Exquisite Rings For Mom, Dad And The Rest Of The Family


Rings are among the highest sold pieces of jewelry in the world and just by a simple scan of people hands will tell you how high the percentage of people who wear them is. Considering around half the population is married and presumably wearing at least one of their rings, if not their engagement one also that leaves the other half of whom many wear them for decorative purposes. Including those who are married, there will be a very high portion of the population who will own at least one rings during their life, many of which will wear them on a daily basis.

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Rings come in many varieties some of which are intricate in design that have taken effort to craft where as other can be simple but charming to the eye but you can guarantee that the majority will be exquisite to look at. A ring tends to be easily identifiable and almost all look exceptional and eye catching on the owners finger. Most people are going to be incredibly happy to receive such an item as a gift and there are also ways to make them even more personal and important to that person. With so many being sold and for many uses there is, as a result and huge variety of styles and designs including those that have been produced with particular family members in mind.

As you begin your search for anything that is for someone within your family you will find yourself coming across a wide range of not only jewelry but also many articles of clothing and a myriad of accessories that have been designed and manufactured for all members of the family. There are types that have been produced which have been dedicated to mom’s, dad’s, children and sets that include all of the family. If rings are just an initial thought, there are also necklaces or bracelets that might make a better choice for you or clothing like onesies or outfits. Items of clothing will always tend to be more noticeable, especially those sets that are matching being worn by a large group. This niche has its haters but also an equal amount who love to show off the closeness of their relationship. However smaller items such as rings are more discreet and therefore more accepting by a larger portion of the country.

Because they can be purchased for a few different people the style will be influenced by who exactly it is meant for or more than one in the case of sets. An individual ring will usually be dedicated to just one person and will be given as a gift from one or more members of the family. The alternative is to have every person within the family to wear either a matching or coordinated version and these can come in sets of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 and even more if required. These would normally be arranged by perhaps mom or dad and given to everyone else on a special occasion. To make them personal most can have custom options added and this can include engraving of a name, initials or dates or by the addition of a birthstone or crest.

Due to the fact that they can be given to people for various reasons and in different combinations, it makes them suitable for anyone within the family. You will find individual versions that can be dedicated to husband, wife, mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, sons, daughters, grandfathers, grandmothers, sisters and brothers. They can be made personal to any one of these persons with the addition of a personalized elements that can be something like a birthstone or an engraving with special words or names and dates. Sets can also be customized in the same vain which can help to build that bond between whoever is wearing them. This makes them great gifts for any time of the year but are best given for special occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving or New year.

The sets which are worn by more than one person help each other to feel more connected but they can also satisfy then need of any young child who may have taken an interest in copying and trying to wear mommy or daddies clothing and accessories. It may be curiosity or them may feel they want to look like you but either way it can mean tugging at your jewelry wanting to hold or wear it themselves. A set of rings for mom, dad and child will not only look very cute but also satisfy their desire to be looking identical to you both.

Any types of jewelry have a large number or designs and styles and rings are no exception. While there is a smaller availability in terms of sets there will be a wide variety of individual items ready to be personalized which  can often make finding the perfect one fairly difficult. Although choice is smaller when buying sets for a group of people, the task can also become difficult as each person has their own preference for style and design which makes buying a coordinated set of rings that please everyone also quite difficult.




A Ring With Your Family Birthstone, Family Crest Or Family Tree Are Wonderful Gifts




There are certain items that when given as a gifts you can be sure to receive a very happy reaction and this is especially true of jewelry, including rings. It will not only be loved but also is guaranteed to be worn on a regular basis and with any custom option added to make it more personal there will also be a sentimental aspect to it that will make it even more special for the receiver to wear. Whether it is for one person with a dedicated and loving message or a set that connects various family members together, each will have a symbolic message attached which means they will carry a lot of meaning to any person who wear them.

The sentimental attachment will always make whatever the item is more beautiful to its owner. A ring will always be received with much happiness and much of that is the initial surprise and stunning looks but with more thought it will also be because of who gave it and what message the ring is telling them. Whether they are for an individual or are given as a matching set the same thoughts apply and because they are a simple to wear and subtle item of jewelry they can be worn anywhere without question and this makes carrying a sentimental item around all the more easy.

There are some options to go over before buying a ring and there will be some that are more important to some more than others. Lets take a look at just some of the potential choices:



There are cheap and expensive base materials and these will impact the final price, some of the more common used

  • Yellow Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • White Gold
  • Sterling Silver
  • Titanium
  • Platinum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Silicone or Rubber
  • Rope or Cord
  • Leather



Some rings will have gemstones or other attachments and these are fixed with settings of which there are various types:

  • Prong
  • Pave
  • Halo
  • Bezel
  • Channel
  • Bar
  • Tension
  • Gypsy
  • Tiffany
  • Infinity



There are also many overall types of rings that serve many purposes, some of which are not suitable as family sets, here are some examples:

  • Anniversary Band
  • Antique
  • Band
  • Birthstone
  • Bridal Set
  • Claddagh
  • Cluster
  • Cocktail
  • Contempory
  • Engagement
  • Estate
  • Eternity
  • Fashion
  • Flexible
  • Gimmel
  • Halo
  • Nugget
  • Posy
  • Promise
  • Puzzle
  • Semi Mount
  • Signet
  • Solitaire
  • Spinner
  • Stackable
  • Vintage
  • Wedding
  • 3 stone or Trilogy


Stone Shapes

If there are any gemstones there are options for different shapes they come in, for example:

  • Round
  • Cushion
  • Princess
  • Asscher
  • Emerald
  • Radiant
  • Heart
  • Pear
  • Oval
  • Marquise


What Finger

Rings can be worn on any of your four fingers or thumb, so which ring should be worn on which finger?

Ring Finger

This is the most well known and usually holds an engagement and wedding ring.

Middle Finger

A good choice for any stackable style or to symbolize balance ones made from gray metals such as steel.


Rings on the pinky finger can have a great impact but which makes something bold and geometric a good choice


A great place for a statement ring with one that is gold or silver and has family crests or fraternal types.


Another great place for stacking different styles of rings or one that is thick and chunky.



Although sizes can be altered it is best to get it right straightaway and ring sizes. In the U.S sizes range from a 4 to 16 and this number will relate to a diameter and circumference size in millimetres. Use a ring measuring device or get the tape measure out and ensure each person is getting their correct size.


As you can see there are quite a few different options that require some thought before actually purchasing anything. There will be some options that are more important to some than others and size will be the common factor everyone will want to have correct. Besides the typical choices there are also custom options which and these are also very important if you want to turn a piece of jewelry into one that is more personal. Options for engraving include names, initials, dates, special verses or words that have some meaning and birthstones or crests are all going to need some thought to ensure you are positive what you want prior to any engraving proceeding.

An additional influencing factor could be the reaction you might want to see from the recipient and in turn what kind of reaction they may want from people who see it worn. Because there are options to customized a ring with many different things you could have words that are full of love and carry a deep meaning or something that is ridiculous and funny. As the buyer you will need to consider what image the eventual wearer will want to portray and this will be different for each person and depend much upon their personality.

There are many reasons for why a family may wish to give and wear this type of item of which many we have already mentioned. One other is for anyone who spends time a long distance apart from their loved ones whether this is due to work or any educational reasons. There are some who really miss their families and can suffer from separation anxiety as a result. For them wearing a ring that has been engraved with words of encouragement and strength or getting together on video chat with everyone wearing a matching set of identical rings will help them to feel closer to their loved ones and remind them they are very much thought about, missed and loved.

Any item that falls within this niche and being made with a family in mind will most likely be purchased by one of the senior members, perhaps the mother or father but they could also be purchased by a friend or more distant relative. They have a great degree of flexibility in that they can be given for most occasions and outside of the typical yearly celebrations they would also make wonderful presents for a bride and groom on their wedding or engagement. They would also work well as a gift for a housewarming or newborn baby and any other suitable occasions.



Ideas And Inspirations For Unique Matching Sets Of 3, 4 Or 5 Stone From Mother’s To Men’s Signet



With so many various types and styles, materials, settings and potential engraving it easy to get swallowed up in all of the various choices. We have listed a few of our favorites along with a brief description.


Family Crest Ring

  • St. Michael San Miguel Archangel protectors defeating Satan
  • Damon Salvatore – The vampire diaries inspired
  • Scottish clan crest style


Family Birthstone

  • Personalized with 6 birthstones and engraved with 6 names plus custom engraving
  • Swarovski crystal birthstone stackables
  • Personalized birthstones engraved with names of choice
  • Sterling silver baby feet design with personalized engraved name and birthstone


Signet ring

  • Signet pinky with black square enamel and gold plated finish
  • Celtic knot signet in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel simple square diamond shaped signet
  • Square signet with custom text



  • 925 sterling silver signet engraved with custom initial
  • Sterling silver signet with custom engraved Old English initial


For Mom/ Mothers

  • Engraved mothers ring with custom Swarovski birthstones and engraved names
  • Butterfly shaped birthstones with custom names


For Dad

  • Black titanium band with Dad and Best Dad Ever engraved
  • Black and silver titanium engraved Dad on outer and Love You Dad on inner


Family Tree Rings

  • Tree of life signet in silver gold tone
  • 925 sterling silver family tree style with birthstones
  • Sterling silver open tree of life
  • Open circle Celtic wishing tree of life in 925 sterling silver


Men’s Family Rings

  • Stainless steel signet for men’s pinky finger
  • Tungsten carbide with inlaid wood and hammered texture
  • 925 sterling silver Turkish handmade with simulated turquoise



  • 925 sterling silver gold plated double band with choice of 12 constellations


3 stone

  • Personalized with 3 birthstones and engraved names


4 stone

  • Personalized with 4 birthstones and engraved names


5 stone

  • Personalized with 5 birthstones and engraved names


6 stones

  • Personalized with 6 birthstones and engraved names


7 stones

  • Personalized with 7 birthstones and engraved names


8 stone

  • Personalized with 8 birthstones and engraved names


9 stone

  • Personalized with 9 birthstones and engraved names


10 stone

  • Personalized with 10 birthstones and engraved names


11 stones

  • Personalized with 11 birthstones and engraved names



  • Custom 9k, 14k or 18k solid gold signet with personalized crest
  • 925 sterling silver cut out heart with custom name and date



  • Handmade flower signet in 925 sterling silver and 18k gold plating



  • Personalized birthstones, engraved names and inner text in silver
  • Personalized between two and four birthstones and names
  • 925 sterling silver band personalized engraving with up to 3 names



  • The Mortal Instruments Shadowhunter ring of runes



  • Handmade coin ring from 1921 US Morgan silver coin
  • 925 sterling silver handcrafted cow bone cocktail – Face of the Moon
  • Genuine 1921 Morgan .900 silver dollar handcrafted coin ring
  • 925 sterling silver wave design in various colors


Family name

  • Personalized family name with choice of three and custom inner ring text
  • Custom choice of names between two and seven with custom inner band engraving



  • Platinum plated sterling silver with Swarovski zirconia and freshwater pearl stackable
  • Stackable set of two to six with engraved names or initials



  • University college graduation signet in sterling silver with yellow gold plating


Mother’s Day

  • Silver with choice of birthstones and names on outer with inner message engraved We Love You Mom
  • Custom promise ring with up to three children’s names, birthstones and Always Together engraved text



  • 925 sterling silver rose flower cremation urn holds ashes of love one for keepsake



  • Opal Stone vintage stainless steel gold plated signet


Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter Gryffindor House signet
  • Deathly Hallows horcrux ring and resurrection stone


Sea Turtle

  • Sea turtle design in cubic zirconia



  • For pet lovers paw print and infinity symbol in sterling silver
  • Infinity loop design in highly polished sterling silver



Personalized Individual Name And Stackable Bands Can Always Be Worn



During most peoples lives it will be their close family that provides the majority of the support, love and care that help them to grow and be happy. Having these people around you daily helps you to feel better about yourself while also being a party to some of the most precious moments that will be stored in the memory banks and treasured forever. For children it is with their parents that provide the encouragement and love that brings about their happiness and ensuring that time is spent with them is beneficial to both parent and child.

The benefits for children having their parents taking a part in their lives are a general increase in their confidence, improved behavior and school work. Children are influenced most by the people they spend the most time with and this also impacts how they act within their own relationships later in life. If you wish to be the positive influence to your child and teach them the values you want them to prioritize then you should be spending a lot of time with them. The benefit to the parents are that you are there to witness all of your babies milestones as the grow up and these amazing moments that will never be repeated are precious ones that you will forever remember and treasure. For those parents that miss these important moments due to their own busy schedules it is worth noting that once passed they you will not see those first times again and will probably have many regrets in the future about not dedicating enough time to your little ones.

However, it may be not too late to change and if it means a complete change of lifestyle then so be it. Putting more effort into being there for your children will be the most positive and important decision of your life. A great way to celebrate this is to represent the fresh start with a symbol that is a reminder of your promise to dedicate more time to the family. One such item that can be easily worn everywhere and will always be around to remind you of how life once was is a ring. It could have its own personal engraving with words that have the message stating this change to ensure you never forget. Spending more time with each other will very much build a better relationship between you all and strengthen the bond you have.

There will actually be numerous different items that could used to represent the message you wish to carry with you. It could of course be an individual item or a set which every member of the family would wear and these items do not necessarily have to be jewelry as any clothing or accessories could also be fit for the task. It is advantageous to choose a smaller item as it makes carrying something you hold dear which has a special meaning a lot easier to do each day. Garments are great but for this particular niche they are limited in terms of wear they can be worn but a ring or indeed any other item of jewelry will be acceptable just about anywhere because so many people wear them. It does not matter if it is a formal and elegant celebration or an important business meeting, a ring would not get a second glance which makes them perfect for anyone who wishes to carry their special connection to their loved ones all of the time.

Once you have decided that it will be a ring that is the perfect solution for a particular individual or a number of family members, you then just have a few options to go over. One of the first questions to answer is, who will it be for? Just one person or a set for everyone? How much do you wish to spend? A high budget will find you looking at those made from gold, platinum with gemstones or you may require ones that are produced in sterling silver, or stainless steel which will be, not always cheap but less costly than expensive materials. Decide upon what personal engraving you may want and this choice will depend on who it is for and the reasons behind giving it. You could have something simple like names, dates and initials, birthstones or family crests. The message could be one that is loving and caring or amusing and funny. The size is also very important to get right and is another aspect that should be checked prior to purchase.