The Whole Family Can Relax Together In Matching Pajamas


Pajamas are a wonderful garment which are worn by both males and females. Their original purpose was of course to sleep in and historically they have been around for hundreds of years. Night wear has change a lot during that time and from the 17th to 19th century and for some people the early 20th century nightshirts or nightgowns were worn by both men and women. Many of the changes in night attire came through liberation, rights for women and the general shift in societies ideas and beliefs. This meant designers coming out with new ideas and people openly discussing what would have once been a private garment only for family to see.

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The pajamas as we know them today were inspired by Chinese and Indian sleepwear and obviously their primary purpose was to sleep in. Over the years people began to wear them for times other than sleeping in and now they are worn for many different reasons. There are more popular forms of sleep attire but pajamas are still common because they can be worn for relaxing around the house. Who hasn’t spent a day in their pj’s or equivalent and as a family wearing them it can mean a fun day at home.

As a family, your time spent together is vitally important and however you may want to call this time it is one that helps to bond you together further. The moments you are together enjoying yourselves are producing the most amazing memories that you can look back on and treasure for the rest of your lives. There are ways to enhance those fun times and one is to introduce matching garments to them. When any couple or family all are wearing items that match or are coordinated they are creating an image that is stylish and looks good, especially for the family photo for all to see. More importantly their is a psychological benefit to wearing these matching items which brings a smile to everyone and can lift the whole families spirits but you will also feel a stronger connection to one another.

There are actually many different types of clothing, accessories and jewelry designed with various combinations of family members in mind, be it mother or father and child, siblings, husband and wife or those available for the whole family. Due to its popularity among families you will find pretty well any piece of clothing available so the whole family can wear the same matching garment. There are enough different clothes and accessories to suit all tastes and obviously pajamas are one such item but you could have objects that are more discreet like aprons or phone cases.

As they are to be worn by the whole family it will usually be the both or one parent that choose what style to wear, what color and what theme. Although, if the children are old enough they may want some input especially if they have a particular character they want to copy like one from Disney or Toy Story for example. They are are something that can be purchased at any time although special occasions and vacations tend to be the most favored time as everyone will be home together. They are not only limited to being purchased by the family themselves and would make a welcome present from a relative or close friend for any time a gift is to be given. Alternatively they could be a gift from one member of the family to the rest as a surprise family present that is something unique rather than the same kind of thing that is usually purchased.

When it comes to purchasing a set, whether you know anything about pajamas or not, you will soon realize there are different styles, materials and most definitely colors. These can all be important options to consider especially as the choice will be to please at least three people. The choice of fabric will be influenced by when you are wearing them and in what climate and how comfortable your family members find certain materials. So what materials are most common?


Cotton is a natural fiber and can be worn at any time of the year but is certainly a great choice for summer and warmer seasons. It is very easy to maintain, simple to wash and it will not trap heat between the fabric and your skin.


Silk is a wonderful all year round fabric that works well in regulating temperature and can keep you cool during the summer as well as warm in the winter.


A great fabric for summer months, linen is light and durable but much stronger than cotton and you are less likely to sweat in it.


Fleece is incredible soft, very warm and comfortable and the perfect material for winter or any colder months.


One of the less popular materials but is very warm and perfect for those people who particularly feel the cold in bed.


A thick and very warm fabric that is perfect for winter either for sleeping or relaxing at home.


Ultra soft and silky but incredibly warm as the material is a great insulator which makes it perfect for winter.

There is another factor that goes hand in hand with material and that is the length of both the top and bottoms. You can wear long or short sleeve tops and long or short pants or any combination of them which would normally be decided upon by how warm or cold it is.

Material, size and color are the primary options to think about before purchasing but there is another and that is the type of print, transfer or monogram that they may come with. Some pajamas have custom or personalized options and these can vary greatly from something that identifies the family such as initials to ones that are funny and make people laugh. What you opt for here will depend on what reaction you want from not only the family who are wearing them but from any other people who may see you all wearing them. Most are purchased individually so you can get the size right for both adults and children and they will be available to suit all sorts of shapes including plus sizes.



Summer Or Winter Family Pjs Make Great Gifts For Lounging Around




Pajamas are manufactured for all different combinations of family members as we have previously mentioned but having the whole family dressed in a coordinated way is an all over more appealing look, creating something that is quite adorable. It just shows how well the whole family have bonded and portrays an image of standing with each other through everything with the upmost love for one another.

The reasons for buying a set of family pj’s will differ but for the majority of the time it will usually be one or both parents thinking it would be a great look on certain occasions. However, there is another reason they could be purchased and that is due to a child wanting to dress like mommy or daddy. Often children reach an age where they want to copy their parents and that includes dressing up. Wearing a complete outfit outside might not be something that appeals to you but you to keep your little ones happy a set of pajamas would be a good compromise. They get to look the same as without you having to go out in the same clothes, especially if you think it feels somewhat cringe worthy. Although most of the time it will be something the whole family embraces and enjoys.

A pair of pj’s can be worn for a number of different things, the most obvious one is to sleep in, but what makes them such a great garment to wear to bed?


As we have listed, pajamas are usually made from cotton, soft flannel, silk etc and all of the fabrics provide the most
comfort. One of the most popular is cotton which is naturally soft and gentle on the skin which allows for a better sleep. The fabrics used also tend to be ones that are breathable which helps to keep you cool and therefore again improves sleep.


Full length jammies produced from polyester or a cotton polyester blend are the perfect winter fabrics because they are designed to resist the cold. If you feel the cold when you sleep these types will help warm up your body more quickly.

Activates Sleep Mode

When you put on your pajamas you are telling your body to relax and begin to put it into sleep mode. By wearing the same garments to sleep in every night you are programming the mind to enjoy a nice restful sleep. They can also improve the quality of your sleep because you feel good and comfortable.


Your skin is continuously being shed and renewed and could potentially spread bacteria from falling on your sheets. Wearing any kind of sleep wear will eliminate this and result in better hygiene as long as you wash your sleep attire regularly.

Free Movement

By wearing loose pj’s you are allowing easier movement and if your movement is freed up your sleep will usually be better.


There are a vast range of designs available with different prints and unique styles which makes wearing them around the house even more desirable.


This leads us on to another common reason for why they are worn and that is lounging around your home and in this case it will be with your family. A pair of pajamas are great for feeling comfortable while relaxing at home. Everyone can sit and watch a movie together in absolute comfort and they same can be said for playing games or any other fun activities you like to enjoy in the house. The advantages of wearing pj’s for these chilling out times are not only their comfort but they are also presentable enough to greet guests, retrieve the mail or pop out into the garden without the neighbors looking in disbelief. You can also wear the around the house all day, doing any house work or cooking without it feeling like you should be getting dressed.

They are good for lounging around in for the same reasons they are good to sleep in with the most important being comfort. No one wants to curl up on the couch in a pair of jeans but on the other hand there are other comfortable nightwear that may be a little too revealing for the whole family or potential relatives or friends who may call to visit. They are actually a very flexible piece of clothing in which many us have woken up and opted for a completed relaxation day, never got out of them and returned to bed while wearing the same pair that night.



Some Ideas And Inspiration For Your Set Of Jammies



With many varieties comes many choices so to help inspire you and give you a few ideas we have made a small list of a few of our favorites with a brief description.


Family Dinosaur Pajamas

  • In solid red with various printed dinosaurs in green available for any number of adults and children
  • Dinosaur print tops only in red and grey with green dinosaurs



  • Red pants with black top with Moose print on both



  • Mickey Mouse set with green plaid bottoms and grey top with Mickey’s face


Family Including Dog/ Pet

  • Buffalo plaid with options for adults, children and dogs
  • Red and White striped set in organic cotton with choice for dog


Baby / Newborn

  • Mom Dad and Baby rompers jumpsuits striped



  • Satin Pj set for any number of adults and children in blue


Bottoms – Pants

  • Blue and white dot adult, child and baby pj pants
  • Adult, child, teens and baby red and white striped pants



  • Bear Necessities complete adult, child and baby options, 2 piece in red and black



  • Black and yellow plaid pants with black top and pumpkin for adult and child
  • Glow in the dark skeleton jumpsuits in adult and child sizes


Mama Bear Papa Bear

  • Mama Bear Papa Bear and Little Bear in any number of combination and variety of colors and paw mark
  • Mama Bear Papa Bear and Bear Cub in any number of adults and children with image of a bear


Toy Story

  • Disney Toy Story two piece set in green with all adult and child sizes of any combination



  • Unicorn pants in black, white and pink in adult, kids and infant sizes



  • Red top with plaid flannel bottoms in all sizes including pet



Personalized Sleepwear That Matches Are Perfect For Family Time



The most treasured moments of your life when you look back are those spent with your family. Doing things, whatever they maybe with your partner and children are going to be what stay with you as precious memories for the rest of your life. It is important to ensure you take the opportunity to dedicate time to doing things together and create those wonderful family moments before your children are grown up and other things replace the importance of spending the time with mom and dad.

Any parent or parents that having a hectic schedule and don’t set aside time for their children are at risk of missing out on many incredible moments and milestones. Putting other matters before family time will mean many missed hours of potential memories that you can never get back. Time flies all too fast and before you know what is happening your children have grown up and left home and you are left wondering where the time went and regretting not dedicating more of yourself to them. However, it is never too late for change, only a matter of action and what better way to start than setting aside some family time and Christening the new period in your lives with a set of pajamas that match.

There are different types and styles to choose from although when looking for a matching set you are somewhat more limited. The more members of the family the more there are to please and some compromises may need to be made otherwise it might become too hard to suit every single persons tastes. There are different styles of both top and bottoms and various designs that include different types of variations involving:

  • Length
  • Buttons
  • Velcro
  • Shorts
  • Two Piece
  • Collar
  • Pockets
  • Cuffs
  • Neckline
  • Loose or Tight Fit
  • Footed
  • Fabric
  • Color


Will you be wearing them as a one off occasion or are you going to be planning more family time days? If they are for long term use you may wish to consider what climates they will be worn in and choose the appropriate material, preferably a good all rounder that will keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer. Obviously the idea will be to have a lot of fun together which may mean a looser fit is best. Saving them for one off occasions seems a shame and a wasted opportunity to wear some nice pj’s so they could also be worn by everyone individually.

They could actually be a good idea to wear by any member of the family who is spending time away. If there are any separation anxiety issues or they are simply missing parents, children or siblings then by taking and wearing their pj’s and with you also wearing them there is a instant feeling of a connection. This can help them feel closer to their family members that could be a long distance away and also serve as a countdown to when you will soon all be together again. On a similar note, the design which you choose might factor in whether or not they do not look out of place worn individually. Some items that match only really make sense when together and even though pj’s will only be worn at home, there can still be visits from friends and certain prints or wording that are printed on these garments can look strange when not part of the set.

Garments such as these can be purchased at any time but are most often bought for special occasions. They make great gifts for celebrations like Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter, New Year or Thanksgiving and are a wonderful way of bringing everyone together. For most people who enjoy wearing them they become a tradition and a part of their routine around the time which they wear them the most. After years of wearing the same thing it can become quite a sentimental item that many people will want to hold on to as they represent family time and all the love that surrounds those moments. Although over the years new ones may be required as people change and different sizes are needed the old versions become an important item to keep and potentially pass down to grand children as family heirlooms full of memories, love and with their own stories to tell.

Now we know there are quite a few options and choices that fall into different categories that you might want to consider to get that perfect set of pajamas that suits everyone’s requirements. Different styles and colors can depict different moods and suit certain occasions and times of the year more than other so going over all of those decision can improve the decision making process over randomly choosing anything and wishing they were slightly different. Obviously for the various times of year you could have different sets and although they are not cheap, they are a reasonable enough price to be able to afford a couple of sets.