Show How Much You Care With Adorable Bracelets For Family


A bracelet is a very popular piece of jewelry that can be seen being worn by many men, women and children on a daily basis. While not everyone enjoys this particular wrist wear there are many who enjoy wearing their particular type whether that be one that is elegant in gold or a simple beaded or leather strap. Each tell their own story and are worn for a variety of reasons. The gift of a bracelet is one that most people will receive with much joy and in addition it could be made even more special by giving one that is personalized. As they are such a popular item this in turn means there is also a huge range of styles and designs produced from many different materials which should result in enough range for anyone to find one that suits them.

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There are infact many different items of jewelry and accessories that have been produced for many different family members as well as those that match that are designed for more than one person to wear identical pieces. These objects not only come in varieties of jewelry but also clothing such as pajamas, sweaters and general outfits. The popularity of these type of items means that most things that are available to purchase for an individual are available for a particular family member or any combinations of them if a set is required. Wearing any jewelry or accessories that has been dedicated to the wearer by a loved one is common but niche areas like those that are matching are less so especially when it comes to clothing. Many people find matching designs distasteful but pieces of jewelry are generally more accepted as they are a lot more discreet.

As they are bracelets for different family members, the way in which they can be purchased and given have a couple of options. There are individual pieces that are dedicated to the family, often engraved with some meaningful words. These can be given to any person from any other relative of theirs. There are those that are specifically dedicated to mom, dad or the children which will be a gift from one or multiple family members. Additionally there or bracelets that comes as sets which can be of two, three, four, five or more and these will be matching and have a dedication engraved or something more custom such as names, dates or a more personal message.

Because they can be given to any individual or multiple persons and look adorable they do make wonderful gifts for any wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, sons and daughters. These make for very personal gifts that will truly show how much you care especially when they have been especially customized for the recipients. There are a number of various occasions and celebrations during the year that required presents and each time thinking of new exciting ideas gets more and more tricky. Any kind of jewelry for the wrist is perfect for many times including Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving or even just as a special thank you.

Sets that are produced for every one in the family make for a great way to satisfy a younger childs curiosities. Some of you with a young child may have noticed them pointing and wanting to pull off any type of jewelry that you own because they want to hold it. With identical bracelets you have the chance to keep yours on while also letting them have their own version to hold and play with. This should keep them happy and entertained for quite some time and allows them to copy you.

All of the different types of jewelry available will have a wide variety of choice and even in a niche area such as this there is still much choice. Certain people are very difficult to buy for and get right and jewelry can be one of those hit or miss items for many. If they are to be a set for a few members of the family then this can mean making the right selection an even more difficult one. Satisfying a group of peoples individual sense of fashion in a single matching piece can be tricky but with the addition of custom engravings everyone should be aware of the personal meaning and like them no matter what the design.



A Bracelet Will Make A Wonderful Gift For Any Family Member



There is a wonderful thing about giving the gift of a bracelet where family are involved above and beyond their looks and that is the connection they can create and the bond that forms through their wear. Each item that comes from a loved one comes with their heart poured into it and whether they are separate pieces of sets that match this cannot help but to strengthen the bond between the wearers. They will symbolize how loved and important you are to the person who gifted it and because they are a subtle item, they can be worn anywhere which means that love can always be carried wherever you go.

Bracelets are already a gift that the majority of people will be elated to receive and are a gift that will certainly be worn and used for many years to come. Not only do the look beautiful but they will also many time carry their own special personal message which piles on the sentimental values. This is especially true when they are given between family or are wearing some kind of a matching set. They are easy to wear which makes carrying that reminder of your family something that can be done on a daily basis.

There are many different options when it comes to selection of a bracelet and these include the materials used to produce it and these can be expensive and include sterling silver, platinum, titanium, gold – rose, white and yellow variations, stainless steel, leather, copper, bronze, rubber or silicone, rope and plastic beads. There will design that are delicate and incredibly intricate but also plain and simple and this is where individual tastes and when they are to be worn factors in. Another option is the overall style which could be a linked chains, cuff style, bangle, tennis or stretchable among others while also having potential accessories like pendants and charms which come in various designs such as hearts or animals. Lastly there are the personal touches that can be engraved on plates, pendants or charms and this engraving could be of names, initials, significate dates, words of love and encouragement or even small photos and birthstones.

Apart from what they are made from and their overall design one of the other options that might be an important factor is the reaction you may expect not only from the person receiving it but how the recipient may want other to react when they see it. The designs and colors etc play a role in this but as do the charms, images or text that is written on them. There are those that are funny and have been manufactered with bringing some humor to a situation while others are simply cute or heart warming with words to bring out some sentiment.

We have mentioned that some of these types will come as an individual piece dedicated to that person where as others can come as a matching set of any number bracelets and each will mean the person wearing it has a wonderful reminder of how much they are loved and thought of. One of items have another value but not to the same degree a set may have and this is one that holds more importance to those who spend much time long distances apart. Any family member who has to be away for long periods for work or education will obviously miss their families and this can effect people differently with many suffering from separation anxiety. By having something like a bracelet that matches one or several other members of the family they will not only feel closer to home but will also be able to carry with them a reminder of their families love and can act as countdown to when everyone will be together once again.

For the most part these will be purchased between various members of the immediate family but they could be an item that is bought by a friend or other relative. In terms of gifts they have a degree of flexibility and a close friend might think a set is suitable for a family they know well. The obvious choice to give such a gift is at Christmas but there are other occasions that are perfect no matter who is giving them. They are a great choice for a bride and groom on their wedding day or prior to then for an engagement gift or bridal shower. One could be monogrammed and given in celebration of a newborn baby or even for a housewarming. Indeed any celebration that involves any family member can be seen as a perfect opportunity for this type of present.



From Birthstones and Names To Family Tree – Some Ideas And Inspiration



With so many different styles and options whether they be individual or sets, plain or monogrammed, pendants or birthstones we have listed some of our favorites with a small description to offer up some ideas and inspiration.


Family Birthstone Bracelet

  • 925 sterling silver with crystals and birthstones
  • Silver charm bangle with heart, star and choice of birthstone



  • Hearts patterned charm with choice of birthstone
  • Family forever charm with love heart
  • Family silhouette charm
  • Tree of life charm in gold heart shape
  • Family tree charm in 925 sterling silver with cubic zirconia
  • Thanksgiving Angel charm
  • Baby footprint with birthstone charm


Family Tree Bracelet

  • Family Tree bangle with selection of up to 9 birthstones
  • Family Tree bangle engraved – One Family Lots Of Hearts


Family Name Bracelet

  • Set of 2,3,4 or 5 adjustable braided rope with name plate for custom family name
  • Bangle with custom made heart pendants engraved with name or names of choice


For Dad

  • Best Dad Ever titanium and adjustable
  • Sterling silver with crystal charm and Dad engraved


For Mom

  • Where Life Begins And Love Never Ends engraved pendant on bangle


Stepmom/ Godmother

  • Cuff style with I Am Blessed To Have You In My Life engraving



  • Personalized stainless steel plate with you custom names etc with link chain



  • Unisex nautical rope with stainless steel anchor design for sailing fans
  • Unisex orange awareness ribbon in silicone
  • Breast Cancer pink ribbon Never Lose Hope with Awareness



  • Alex and Ani Seaside sand dollar
  • Alex and Ani Color infusion, joy sand dollar bangle


Family Friendship

  • Set of 3 tree pendant with adjustable textile band for friendship



  • Blended family stepdaughter cuff design with custom engraving


Together Forever

  • Forever Family sentimental message engraved on plate with cuff design


Alex And Ani

  • Alex and Ani tree of life bangle



  • Disney Mickey and Minne charm in 925 sterling silver engraved Family Is A Circle Of Love


Long Distance

  • A promise and reminder to wear while apart from one another, beaded in black and white



  • Set of 6 handmade string thread with 7 knots for good luck and protection
  • Evil eye protection string type set of 6



  • Thin cuff bangle engraved with Forever Family


Morse Code

  • Sterling silver beads with morse code family on silk cord



  • Ohana means family hibiscus flower charm in Hawaiian



  • Tree of life adjustable cord for men, women and children



  • Custom indentification – ID with between 2 and 5 names engraved on sterling silver beads on black braided leather



  • A-Z initials charms with crystals
  • Initial charm bangle in silver
  • Beaded black onyx handmade with engraved initial
  • Heart engraved with letter of choice attached to stainless steel linked chain



  • Infinity Family Forever 925 sterling silver charm
  • Set of 3 corded with infinity loop



  • Multilayer tree of life leather wristwear


Silicone Rubber

  • Set of 6 Faith, Hope, Love with bible verses



  • One for you, one for me stranded set of 2



  • Togetherness Unity wire bangle with Ohana pendant



  • 4 piece braided with wish charm




Personalized Matching Wrist Jewelry Is A Must For All Occasions



During a lifetime there will be many people met and friends made but there will never be anyone quite as important as your loved ones. Whether it be your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, sons or daughters, the time you spend with them will be the most special of your life. Dedicating a lot of time, especially to children is especially important because busy parents soon come to realize that time goes by very quickly and it seems like no time at all before they are grown up and left home.

Putting much of your time into being with your children will not only create amazing memories for you but is also important for their development. Parents will be their to see their babies and toddlers milestones and witness many memorable moments that will never be repeated. These are the precious memories that will forever be treasured for which we feel sorry for those that do miss them. Your children also benefit from your presence with improved confidence, behaviors and a sense of feeling valued with results in better school work and a happy child. For those parents that feel they are missing out perhaps it is time for a lifestyle change and a promise to dedicate more time to your children than work or social activities.

One or all of you could wear a symbol of this change and a reminder to ensure you continue the promise to yourself and every one else of setting aside more time for family fun. This could be represented by anything but a bracelet would make a great choice. It could be one item that has a custom engraving with words that say something that means a lot to the family or your personal choice of text that makes that promise or a matching set for all of you with the same personalized wording that will bring you all closer together. This should also make the family closer and help to strengthen the family bond while enjoying each others company more often.

Bracelets are not the only option for a family looking to share something that matches or dedicate something to a particular person but they do have some advantages over other accessories or clothing. One of these is the subtleness of them which means where you may not for instance be able to wear a family outfit because you are at work, meeting or a formal dinner, the bracelet can still be worn and you can enjoy that connection to your loved ones at all times. You will find this is true of almost anywhere you go which makes them a useful choice for anyone who loves to wear sentimental items.

Once a bracelet has been decided upon there only a couple of things to clarify, one is if this is to be an item for one individual such as mom, dad, brother or sister, a pair for any particular combination or a whole set. Your budget will determine the materials used in its production with gold, platinum and precious stones such as diamonds meaning a higher price whereas stainless steel, leather and sometimes sterling silver means the price can be kept relatively cheap. The purchaser can determine whether it is something that will carry a lot of sentiment and have words that are heartfelt which will make a deep impression on the receiver. Alternatively there could be a design that has a more humerous side and is produced to make people who view it laugh. The monogram, stamp or engraving are additions that make them personal to either or both parties as will be the decision for what time of the year they are to be given and for what occasion.