engraving
  • To my dad never forget I love you
  • Papa bear

Father’s Day

  • Stainless steel dog tag pendant – My little ears are watching. My ears are listening too…
  • Personalized custom photo print of choice
  • To my daddy, thank you for walking by my side…


  • Sterling silver with blue Swarovski crystals and I love you forever message
  • Heart pendant with words – Always remember you are braver than you believe…
  • Sterling silver heart pendant with My daughter my love message
  • Double heart – Never forget that I love you


  • Love is patient, Love is kind  with cross pendant


  • Daddy’s little girl heart shaped locket


  • Magnetic closure locket with birthstones


  • Gold plated – A love between a father and his daughter…
  • You will always be loved forever in my heart gold colored pendant

Daddys Girl

  • Sterling silver pendant in heart shape with cubic zirconia and Daddy’s Girl engraved
  • Daddy’s girl forever heart shaped pendant

For Daughter From Parents

  • 925 sterling silver heart pendant with forever family message


Personalized Jewelry Can Be Worn At Any Time


One of the most wonderful aspects of having a child is watching them grow and all of the amazing moments you get to spend with them as they do. There are so many precious memories created and happy times that you will treasure in your thoughts forever. But, as we know time flies by so fast and they grow from babies to young adults very quickly and before you know they do not have as much time to spend with you.

This is just ones of those things in life that parents have to accept but with all those wonderful times spent together there will be no regrets. This is an important point if you are one of those parents that are too busy for the majority of them time. It could be for genuine reasons and legitimate distractions but perhaps you should reconsider your style of life and dedicate more time to your child before it is too late to do so.

Remember, it is never too late and this is especially true if they are still fairly young or still living with you. You could begin this fresh start with a gift of a necklace and this could be a symbol of the change that you make and a reminder to not go back to previous ways. Other times these make special symbols are when your daughter is moving out, either to college or getting married or any other times when she will be a long distance away. They can make a a wonderful reminder of parents or child and all the things you have done for each other over the years. Obviously Father’s day is a perfect opportunity to show how much you think of your dad and how much love you have for him.

Although this kind of jewelry would most often be given for special occasions during the year they can also be given as a surprise spontaneous gift to a loved one. Although they usually carry a specific message it will just like a normal necklace from a far making them discreet enough to be able to be worn at any time, either at home, at work or out to dinner.

The final task of choosing the one you think would suit the receiver is all down to your opinion of what you think they would like. There are many options to consider before making that final decision and looking at what the person you wish to buy for already like wearing may be a good starting point. There are many beautiful choices available and because they will often portray a different message, buying 2 or 3 for different occasions could also be a great idea.