Celebrate Christmas In Comfort Wearing Matching Family Onesies


Celebrating together as a family is what Christmas is all about. Spending time with the people that you love throughout the year are the most precious moments and Christmas makes it all that more special. As they say it is the most happiest time of the year and much of that is due to everyone being together. It is a time where the majority of us are on holiday from work or education and are able to relax carefree for a few days or weeks. Apart from vacations long family gatherings are few and far between throughout the year and Christmas give us a chance to really enjoy each others company.

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Due to many places being closed on Christmas Day most of us will spend it at home or at a family members house. A high percentage of people will be spending times with their family, on average it is around 85% and many time it can descend into chaos although this just seems like another tradition. Getting together is a wonderful opportunity to also look the part as a family. Dressing in matching garments of which we suggest onesies can be fun, are certainly comfortable and they bring the family closer together, not forgetting looking amazing for the Christmas family photograph.

There are many different items of clothing that could be worn at this time as many have been produced as matching sets for the entire family, even including pets. These items that match also include various accessories and jewelry and are designed for various members of the family including adults and children. Because much of Christmas is spent lounging around the best choice is something that will be comfortable which makes garments such as family pajamas or onesies a definite selection.

Onesies are a great piece of clothing, not only for Christmas and here are just a few reasons why you should be wearing them:

  • You can get them on effortlessly
  • They cover the arms and legs
  • You can get footed or open varieties
  • They can be plain or have fun designs
  • You can get them in any animal you can think of
  • They are the most comfortable thing you will ever wear
  • They really are super comfortable
  • They are great to sleep in
  • They are wonderful to relax at home in
  • You can wear them to the shops
  • You can wear them to most places in public
  • You are telling people you are fun
  • Perfect for long car journeys
  • Comfy on long flights


Obviously most of those are not going to be done while wearing them at Christmas but your onesies can be worn on other occasions and they don’t have to be reserved for purely home use. Although there are some people that may stare if you wear them out to dinner they are still an acceptable piece of clothing and should not be excluded because other people may
not approve.

The time spent together at Christmas is equally as important to everyone in the household. No matter how you enjoy spending your Christmases there are unique moments to enjoy and that often should not be missed and they will become precious memories to look back on in years to come. Of course all of this treasured time together happens no matter what you wear but if you can find ways to enhance those moments then all the better. One of the ways to help it all seem more special is for all to wear matching garments and in this case we are focusing on onesies.

As we have stated a few times relaxing with the family is great but what makes it amazing is being comfortable and with all the family being in comfort you can be sure that everyone will be that bit happier and have an even better time. Dressing in a matching way as a family also makes everyone feel more connected to one another and portrays a strong image of a loving family of whom everyone is equal. For each individual person they can really feel that they are a special part of their family and are welcomed and loved.

As it will be the family that are going to be wearing them, it will usually be the mom, dad or both that buy a set for the whole family. There are two ideas here, the first being a surprise. Imagine having everyone’s pair ready to be brought out on Christmas Eve so you can all put them on and add to the excitement of the night. Alternatively you could have a tradition of choosing a set together and although it might be difficult to make compromises if people have different ideas it will mean everyone has had some input and again if feels like part of the build up to Christmas itself.

Although they are more likely to be bought be the immediate family, they could of course be given as a present to the whole family by another relative or friend. They might wear them and think you might benefit from the same enjoyment. Obviously it can get a little trickier buying clothing for people whose fashion tastes you are not so familiar with buy either way they would make a wonderful surprise gift.

There are obviously a few option when it comes to wearing onesies with the major choices being the actual design (examples below) and the color with the other being the material or fabric used. The choice of fabric will depend on the climate, where and when you are going to wear them and what you might want to do in them. There are some fabrics that are naturally warmer than others and vice versa. Probably one of the most common materials for a onesie is fleece but there are other options and these include:

  • fleece
  • flannel
  • wool
  • cotton
  • cotton blend
  • satin
  • polyester
  • terry cloth


Onesies Will Help The Whole Family To Relax During The Holiday



Onesies are available to buy individually and of course for many different combinations of family members including parent, siblings and children as well as for the whole group. One of the reasons for wanting everyone to wear the same matching garments is how great it looks. Rather than a mishap group wearing all sorts of different clothing in an array of colors you are all matching and looking alike. Being in unity creates a much better image and makes for a wonderful Christmas Photograph. You will look adorable to any visitors or anyone seeing your photos and there is the feeling of everyone being a part of a family in which all members are special.

The Christmas story is known by everyone and told often in many different ways. This the reason for which we are celebrating and why it is an important part of the year. Jesus was born in a stable with his parents Mary and Joseph along with the three wise men, the shepherds and the animals. While December 25th is not the actual date of Christ’s birth we do not know the real date. The end of December was already a Pagan festival and over the years these two were combined so we began celebrating Jesus’s birth on December 25th. For many people the religious aspect is lost and it is more about the holidays, commercialism, gifts, eating and being with family.

Although some people ignore the religious side of Christmas they are still enjoying time with their families. It was actually Jesus who taught us to love our family as well as strangers. At Christmas we have a little more patience and goodwill that is passed on to anyone around us so in a way we are upholding Jesus’s values even if we are not very religious. We are also enjoying time with our family members and as we have mentioned it is best to spend this time in comfort.

You may have decided that a set of onesies are the piece of clothing everyone should be wearing but there are some family members who do not see the benefits so we are going to go over a few.

Comfort Again

These things are so comfortable that you will never want to take them off and you won’t believe you have been missing out for so long.

Choice Of Designs

You have choices of colors, fabrics but more importantly the look whether it be an animal, Santa or plain.


Onesies will be one of the warmest things you can wear. Being all in one they trap the heat which makes the perfect to slip on during the cold seasons.

The Butt Flap

Many have an access flap so you never have to remove it and can stay warm doing everything.

They Are Fun And Make Your Feel Young

They are just a lot of fun, especially some of themed versions and an older person wearing one will feel almost like a child again.

Fast Dressing

Slip it up over you legs, arms in and zip up and you are dressed. No messing around wasting time, you are dressed at lightening speed.

Easy Choice

Wearing a onesie saves the hassle of choosing an outfit and pondering what goes with what.


For any members of the family that are having doubts about wearing one just ask them to try it once for a short time and we are sure they will be converted and you won’t be able to get them out of it. Although if you are doing this all together we are sure everyone will want to be included in the fun. You just need to choose the right color, design and fabric and to help with that we will run through some next.


Some Ideas For Your Set



If you are looking for a few ideas or just some inspiration here are a few designs available with a brief description.


Butt Flap Funny

  • Red and black plaid with Bear Cheeks printed on flap
  • All grey with Bear Cheeks printed on flap
  • Navy or Pink color printed with Moose and Don’t Moose With Me printed on flap
  • Red and white with lobster design and Trap Door printed on the flap
  • Dark grey with horse design and Mane Attraction printed on flap
  • Black with white fleck color and Moose Caboose printed on flap
  • White and green with Christmas tree design and No Peeking printed on flap
  • Gingerbread man design with Sweet Cheeks printed on flap
  • Black, white and grey plaid with Tail Gate printed on flap
  • All red color with Bear Bum text on flap


With Dog

  • Bear and tree design in red and white with option for dog
  • Multi-colored blue, yellow and white pattern, Happy Hanukkah and one for the dog



  • One piece striped hooded elf set



  • Reindeer printed on red and black plaid



  • Snowflake pattern on grey, white and red color with hood



  • Red and black plaid one piece with Rudolph image on drop seat



  • Green with assorted Christmas present, tree and candy cane print with hood and pockets



These One Piece Jumpsuits That Match Help You Bond



During your life you will come across some amazing people and form everlasting friendships but it will be your family that makes your life truly special. They are the people who raise you, support you and love you through everything that happens. They are there to help you through difficult times and to make you laugh and ensure you are happy. Spending time together is needed by all members of the family to stay mentally healthy. Just being together can help to raise your spirits and it creates some wonderful memories to treasure in years to come.

One of the easiest and important times of the year to get together is Christmas. Most people are spending their time relaxing at home which makes everyone being at home for a few days just enjoying each others company. There will be some parents and adult children who are often too busy to spend time with their families which makes the Christmas holidays even more vital to being together and bonding. It gives you all an opportunity to tell your stories and catch up on events and more importantly just spending some time in each others company. You can sit and chat, watch movies or play games, it does not matter, just doing something fun is what counts.

Making the most of this time can be achieved by wearing sets of matching onesies. Wearing a matching set will allow everyone to feel included in the family and the onesies themselves are an amazing piece of clothing to wear. Apart from all choosing the theme and color of them there are a few different overall designs that might suit some people more than others.
Some of the different design option include:

Tight Or Loose Fit

You can opt for a tight or loose fit but if it is comfort you want then loose fit is the way to go.

Hooded Or Hood Less

This will depend on what you will be wearing them for. If it is mostly indoors then you may not need a hood but if you want to wear them out in rainy seasons then obviously having a hood will be a good choice.

Backflap Or Solid

For some the backflap is convenient to use the restaurant but a onesie can be removed and put on extremely quickly so it isn’t really a necessity but perhaps an option some people may prefer.

Footed Or Footless

This is personal decision and will probably be based on how much you suffer from cold feet. With a footed onesie it can be hard to get any type of footwear on so if you are stepping out they may get dirty, wet and uncomfortable whereas footless give you options to add socks and shoes if required. If they are purely for indoor use then its just a matter of deciding
if you want your feet covered or not.

Zips Or Snaps

This is really about appearance as both have their advantages and disadvantages when it come to replacing if they break. They can both be done up super fast but the zip will have the edge on speed.


Once you have chosen your overall design preferences all that will left is to determine what fabric you want them made from and around Christmas you will probably want some warmth so the most popular fleece will probably be best. The choice of color will most likely be festive with many reds, whites with greens and blues thrown in. Although you may prefer to theme them around a particular animal in which case the colors will match the animal you choose, such as a reindeer which will mean one that is brown in color.

As they are to be worn at Christmas they will most likely be of a Christmas design or perhaps something like a funny animal but wearing it for the day means you may not want one that has too many accessories added. If you want to take part in any games, watching or movie or eating a Christmas dinner then some of the more decorative varieties with tails etc could get in the way.

Although they are designed with Christmas in mind, they will most likely be worn at home for the majority of the time which means they need to not be only limited to the Christmas holidays and could be used to year around as something to pop into and have some instant warmth and comfort. We do hope that people do make use of them outside of just a few weeks of the year because even though you could have other pairs for different times of the year, it still seems like a waste to limit a set to such a small time period.