A Special Necklace Connecting You With Your Family


Necklaces are incredibly popular among both men and women, the young and the old and for many they are an item that will be
worn on a daily basis. There are some people that will have special ones that are reserved for special occasions and have theirs for more general usage while others may have one or two that they wear for all occasions. There are many different designs, some that are expensive, exquisite and intricate in their design while many others can be more affordable, simple and easier for day to day use. The majority of people will be overjoyed to receive such a gift and when it is one that has a personal touch to it which forms the family connection it will make it even more special. Being as popular as they are results in their being a wide range from many manufacturers which in turn means a lot of choice and a range vast enough for most people to find the one that is perfect.

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It is not just this kind of jewelry which is designed and manufactured with all of the different family members in mind but also many other pieces of jewelry, clothing and accessories. These can be found either as items dedicated to mom, dad or the children but also sets linking the whole family. There are also other items of jewelry in this niche such as bracelets and clothing including Christmas pajamas, sweaters and shirts. As this particular niche is fairly popular it means many gift ideas and individual pieces being repurposed for various loved ones and groups of people. Smaller more discreet items are often more popular because they don’t stand out as much unlike clothing, especially the matching variety which tend to be more noticeable. This style of clothing has both its fans and haters but when it comes to jewelry it seems to be more widely acceptable and worn by many people that would never wear the matching style of garments.

There will be different persons for whom a necklace might be for and this will influence the type that will be purchased as there are few options. One of these options may be a single necklace that is dedicated to one person and given to by one or more other family members. These can be dedicated to a mother, father or children and will usually be a surprise. Alternatively there are those that comes as sets of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and more depending on the size of the family. These may be bought as a set together or by one person for them and the rest or even by a friend or other relative who wish to give a family an item that will help them to bond. All of these can be engraved or monogrammed with a custom message such as name, initials, dates and personal messages.

As we have just mentioned they can be purchased for any single, pair or group of people and they are suitable for any husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandma, grandfather, sons, daughters, sisters or brothers. They already look adorable and will be gratefully received but by adding a personalized element such as a special date, birthstones or meaningful words they become even more special to the recipients who will be wearing them. Obviously they can be purchased or given at any time of the year but it is at celebrations like Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, New Year or Easter when they are most commonly given.

The designs that come in sets of two or more are perfect if you have young children that have recently developed a need to wear anything that their parents do. This can include clothing and also wanting to pull off any jewelry and handle it themselves. This is just them being curious and wanting to be like mommy and daddy but the constant tugging at your things can become a bit monotonous. If you have identical sets of necklaces your little one will be happy because they have the same as you to wear and play with which will keep them entertained for at least some time and you will have yours to yourself.

Virtually every type of jewelry made has a huge range of various designs, concepts, styles along with many other options and although dedicated or identical sets are a far more narrower niche there are still many to pick from. There are people that are flexible and are happy with most things while others are certainly more difficult and any type of jewelry can be awkward to get right for the latter type of person. Buying for a group can also be hard as each individual has their own idea of fashion and what they like to wear which makes satisfying everyone’s requirements are tough ask.


A Necklace With A Family Tree, Birthstones Or Names Make Amazing Gifts



A necklace makes a wonderful gift because it is instantly striking and often have an impact that leaves the receiver in awe of its beauty. Beyond how good it looks there is also the symbolic meaning behind it which will be given to let the person know how loved they are or any other particular message that will come from the heart. They help to build stronger connections between members of the family and sets can create a bond through wearing them which can be anywhere due to the subtle nature of the jewelry.

The ones that are personalized specifically for its wearers add a layer of sentiment which only seems to make the items even more visually stunning. This is a gift that will not only be received with much happiness because of its looks but also because of who it is from and what it is saying. This can be true of individual pieces or those that are a part of a matching set for the whole family to wear. Necklaces are a fairly simple and unobtrusive item that can be worn easily and this makes carrying that special message and a reminder of your family something that can be done on a daily basis.

Before the actual purchase of any necklaces there will be many different options that will have to be thought over and some of the more important aspects include:


They are manufactured in many different materials some of which are expensive and others cheap. The designs can be delicate and very intricate or simple affairs and individual tastes dictate whether one likes plain or more flamboyant objects. Some examples of materials used are:

  • Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Platinum
  • Sterling Silver
  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Silicone/ Rubber
  • Rope
  • Cord
  • Beads


Another important choice is the size of the chain of which there are variety of names based upon their length:

  • Collar 12 – 14″
  • Choker 14 – 16″
  • Princess 16 – 18″
  • Matinee 20 – 22″
  • Opera 30 – 36″
  • Rope 36″ +


The actual chains themselves can also be constructed in different ways and the way in which they are produced and linked together all have their own names some of which are:

  • Rope
  • Franco
  • Marina
  • Gucci
  • Curb
  • Bead
  • Figaro
  • Popcorn
  • Box
  • Snake
  • Foxtail
  • Anchor
  • Bismark
  • Wheat
  • Belcher
  • Mesh
  • Herringbone
  • Singapore
  • Diamond Cut


One other choice will be style of the neclace itself and these include the following:

  • Locket
  • Bib
  • Pendant
  • Multi Strand
  • Negligee
  • Graduated
  • Festoon
  • Riviere
  • Lavaliere
  • Sautoir


All of these add up to a vast range of option from which you will need to decide what suits the person or persons that will be wearing them the most. On top of all of the normal options which you will come across when buying a necklace there are also the personalized ones and as there are for family the custom options will be highly important as this is the personal touch that make them special for each person involved. This type of thing could be names, initial, dates or special words of meaning and love that might be engraved on to lockets or discs and even include photographs or

An additional factor that some people do not think of prior to buying is the reaction they may want to see from whoever maybe receiving in whether that be an individual or group. This will also include what reaction the recipients wearing them will get from other friends and family. By choosing the right type of text or imagery for any engraving or stamping there can be those that portray a sense of a deep family bond full of love or ones that are humorous in nature and designed to make people laugh.

We have already spoken about the different situations for which these will be worn and that they come as an individual item that has been dedicated to one person or a set to be worn by a number of family members. Both have the same purpose and that is for the wearer or wearers to carry with them a special message and reminder of how much they are thought of and loved. Another wonderful purpose for this type of thing is for anyone in the family who spends some time a long distance apart from the rest of their loved ones. The reason for this could be work or educational reasons but for whichever reason that person could suffer from separation anxiety and very much miss their family. Having a necklace with a personalized dedication to them or the variety that comes as sets for each member of the family to wear can help to make that person feel more connected and closer to the people they are missing. Wearing them all at the same time has a psychological impact in that there is a feeling of being closer and they will also be a reminder of your love for each other and that you will soon be able to hold those loved ones again very soon.

As with anything that falls within a range of something for the close family, this style of necklace will usually be bought by anyone in the immediate family and it would be rarer for them to be purchased by a friend or a distant relative. However, a person who is close to but outside of the family may think of a matching set to be a great gift. They are a gift that can be given for most occasions and those include the obvious such as Christmas but also for the bride and groom on their wedding day or even as an engagement present. Because they can be customized in any way they can be engraved with words that can easily make them suitable for any celebration which might even be for a newborn baby or as a housewarming gift. These can be personalized to cater for any occasion that any or all members of a family are celebrating which makes them a great, flexible option to buy as a gift.



Find Ideas For Your Individual Or Matching Set



There is a wide range available embracing many different styles and options for pendants, lockets etc and with many personalized choices. We have added a few of our personal favorites with a brief description. Coming in a variety of materials including Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Stainless Steel.


Family Tree Necklace

  • Sterling silver family tree pendant
  • Family tree pendant in sterling silver with 18 inch chain
  • 925 sterling silver lucky elephant tree of life in retro anchor Celtic knot style


Family Birthstone Necklace

  • Solid silver tree of life pendant including birthstone leaves
  • Infinity love heart pendant with choice of birthstone
  • Heart shape pendant with up to 7 custom engraved names and birthstones



  • Personalized custom family tree heart shaped pendant with engraved names and Swarovski crystal birthstones



  • Old English Gothic style initial
  • 14k Gold heart pendant choker with initial
  • Opal round disc with engraved initial


Family Name Necklace

  • Personalized custom names engraved on heart shaped pendant with Swarovski crystals
  • Custom engraved with up to 3 names on drop pendant



  • Gold plated bar customized with choice of coordinates
  • Cube shaped vertical bar with names
  • Personalized name bar including heart using diamond machine engraving



  • Heart shaped pendant with ladybug/ unicorn or llama engraved with Family Strength Love


Split/ Jigsaw

  • 2,3,4,5 or 6 piece split heart jigsaw pieces with personalized names


For Mom

  • Heart shaped pendant with the words Mom sculpted inside
  • Mama bear heart shaped pendant with mama bear and baby bears


Color Stone

  • Tree of life pendant with color stones including Amethyst, Rose crystal etc with owl



  • Family forever infinity loop 925 sterling silver charm
  • Tree of life charms in star, heart or circle shapes



  • Tree of life cross in silver and rose gold
  • Small cross pendant with choice of birthstone
  • Emerald and diamond cross pendant in 10K yellow gold



  • Gold medallion pendant rectangle in shape with initial



  • Personalized birthstone family tree gift for Grandmother/ Nana


3 Piece

  • 3 piece life tree pendants with colored crystals and 50 cm chains


Ohana Means Family

  • Ohana Means Family engraved disc from Lilo and Stitch
  • Lilo and Stitch Ohana means family heart shaped engraved pendant



  • Mother and baby elephants shaped pendant
  • Mom, Dad and Baby elephant shape with heart formed by trunks



  • Sterling silver infinity pendant with chain
  • Infinity shaped with custom names engraved on edges


Tree Of Life

  • Tree of life floating charm memory lockets in stainless steel with toughened glass


4 piece

  • Jigsaw piece split into 4



  • Blended family laser engraved – Marriage made you family, Love made you my daughter



  • Mama bird and baby birds on branch


Mothers Day

  • Interlocking circles for Mother and any other family members



  • Sterling silver with gemstone to match birthstone


Sea Turtle

  • Sterling silver sea turtle with personalized birthstone and initial


5 Piece

  • 5 jigsaw puzzle piece with custom names
  • 5 piece pentagram star shape when put together


For Dad

  • To Dad, I love you to the moon and back


Dog Tag

  • Catholic prayer bible verse on dog tag
  • Custom engraved dog tag with words of choice
  • Laser photo dog tag family picture pendant



  • Holy family Catholic Patron Saints oval pendant



  • Sterling silver penguin mom, dad and baby penguin
  • Mommy, Daddy and Baby penguin on heart shaped pendant



  • 3 circles , 3 generations – Grandmother, Mother, Daughter



  • 925 sterling silver urn pendant for ashes keepsake



  • Tree of life with owl in sterling silver


Stick Figure

  • Gone for a run silver stick figure runner


10 Stone Names Piece

  • Floating pendant with 10 birthstones of choice enclosed


3 Stone Name Piece

  • Floating pendant with 3 birthstones of choice enclosed


6 Stone Name Piece

  • Floating pendant with 6 birthstones of choice enclosed


7 Stone Name Piece

  • Floating pendant with 7 birthstones of choice enclosed


8 Stone Name Piece

  • Floating pendant with 8 birthstones of choice enclosed


9 Stone Name Piece

  • Floating pendant with 9 birthstones of choice enclosed


11 Stone Name Piece

  • Floating pendant with 11 birthstones of choice enclosed



  • Dollar sign pendants with bling



  • Tree of life with various animals
  • Silver sloth resting on the moon


Alex And Ani

  • Path of life Guardian Angel 32 inch chain



  • Butterfly shaped pendant with custom initial



  • Mickey Mouse pendant with Swarovski crystals



  • Real dandelion seeds encased in glass with leather chain
  • Just Breath dandelion disc



  • Interlocking circles eternity symbol



  • Pewter Artemis The Moon Goddess pendant



  • Tree of life with Giraffes stood beside



  • Handmade hand stamped bar with names or initials



  • Interlocking circles in sterling silver



  • Silver Irish Celtic Knot triangle for good luck



  • Indian Bollywood traditional floral theme with Rhinestone and Blue faux Sapphire



  • 14K gold plated dainty charm with letter of choice



  • Custom nameplate of one, two, three or more names in 925 sterling silver



  • Russian ring with interlocking circle knot and personalized triple family name



  • Vintage teardrop healing crystal gemstone wrapped in tree
  • Sterling silver mom, dad and baby drop pendant with 18 inch chain



  • Minimalist geometric triangle pendant in silver
  • Triangle shaped puzzle piece set divided into 2,3,4,5 or 6



  • Silver wolf circular pendant with trees



  • Personalized constellation plate for astrology and horoscope



  • My identity Doctor medical alert pendant with custom engraving




Personalized Name And Initial Chains Can Be With You Always



For the majority of people their close family will have the most impact and provide the most love and care during their lives. Having these people around you is very important and the time you will spend with them will often be the most precious moments in your lifetime. Most people’s immediate family members include parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters or sons and daughters and it is with them you will be at your happiest. Having time for each other has many advantages especially when it comes to children and while they are young this can be a vital thing to think about as time will soon fly by and they will be grown up themselves.

Spending time with your children will be beneficial to both parent and child. For children it is the time spent with you that they will learn skills for use later in life and they tend to copy from whom they spend the most time. You can have a positive influence on their confidence, behavior and improved school work. You will have the benefit of capturing all of those baby milestones and be a witness to some incredible moments that will most likely be never repeated and that can be treasured in your memory forever. Unfortunately there are many parents who have busy work and social lifestyles who miss many special moments and for them a change of lifestyle and a promise to themselves to dedicate some more time to their little ones should be considered.

If a change in lifestyle and a promise to spend more time with the children is something you want then a great idea would be to wear a symbol of that change whether it be just you or the whole family. This item could be anything that could represent this fresh start and a necklace or set would be a perfect choice. It could have your own choice of custom words engraved which could be a single message or a combined one on a set that represent the promise each of you will make in being together more often. Enjoying more of each others company will really strengthen relationships and improve the body between each other.

Obviously there are many different items that could be given to a family member as an individual item or matching set for everyone that would satisfy the message that they are trying to portray. The items not only include jewelry but also clothing and any accessories of which many will have the option of custom words and images. However it is the smaller items like necklaces that can be worn at any time and that will fit in with any function, be a business meeting, formal celebration or just a picnic in the park. Their smallness means they blend in a lot easier and are much more subtle and this makes them acceptable to wear just about everywhere. The result being you will always be able to carry that special connection to your loved ones wherever you go and it will be a reminder of the love and support you have at all times.

If you have chosen that a necklace is definitely the right item for your family then there are just a few options to think about before making that purchase. The first and most obvious will be who is it for? Will be one item for an individual or a set for everyone – mom, dad, daughter and son etc included. Or are they for just a particular pair within the family? Cost can vary depending on the material used with gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious stones making an expensive piece whereby sterling silver or stainless steel will be fairly cheap. Is the message going to be something simple like names, initial or dates or be engraved with words that are more heartfelt and sentimental.How they are monogrammed, stamped or engraved will be entirely up to the purchaser and they could be words that offer strength and encouragement or just about anything you want them to say. There are also those are a bit of fun that carry text that is written to make people laugh. These are some of more important options that need clarification but there is also chain length, pendant type, style of clasp and chain. These are all things that are worth some consideration beforehand to ensure you end up with exactly the right necklaces for your families.