Express Your Love With Bracelets For Father And Daughter


Looking through the range available for bracelets which are produced for a variety of combinations of couples you will find there are ones that cater for pretty well everybody. Among some of the cutest around are those for mom and daughter and for father and daughter. We have to say even those of us who completely dislike the whole matching style that this type of bracelet have enough designs to suit almost anyone.

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With many accessories in the various type of couple styles you will see they comes as a set of two which have written some special message or carry an item that has a meaning or one the splits and completes when coming together. Bracelets for dad and daughter do come in those varieties but you will find most come as individual items that are either given to a daughter from her father with a personal message offering strength, encouragement or love or vice versa where a child can say thank you for example to her dad. The majority are individual items but there are still those you can purchase as a pair if they are they type you particularly

These are designed for two particular family members – one for each or from one to the other but they can also be given to in-laws and grandparents. When buying for your father, it is Father’s day that will be one of the most popular reasons to give them whereas for your child they could be something for a celebration or for a time when they are going away, maybe to college or moving into their own house or perhaps their wedding day.

A good use for this type of jewelry is if your little one reaches an age of wanting to copy everything you do and wear. They often want to wear your watch or hat or perhaps want to dress like you. Between a mom and her girl this is easy to do but there not many outfits for daddy and his girl. Rather than letting her down, a bracelet could make a great way to allow her to copy you without you having to give her your jewelry constantly.

Because of who these bracelets are designed for they will usually be given between those two people but it is also acceptable for other friends or family members to buy these as a set. They would make a great gift for any husband, boyfriend etc and  their daughter. With such numerous festivities throughout the year that require a gift it can becomes hard choosing what to buy each time. If you are stuck for ideas on any occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, Easter or Thanksgiving for example then a matching bracelet set could solve one present for two people. Due to the fact they celebrate a special connection between the two they will be even more well received.

Searching through any range of jewelry and you will expect to see a vast amount of choice on offer and those made especially for father daughter are no exception. Whether you are buying for your parent, your child or for the both you will soon understand there are a few options to consider before making your final decision. As well as what look suits them best there are a variety of engravings to sort through and determine what words, images and accessories are best suited to the recipient.



A Bracelet Makes A Perfect Gift Between A Dad And Daughter



There is a wonderful thing about the gift of a bracelet whether it be part of a set that matches or a separate item and that is the bond that it will help to strengthen. There will always be a special connection but this kind of item seems to enhance that and also act as a reminder of how important you are to each other. One of the best things about a bracelet is that, unlike some clothing or accessories in this niche, it can be worn at any time, be at home relaxing or at work.

We would think the majority of people would enjoy any kind of jewelry as a gift and a bracelet is no exception. You have a choice of materials including those such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, leather, stainless steel, beaded and plastic and each come in many different designs some which can be very simple while others can be much more intricate. Due to who they are been sent to and from, most will also have the option of an engraving. Each has a set message or image while others you can personalize with a choice of names, dates, initials or some special message.

One of the other points that will influence your choice is the reaction you will expect to from the recipient. Be it a set or an individual piece, most will have some type of message and it is this that will determine the receivers reaction. There are those that are funny or perhaps you have added your own custom funny message while others have messages that are heartfelt and want to portray a strong message of love and happiness.

While the individual pieces make wonderful gifts for numerous occasions the pairs also help forge special memories. While an individual one will always be worn on one half of the duo’s wrist and serve as a reminder of an incredible relationship and the love between a parent and child the other half of the pair will not experience the same effect. This where a set or pair has an advantage due to the fact that both parties can wear one each and both experience the bond that they create.

This also raises another point when buying a set and that is can they be worn individually? A set will usually work well as a pair but not always make sense when seen alone although they are small enough for most people not to notice. However, if you feel self conscious about this choosing the right one will mean carrying a special message while away from each other but still mean something when worn individually. There is also the added bonus of having an extra piece of jewelry to wear and have in your collection and one that has much sentimental value.

A further great opportunity for giving this kind of gift is when you have a vacation due. Buying one or a set of these for you both will make a great start to your holidays and make a great looking accessory to wear while relaxing. They will not only make a great item that will show the strength of your relationship but also serve as a reminder of some treasured moments together on an amazing vacation and will always hold those memories forever to look back on.

They may only be bracelets but the actual options before you decide can be fairly vast. You have all the various designs, styles, materials, colors and the customized engraving make the actual choices almost infinite. What kind of image you want to show depends upon what choice you will end up with on your wrist so let us see what is around.


Ideas For Individual Pieces And Custom Sets


To get some ideas rolling we will look through our favorite varieties and design and what particular engravings and words we think are the best. Hopefully this will help you in your decision making and offer your some inspiration into the look you are wanting.

Father’s Day

  • Personalized love quote on link style bracelet
  • Black stainless steel with message
  • Custom leather with personalized words
  • Personalized with child name or names in brown leather

Morse Code

  • Cuff style bangle with Morse code secret message

Alex and Ani

  • Because I love you daughter

Sets Of Two

  • Papa Bear – Daddy’s Girl
  • Surgical grade steel elegant style in black and silver
  • 2 piece open cuff style with personal engraving
  • Set of 2 link style with customized plate in stainless steel and cubic zirconia
  • 2 piece set black onyx beads in natural stone

Individual Dad

  • Titanium carbon fiber engraved Love You Dad
  • Surgical grade steel – Best Dad Ever
  • Carbon fiber – I’ll always be your little girl, you will always be my hero
  • Adjustable 925 sterling silver


  • Personalized with name or names of choice


  • Titanium magnetic with carbon fiber engraved Dad
  • Magnetic pain relief arthritis health bracelet


  • Leather bangle with magnetic clasp with personalized engraving
  • Adjustable leather with engraving


  • Cuff style stainless steel reads Bad Ass Dad
  • You f*cking got this
  • You’re awesome keep that shit up

Individual Daughter

  • You will always be my little girl
  • To my daughter never forget I love you
  • Always my daughter, forever my friend sterling silver with cubic zirconia
  • 925 Sterling silver with heart stones
  • Remember I love you


  • I love my daughter forever beaded charm style
  • Close together or far apart you are forever in my heart


  • Whenever you feel overwhelmed remember…
  • Believe in you like I do
  • You are braver than you believe

Long Distance

  • Never far apart
  • Natural stone beaded with healing balancing beads for long distance apart


  • Essential oil bead set of 2


  • To My Daughter with custom message
  • Personalized custom black silicone watch band with adjustable strap


You Can Wear This Personalized Wristwear That Matches Anywhere



During the years in which your daughter grows up you will have the chance to spend many precious moments with her, have wonderful times together and create some incredible memories. The time from which they are babies to when they are grown up goes by all too quickly and before too long the time they have to spend with you gets shortened and their friends becomes the priority.

This is an obvious aspect of life but is one that many people fail to remember. Too often parents are too busy with their lives, work and other distractions to spend as much time with their children and before they know it is too late. Don’t let this be you, dedicate as much time as possible to them and enjoy the great times while you can.

While they are still with you it is never too late to change and getting off to a fresh start could be commemorated with a bracelet for her with a special dedication telling her how special she is. Other ideas of where these would make great presents are for when she is going off to college so she has something that helps her to still feel connected to you especially if you will both be a long distance apart. On the other hand, you may wish to give one to your dad as a thank you for his love and support when it is time for you to leave or as a great way of showing your appreciation on Father’s day.

Aside from buying between dad and daughter they could be bought for a husband, boyfriend or another friend or relative and their child when means knowing what designs they both prefer, what metals, colors and materials. You will also need to consider the reaction you wish to see from them when they open their present. You might want something that brings a laugh to the occasion or perhaps something that is more on the cute side. There is then the options you have for engraving and what personal message will suit the person you are giving it to.

This style of wristwear will usually be given on certain celebrations but they can make a lovely impromptu present for a loved one. The nice thing about this type of personalized item is that they are not limited to wearing only on a particular day much like you might expect from an outfit. Because they are much more discreet they will in anywhere and can be worn at any time of the day.

Much like mother daughter bracelets there are a lot of options and many different varieties of wristwear from which to choose which makes the task of narrowing it down to the one you want a difficult one. There are many beautiful looking ones available and perhaps narrowing it down to just the one is too much, in which case we suggest buying a couple of pairs, after all they are cheap enough to be able to do this and you would have something different to do different things.