Special Engraved Keychains For The Whole Family


One of those smaller objects that the majority of households will have at least one of is a keychain. There will not be many people who carry their individual or bunch of keys separately and to keep them safe they are attached to a keychain of some description. Most family homes will most likely have several kicking around with various keys attached and sets for various members of the house. They are the best solution to keeping your keys altogether, easy to locate and one of those silly objects that would be hard to live without.

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For most people they are a pretty insignificant item that serve a purpose and other than that, not much attention is paid to them. This is fair enough because many simple versions are pretty boring and are often just the actual ring itself. However, there are some more interesting versions that have a wide range of images and words that cover almost any subject or interest. There are also personalized varieties that are much more thought of because they contain a special message from one person to another or for the whole family. It is these different attachments or fobs that can make a keychain much more fun and interesting for its owner.

If you are looking for other items that are produced with families in mind you will find there are a great number of things for sale along side keychains. Within objects for the home there are such items as mugs and blankets that can have custom additions and for anyone looking for items to wear there are many items of jewelry such as necklaces or if clothing is more interesting there is anything from socks to sweaters all manufactured with words that connect members of the family.

Wearing garments or even jewelry that brings attention you oneself is not for everyone and these niche items can be fairly bold and stand out and are not to every persons tastes. Obviously keychains are much smaller, discreet and usually safe inside a pocket but because they are used so frequently the person owning the keyring will still often get to see or ready what interesting image or words are on theirs.

Although they can of course be purchased at any time of the year, this kind of little trinket often works well as a gift for such occasions as Christmas, Birthday’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many others. Family includes many people, depending on the size of yours of course and items such as this can be something for one person, several or all members in order for them to feel connection together. They are available as individual pieces dedicated to one or more persons and the combinations of from and to who are limitless.



Simple But Useful Gifts With Loving Or Fun Words



The most obvious use of a keychain is to hold a persons keys which would usually be driving or house keys. A keyring will keep them all together making them easier to find and harder to misplace. The part that is of most interest is the actual fob part of the chain and it is this part that has many thousands of variants. They are available as souvenirs from a numbers of holiday destinations. You will also find those labelled from various countries, cities and keepsakes from tourist attractions. Because they are small and easy to produce you will find many places have their own variety of keychain and this also extends to sporting teams, shops, car brands and those that businesses use as a way of advertising. Because they are fairly cheap they are a fun and affordable item that many people will pick up as gifts for loved ones.

As well as those that show things like sporting teams there are also ones that can be personalized with photos or engravings that can be given as a gift for someone. These will usually have room for a few lines of text or a name, special date, initial or custom message. Making them more personal to their owner will ensure they will be well looked after and be an item that will be quite sentimental to them if it is coming from a loved one.

Beyond attachments that display personal messages or your car brand there are also keychains that actually serve a purpose should them be required which makes them a small and easy useful thing to carry around. Such examples of mini versions of objects that you can find being used a a keychain include:

  • Photographs
  • USB flash drives
  • Lighter
  • Whistle
  • Pepper spray
  • House keys
  • Laser pointers
  • Memo pads
  • Car keys
  • Loyalty cards
  • Membership cards
  • Bottle openers
  • Pocket knives
  • Nail clippers
  • Crosses
  • Games
  • Stopwatch
  • Watch
  • Magnets
  • Tools
  • Compass
  • Thermometer
  • Scissors
  • Pill box
  • Flash light
  • Tape Measure
  • Security
  • Key less car entry and start
  • Car alarms


This just an example of some of functional items you can easily carry around with you, some of which are very handy, for example a small flash light is a great idea to find the lock to your house rather than fumbling around guessing which way to put the key in. Items that are attached for decoration tend to be the advertising fobs or ones that have been given as a gift that carry some kind of message.

A gift given between any loved ones will always have some sentiment attached to it but ones that will actually display the love between you will have an even more special significance. Whether said item is expensive or affordable really matters not in terms of attachment and because a keychain is always in use, there is always that reminder of how connected you are to each member of your family.

The fact that you know it will actually be used could be one of the reasons you have chosen a keychain to give this special person a personal message from you to them. Knowing it will be carried daily ensures they will see your words often and whatever the words are they will be there to offer them strength, courage, love and support etc every time it is taken out. For those people that are regularly losing small objects that come in useful to carry around, like a flash drive or a light, having one always attached to the keys will mean they are much more difficult to lose and easier to find.



A Few Examples For Inspiration



We have listed out a few example of our favorites with a brief description in the hope to offer some ideas or a little inspiration.



  • Mom, Dad and child set of 3 with engraved words on each
  • Family – Where life begins and love never ends



  • Stainless steel vintage tree of life and mustard seed pendant


Family Crest

  • Family Crest fob with name and coat of arm with choice of over 1500 surnames


Family Tree

  • Family like branches on a tree set of dog tag style chain with family tree image
  • Family tree with personalized engraved choice of names around edge


Stitch – Ohana

  • Ohana Means Family – Nobody gets left behind or forgotten set
  • 3 piece Ohana puzzle set



  • Disc and heart with custom engraving of up to 5 names
  • Puzzle piece each with name and birthstones


Picture / Photo

  • Personalized with photo of choice and engraving



  • Choice of birthstones with family tree charm



  • Jigsaw puzzle set – Says Always together never apart when all put together – 5 pieces
  • 4 piece jigsaw puzzle set
  • 2,3,4,5 or 6 piece heart puzzle in stainless steel with engraving


Coat Of Arms

  • Choice of over 1600 family surname coat of arms


Custom / Personalized

  • 4 piece heart shaped puzzle with custom engraving on each piece




A Personalized Keychain Will Be Carried Everywhere



During a lifetime you will meet thousands of people and some will become very close friends but the people that will have the largest impact on your life is your family. Different households idea of close family can vary and while for many it means mom, dad and children for others it can be grandparents, brothers or sisters. Their titles do no matter, these are the people who love and support you through everything that life throws your way. As they grow up it is important for parents to spend plenty of time with their children before it is too late.

The importance is not only for the children but for the moms and dads also. As your babies grow up they pass amazing milestones that are just a one off and every time these are missed it is another potentially treasured memory that has been lost. All of these special moments soon pass by and before you know it your baby has grown up and began a new chapter in their lives. It is also beneficial for children to spend time in the company of their parents as often as possible. They will be influenced by the people who they spend the most time with and this person will teach them how to develop social skills and how they will react and interact in relationships with others. If parents want to have a positive impact in this then they need to spend time doing things with their kids.

If you think you have been neglecting your little ones a little too much and spending more time working and socializing, perhaps now is a time for change. A good way to do this is to make a promise to yourself and a further good idea is to have a symbol that represents this new you and the new fun times being with your loved ones. An item such as a keychain would make a good choice as it will always be with you to remind you it’s time to head home for some family time. You can also add some custom text to it of your choice, perhaps something that encourages you to keep the promise to yourself and everyone around you.

There are many other reasons for why a keychain might be the right gift for someone, someone who has just passed their drivers test or as a fun little gift as a housewarming. Because they are small and can be carried anywhere, a loved one who has to be a long distance away because of work or education might want to take with them a small reminder of their family. There are also people who like to collect them and they are an item that are cheap to buy and easy to store.

Most of them are individual pieces which have been given to a particular person but you will also find sets of two, three, four or more so that every carries a matching version. These can be connected through images or words or even puzzle pieces that fit when brought together. Most of them tend to be of a similar size due to the need of being able to carry them easily but they will be made from different materials including metals and plastic and come in a choice of colors.