The Christmas Festivities Are Even More Fun In Matching Family Pajamas


Christmas without family just would not be the same, after all it is being with the people that you love that really makes Christmas extra special. It is the holiday season that most people are away from the pressures of work or studies and can relax for a few days or weeks and really enjoy themselves. The family get together is one of those events that happen and whether it is just the immediate family or other parts of the family included we all love having everyone in the same room and that little bit of chaos that goes with it.

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As so many things are closed on Christmas Day and often around that period most of us tend to spend more time indoors together doing various things like watching movies or playing games and one way to make those times even better is to get into the tradition of the whole wearing matching christmas pajamas. Dressed in a coordinated way helps bring you all closer together as well as being very comfortable they are also perfect for the Christmas family photo.

It is not only pajamas that are given the festive treatment and turned into sets for the family to wear. There are sorts of garments, accessories for the home and to wear and jewelry that is produced for many different combinations of the family and these will include husband, wife, children and sibling and of course the family as a whole. Depending upon your plans for the day you may opt for something else to wear as well but regardless of secondary choices, pajamas are a must have.

Pajamas are one of those items that you always think how clever the inventor was who came up with the idea and when did people start to wear them. Obviously pajamas as we know them have changed through the years and while in early times pajamas were only seen by close members of the family and were not to be flaunted in public. Up until the late 19th and early 20th century most night attire consisted of nightshirts or gowns and there were worn by males and females. Society has moved on a great deal in the last one hundred years and with liberation and a shift in ideas meant we became more open about such garments and designers got more inventive with the styles.

When we think of pajamas today we think of the two piece sets of a top and pants. Both pieces of the set can vary but the button front long sleeve and long pants variety were inspired by Chinese and Indian sleepwear. These garments were silky soft and incredibly comfortable which made them the perfect pieces of clothing to sleep in. Word soon spread about how practical and comfortable they were and they became the most common form of sleep attire. In modern times other sleeping habits have grown more popular but pajamas are still worn to bed for many and there are advantages to wearing them.

Spending as much time with your family as you can is one of the most wonderful pastimes and is important for everyone involved. This is true at any time of the year but especially so during the Christmas period. All of the times you spend together create some unique moments that will never happen again and all of those times are being stored in your mind as treasured memories to look back on. Although you may be doing similar things every time will differ in some way which makes not missing them all the more vital. As a family at Christmas you are always going to have the most incredible time but there are ways to enhance an already great festive season and that is by having a one off or tradition of wearing matching garments and as most people spend the big day at home, pajamas are the most comfortable piece of clothing to do this in.

By wearing matching pajamas as a family you are not only going to be ultra comfortable on those holiday days lounging around you will also all look very stylish and coordinated. If you can look good while also being in comfort then you have a great combination. They are also perfectly acceptable to be seen in if any visitors arrive wishing you seasons greetings. Aside from the comfort and looks there is also another benefit to all wearing the same garment and that is the feeling of being connected together. Dressing alike is fun and creates a strong bond between you that tells you deep down you are part of this family as one and loved immensly.

Because they are going to be worn by everyone it will be the parents that will usually purchase the set. The design will be chosen by both or perhaps just mom or dad and can make for a nice surprise on the day. Alternatively if the children are old enough you could all choose a set together and this could become another fun family tradition. How long before Christmas they are bought is up to you, would you maybe want them for Thanksgiving also? We only suggest not leaving it too late incase your favorites have sold out. While they are most likely to be purchased by the family themselves they could also be given as a gift from a relative or friends

As with almost all types of clothing you are going to have a few options to consider and there will fall into the main categories of design, color and material. It can be more difficult to be trying to please the whole family as there are going to be varying opinions about every aspect. One of the choices, the fabric will much depend on what time of the year they are going to be worn and whether your house is a warm one or not. The most common fabrics used will be:



A fabric that is great at regulating the bodies temperature and therefore works equally well in the summer or winter months.


A very warm and soft material that is ultra comfortable with the warmth making it a great choice for cooler months.


Probably the most common material used for pajamas and a good all rounder for any season but probably best work during warmer months of the year.


Linen is light and very durable and is one of those materials you barely sweat in making it great for summer.


A warm fabric perfect for winter or cool houses as it has a good thickness and feels comfortable.


As well as the overall design, color and material and of course sizes one of the most important aspects of the Christmas pj’s is the print or pattern. Obviously it is going to be a Christmas theme but there are many different ones to choose from, some of which we will run through later. There are some Christmassy ones and others that are designed to be funny and make anyone who sees them laugh. This will be one of those options that definitely needs the whole family to sit down and decide which type suits you all.




Relax During The Holiday Period In Christmas Pajamas For The Whole Family




You can purchase Christmas pj’s for every different combination of family members as well as for the whole family and the main reason for doing this is the appealing, adorable look and showing the bond everyone has. This represents what Christmas is all about which is the love for one another and spending time together. People celebrate Christmas in many ways and while many things are common to all, most families also have their own traditions they like to follow.

We all know that Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ and most of us have heard the tail of Mary, Joseph, the Inn, Three Kings, Shephards etc many times although for many the true meaning is lost in parties, food and gifts. The term Christmas comes from the original terms Christ’s Mass and although we know December 25th is not the true birth date of Jesus it was alligned with other pagan festivals to neatly tie everything together.

Whether your idea of celebrating Christmas includes the religious aspect or not, much like the birth of Christ and visitors coming to celebrate, we celebrate with our families and any visitors over the festive period and enjoy the happiness, warmth and love that surrounds us. Most of us want to spend this time relaxing and one of the major factors of being relaxed is feeling comfortable which means comfortable clothing. Lounging around in a pair of jeans is not the most comfortable thing but pajamas certainly are and this is what makes them such a wonderful garment.

Although pajamas are popular they are not the most common item used to go to sleep which is a shame because wearing them offers many advantages in getting a better nights sleep and here are a few of them:


They Are Comfortable

The materials from which they are made tend to have high levels of comfort and they include fabrics such as cotton and silk. Cotton is extremely soft and also very gentle on the skin and this in turn help improve sleep quality.

Staying Warm

There are different lengths of pj’s with the warmest being full length legs and arms in a polyester cotton blend which is
a great fabric for cooler temperatures as they are manufactured to resist the cold.

Help To Activate Your Sleep Mode

As being a part of the bed time routine, putting your pajamas on help your body to relax and let it know it is time for bed. If you wear the same kind of pj’s each night you will soon program your body to activate your sleep mode and help you to enjoy a more restful sleep.

Better Hygiene

The skin is always being shed and new skin grown and this old skin will stay on your sheets and will potentially spread
bacteria. By wearing a pair of pajamas the skin will not end up on your sheets and as long as you wash the pj’s regularly you will be more hygienic.

Ease Of Movement

This will depend on how loose or tight your pajamas are but most people tend to go for a looser fit as they offer more
comfort with the other advantage being able to move more easily in bed means you will usually sleep better.


While many people own pajamas, not so many actually wear them to sleep in, prefering other ways. They are worn more often before getting into bed or to slip on when getting up in the morning. Most people like to relax in the evening especially just before going to bed and pj’s are the perfect garment for this. The same is true of getting up and not really being ready to put on the clothes you will be wearing immediately. It is nice to wear something cozy, have some breakfast before getting ready for the day ahead. When it comes to Christmas Day then staying in those same pajamas all day is the best way to dress. They are comfy, casual and warm while also being acceptable to be seen by visitors or if you pop outside for any reason and you run into any neighbors.

During this festive season you will be all wearing the same set which means everyone is comfortable and as you will all being coordinated and looking very festive you can tick the box on the style factor. You will all be able to relax in comfort the whole day, watch any movies, play games, open presents, eat and even do some clearing without having to change. If you have any other relatives or friends show up to with you a Merry Christmas you will all also be dressed reasonably enough to not look untidy.




Find Your Set Of Jammies




We have listed a description of a few of our favorite designs for some inspiration and ideas, many come in various colors and all in different sizes from small to plus sizes.


Christmas Pajamas With Dog

  • Black tops with Buffalo plaid bottoms and matching dog coat
  • Green tops with green and red plaid bottons with coat for dog


Plus Size

  • Winter polar bear blue and white pants with white tops and polar bear print in plus sizes


Baby / Newborn / Infant

  • Santa hat printed tops with festive decorated pants for whole family including baby
  • Christmas lights theme top and bottoms with same baby sleepsuit pattern for newborns


Buffalo Plaid

  • Buffalo plaid 2 piece thermal set
  • Buffalo plaid one piece set for adults, children and including pets



  • Bear print pattern on front of black and white top with red and black plaid bottoms
  • Polar bear printed on red tops with plaid pants and slipper socks



  • All red top and pants printed with variety of dinosaurs all over



  • Black top with deer head and antlers and plaid pants



  • Green tops with green and white striped bottoms printed with What the Elf
  • Elf costume style pj’s with elf shoes to match



  • Stop Elfing around full set including baby sleepsuit
  • Snowman face with carrot nose and stone mouth and eyes in white and plaid
  • Bearly Awake – Wide Awake set for whole family


Get Lit

  • Sold blue top with multicolored bottoms covered in Christmas lights with Get Lit and Light It Up text


Merry Christmas

  • Red tops with snowmen and Merry Christmas message and red pants covered with snowmen



  • Men’s, women’s and children’s Frozen tops and pants



  • Red tops, striped pants with Grinch face with Behave For The Holidays and Never Naughty words



  • Green tops with plaid bottoms suitable for all ages including Grandparents


Charlie Brown/ Snoopy

  • Green top and bottoms with assorted print of Charlie Brown and Snoopy characters



  • White top with black sleeves and red and black plaid pants – gingerbread man print with Oh Snap text


Home Alone

  • Home Alone Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal pants


Mama Bear Papa Bear

  • Papa bear Mama Bear Baby Bear white tops with plaid pants



  • Red tops with white reindeer print and red and white decorative pants
  • Three white reindeer printed on black tops with black, white and red decorative pants



  • Rudolph the red nosed reindeer printed top with red and white pants and Rudolph pattern


Red Truck

  • Grey top with print of red track and red and black plaid bottoms



Snow Place Like Home printed top in red with white patterns pants



  • Three snowmen designed top in red with matching red pants covered in snowmen
  • Snowman printed top in blue and white with blue bottoms printed with many mini snowmen



  • Penguin printed tops in light blue with light blue bottoms with penguin print


Santa Claus

  • Dark blue top and pants with Merry Christmas print and Santa Claus hat and mustach


A further very popular style that can be seen during a popular Christmas movie are the National Lampoon Christmas Vacation pajamas.




Sleepwear That Matches Helps Make Time Together Special




Your immediate family are the people who make your life special and it is with them who you will spend many amazing Christmas holidays enjoying each others company in happiness. All worries are usually set aside and together you create what will become the most precious memories in your life. Unlike other times of the year almost everyone is at home from work, school or college and is able to spend a good amount of time together catching up on each others lives when sometimes normal days are too busy. This is the period where you can dedicate time to each other and really have some fun together.

At other times of the year many parents are too busy to spend a lot of time with their children and miss out on many important moments which is what makes Christmas time even more special. There are many hours to sit back with each other and talk about your lives, share experiences and listen to and encourage and advise your children. Obviously it is also a great opportunity to catch up on all the missed fun times, playing games or sports and doing any other activities you all enjoy. Doing all of this in comfort makes every moment a happier one and doing things all together in your matching jammies will help you to feel even more connected to one another.

What your family will do in them will somewhat influence the style which you choose. There are quite a few different types of designs of the pajamas themselves where manufactures make slight changes to certain areas. Here are some of the options you might find when looking:


  • Button Down – Buttons at the front
  • Velcro Fastening – An soft alternative to buttons
  • Shirt – Slip over the head like any other shirt or t-shirt with no buttons
  • V or Round Neck – The shape of the neckline
  • Pockets – You may find chest pockets one side, both or none at all
  • Short or Long Sleeve – You will find both available and this decision is based on how warm or cool you prefer to be
  • Collar or No Collar – More like a formal shirt or a casual t-shirt
  • Turned Up or Straight Cuffs – Some cuffs come turned up as part of their design while others are straight
  • Tight or Loose – Do you prefer a tight or loose fit for chilling out



  • Short or Long – What length of pants do you want to wear? Most pajama sets have long pants but you can get shorts if you prefer cooler legs
  • Pockets – You might want pockets if you are spending the day in them and want a handy place to put things like your phone.
  • Footed or Open – There are many that come footed as well as a normal open foot design which might make a great idea if you suffer from cold feet


The rest of the options such as size, color and fabric will be common to both pieces of the set. Because they are Christmas designed they will be worn at that time of the year and most of the time you will be choosing the warmest options. Having said that pajamas, whatever the design can be worn all year round, we just imagine they would only be worn during that holiday period. While choosing warmer options will be best the all round looser fit might well be more comfortable for spending the day in or undertaking any activities and this might be a good trade-off against the slightly warm tight fit.

Will sitting down and choosing your set together a few weeks out from the Christmas holidays make it into being one of your family traditions if it isn’t already? If you have children it will be an exciting part of the countdown much like the opening on each day of an advent calender. It is one more thing to look forward to the brings Christmas Day closer and closer. There could be members of your family who have to be away for the festive period and if they have their own pair it will help them to feel connected to the rest of you and serve as a reminder of the fun times you have and will again in the future.

Whether it will be red or green, Santa Claus, snowmen or reindeer, cotton or fleece we are sure the set that you choose for you family will be worn with enjoyment throughout the holiday. They will also tell some incredible stories and be perfect for the family Christmas photo around the tree and presents.