Stunning Blankets For Your Daughter


Blankets come in all different types, designs, colors, sizes and are used by many of us for a wide range of things but it is those they have been personalized for a person that make the best gifts. When you take a look through all of the different types that are available you will see there are many hundreds of thousands with those custom varieties having their place
among them. These tend to be designed for various members of the family, friends and pets and one of those include for a daughter which along with blankets for mom are some of the most beautiful.

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They are just one item or accessory among a vast range that are produced to be given from mom, dad or both parents to their daughter. Most of these items have the option to add some kind of custom personal message to the recipient which will  generally one of support, love, courage as well as other words that are meaningful and are there as an item to share your thoughts with your daughter so she will always have them with her. There are many different things you can choose from and a blanket is one of them. They make wonderful gifts, look great and people use them in a variety of ways which means you know it will be well received and used happily.

The ones we are talking of here are designed for daughters and are made for the purpose of being given as a gift from mom and dad or separately but there are further possibilities from whom and to who they could be given. They could be given to a daughter-in-law as a gesture of welcoming her into the family or they could be given to someone who you think of as a  daughter. Perhaps you are a grandparent or have someone close to you that you have helped to raise and who you treat as a daughter, in which case this would make a fantastic gift and a way of showing her just how much you love and care about her.

A blanket makes a wonderful gift because they are items that the majority of people find very useful and they can be used in many ways. Because they are designed to be given to someone as a gift they are usually more visually stunning and will carry some beautiful words dedicated to the receiver. Because they look so fantastic they can be displayed in the home as a decoration by laying them on a bed as a temporary day cover or have then draped over a sofa which will show off the whole thing to all your visitors. You could also hang them on the wall as a display piece and also use them to wrap  around yourself and cuddle up in.

There are many that will come with a message, words of love and encouragement or a verse that have been written previously and you will want to choose this message or words depending upon what you wish to say to your daughter. Many you will also be able to personalize with names, titles, dates and some your own words. The words will depend on who the blanket is for, you might want to give slightly different messages to a daughter as opposed to a daughter-in-law for instance. Whether they are being given my mom, dad or both together they make great present ideas for most celebrations including Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving or Easter and will make a wonderful gift for either.

There are a number of different styles available in a vast range of blankets which require some thought and option to finalize before making a decision. The choices you make will revolve around what color, material, pattern, image or theme you think the recipient will prefer and adding the personal touch with names, words or a verse you can see there are many things to consider before choosing the one you want.


A Blanket Makes A Wonderful Gift For Daughters and In Laws



When you give anyone a gift that is personal which has a special message just for them it makes it all the more special and this will be even more so for your daughter. Whether it be from one parent or both, there will always be a special bond between mother, father and their daughter and this kind of gift is one that reminds her what a wonderful person she has grown to be and how much you love her. Because of what the item is and how it will be used it will always be there to remind her how special she is to you and will be able to read your words of encouragement on a daily basis.

You do have a varied choice of accessories or items that you could give to your daughter to give her strength and let her know she is loved and there will be many that you can choose to purchase as a matching pair. One of those types of items that come as a pair could be a mom daughter ring and if it is some kind of set you want then something like this may be the better choice. There are obvious advantages to buying this type of thing as a set and that is you get to where one part each and they both carry a special message. The choice of how you want to celebrate this bond is down to you but if you are wanting something individual then a blanket will make a great choice.

Almost all of these blankets are highly decorative with many having some beautiful designs with vibrant colors and images that are striking. Even without personalizing them they are a gift that would make anyone happy. Materials tend to be fleece or cotton with the occasional velvet and they all tend to be soft and some are hand woven. You will find there are many beautiful but simply designs as well as those that are much more intricate in their design. Obviously they will all carry some kind of message, whether it be standard fixed words or something than can be customized with your own text, names or dates.

There is another option that may influence the choice of the design that you make and that is what reaction you expect from your daughter when she opens it. Most of these will have a meaningful verse that is written to warm the heart and make you feel good but there are also those that are funny. Which you buy will depend on the person and the occasion in which you will be giving it.

When you give a blanket to your daughter it is in itself a wonderful gift but it is the words that are written on it that you are really presenting her with. There will be words there to say how proud you are of her and who she has grown up to become, how strong and how brave she is, how many happy memories you have of her and overall how much you love her and continue to offer your unconditional love.

Although there is not the range of buying a normal blanket there are still many options to think about before opting for the one you want. What with the different colors, materials, sizes and words it can take a while to make a choice so we will look through a few ideas.


Feel Inspired By A Selection Of Our Favorites


We have listed a selected few of our favorites that we like for the overall design and words being beautiful to look at and to read. Hopefully our ideas will hope to inspire your choices and help you with you decision making.

Daughter Blanket

  • To my daughter I love you, you are my sunshine… In black with white and yellow print with fleece material

Daughter In Law

  • 72 x 54″ super soft woven cotton throw with message starting – You were the blessing we couldn’t yet see…


  • Various horse prints on fleece with words of care from mom
  • Selection of galloping wild horses throw


Variety of Disney blankets from

  • Tangled
  • Frozen
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Princess collection


  • Mama and baby elephant fleece with verse of love and admiration
  • Mommy and baby elephant with sunflowers with message for your little girl


  • Lioness and cub in fleece with message Never forget I love you…
  • Lion and cub with verse from dad


  • Personalized name, year and class of with selection of graduation images and inspiring words


  • Cozy fleece throw with words To my daughter I love you forever…
  • Fleece material, hippee style with long verse starting I love you…
  • Luxurious soft fleece with scripture message


  • Woven cotton with poem measuring 72 x 54″


  • Custom name blanket with choices of names


  • Personalized message with choice of pictures


  • Choice of photos in collage and custom message


  • Sunflower image with you are my sunshine words on plush throw


  • Softball image with glove and message of love


  • Smooth throw with many images of a sloth on a tree
  • Sloth on a tree with words Follow your dreams


  • Microfiber sea turtles throw in blue and white
  • Plush throw with large photo image sea turtle


  • Microfiber throw with varied positive words
  • Throw with messages of care and love


  • Wolf and cub fleece with beautiful verse
  • Wolf and cub reflection in water with verse from mom



These Custom Personalized Throws Have Many Uses


Watching your child grow from a newborn baby through to a young adult and then making their own way in life seems to take no time at all. It seems like such a short time when they were a baby and there are so many moments to treasure and
memories to create and hold on to as they grow. It is not long before they are moving out, either to college or into their own home and you are left with the memories.

There are times and for some perhaps too many when a parents lives are too busy to spend with their children and they let other distractions get in the way. Missing your child grow up is a wasted opportunity which can never be taken back. Nothing can buy you more time so before it is too late, make the changes you need and spend more of your time dedicated to your children.

With the times you have spent with your daughter you will never look back with regrets and you can look enjoy her happiness when she begins to make a new life for herself. A blanket with some well written words could make a great gift for when your daughter moves into her own home. It can act as a symbol of your love and how much you have treasured raising her and will be something for her to display in her new home and have a constant reminder of how much you mean to her.

There are many different ways to commemorate this like a mother and daughter necklace or something similar and these will also include a personal message, albeit a smaller one. Obviously what you want to buy her is a personal choice but a blanket does make a beautiful gift and there are a lot more words you can let her know due to their large size.

This type of blanket will come in a variety of materials, colors, images, print and many different sizes of which some are incredibly large and they have many different uses. The size of it means there is more room for a longer verse or custom message. They can really describe how you feel about the person and can often let them know thoughts that are often left unspoken. An ornament or a piece of jewelry can also be a wonderful gift for this kind of occasion but a blanket will allow you to convey many more thoughts and emotions.

They do also have an advantage in their usability in which they have many different ways in which they can be used. A throw on the bed for use as a day cover is one and a cover for the sofa is another. They can be used as decorative pieces hung on a wall to be shown to the world or perhaps a throw to sit when out somewhere. It could be draped over an item to cover something unsightly or used to wrap around you when the cooler nights begin.

The nature of these blankets for daughter means they will be given by both her parents or just from dad or from mom. However there could be someone that you think of as a daughter who may appreciate the gesture that you do think of her as a daughter and display how much she means to you. The same could be true of an in-law that you are close to and very fond of or you could be a grandparent that has risen their grandchild like their own child and really want to show her how proud they are and how much they love her.

It can be said of almost any gift you buy for someone that whatever it may be, it will require some thought and a decision. The same is true for buying these, you have options such as the color, sizes, material and then you have the overall theme and images printed on it and of course, one of the most important options, the words that you wish to give to your daughter to express how you feel.