Celebrate Easter As A Family In Matching Pajamas


Although not celebrated quite so elaborately as Christmas, Easter is still a wonderful time of the year. In a similar way to Christmas many people are home for Good Friday and Easter Sunday and there are many other similarities which makes it a special time. Any celebration that brings the family together is one that we are all happy to participate in. There is often not much time spare just for family time which makes special occasions such as Easter such a wonderful holiday.

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The whole family sits down for a nice meal which will usually revolve around the traditional ham or for some people, lamb rather than turkey. Instead of Santa and presents there are the Easter Bunny and Easter Egg hunts. Most people have days off work and educational institutes have holidays at this time. This means families can enjoy times together with everyone at home celebrating. It is a great time to be with one another doing things you all enjoy and this can be even more pleasurable when you feel comfortable in the clothing you wear.

The perfect garment to wear while lounging around at home are pajamas and having whole family wearing a matching set of Easter pajamas makes the occasion even more fun. Pajamas are cozy, soft and super comfortable while also being flexible enough to do almost anything in. Should any visitors or neighbors see or visit you will also still look perfectly acceptable. As a family you will probably spend time chatting, curled up watching a movie or playing games and all of these things are better done in comfort.

By all wearing the same set of pajamas you will not only all be comfortable but will also match each other. This not only looks great especially if you love taking photos and sharing them with relatives and friends but you will also feel more connected to one another. By wearing matching garments you are displaying how close you are as a family, how tight or close you all are and telling the world you are as one standing together with each other. This also gives everyone a feeling of belonging and that you are loved by those closest to you.



Easter Pj Sets And Onesies To Wear Together




There are many different styles of pj’s you can wear which include variations on the traditional two piece or onesies and for families looking for a matching set to wear together over Easter here are a few ideas.

  • Forest and tree decorated two piece set
  • Black and white patterns two piece
  • Pink and white decorative set of 2
  • Cranberry and white check colored top and pants
  • Blue and grey striped onesie
  • Easter Bunny onesie in grey and white
  • Baby bunny romper one piece for baby boy or girl
  • Easter bunny onesie jumpsuit for kids boys or girls




Easter Time For The Family




For most young children Easter is all about the Easter Bunny, egg hunts and eating chocolate but like gifts and Christmas, Easter is also a religious festival that celebrates Jesus’s death and resurrection to save us. Many families, even those that are not regular Church goers will visit their Church at this time to hear the Easter story and thank Jesus for his sacrifice. Like Christmas Eve mass, it can bring a family closer together and give a sense of hope and love that you may not always feel at other times of the year.

Aside from the religious meaning Easter will see children throughout the country taking part in Easter egg hunts. The Easter bunny will have hidden the eggs previously in the garden or the family home and the children need to find them all. Once they have been found many will take a part in a Easter egg roll. This is where the child will roll an egg either down a hill or push it along the ground in a race to pass the finish line first.

Most families will tuck into the traditional Easter ham. This will generally be ham on the bone smothered in a spicy marinade such as honey mustard and serve it will a mixture of potatoes and vegetables. With all the chocolate around you might think this will be the best dessert but there are others that many families have made a tradition. These include, Easter Meringue Cups, Hot Cross Buns, Carrot Cakes and Strawberry Pie.

The traditional White House Easter egg roll has taken place since 1878. Children and their families are invited to play on the White House garden each year to roll eggs while there are also many craft stands and painting activities and occasionally some Presidential stories.

Another tradition are Easter parades and each city will have its own version with the most famous being the one on Fifth avenue. There is a lot of dressing up in costumes, Easter bunnies and horse drawn carriages which makes it a wonderful spectacle for families to enjoy.