Have Fun On Daddy And Me Days With Socks That Match


There are many items that have been designed for a father,son and daughter or for daddy and me days and one of those are socks. Socks are one of the pieces of clothing probably least given attention to for the majority of people but they are an amazing item of clothing that are often not given enough credit. It is probably safe to say that most people will own at least one pair of socks and more often many many pairs. In most peoples eyes they are considered to be quite a mundane object that serve a purpose but they can be pretty fun and look great on top of which they do a very good job at protecting your feet.

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Socks are worn for quite a number of different reason with the obvious being when wearing a pair with some shoes or sneakers. There are also people who have a pair to wear at home in place of slippers or bare feet while others will have a specific pair for bed. Socks are a necessity where opting to not wear a pair can look quite peculiar, thinking of a suit, tie, shoes but no socks, it just does not seem right. Obviously they don’t fit in at every occasion, for example wearing flip flops or a skirt and tights where socks would definitely not go well although that is subject to personal opinion.

They are also actually do have a purpose and there are many benefits to wearing them. They help to maintain the health of your feet and we feel are an essential garment and here are some reasons why:


  • Each foot have thousands of sweat glands totaling over one hundred thousand and they generate somewhere in the region of half a pint of liquid each day. If you were to wear any footwear with socks all of this liquid would end up in your shoes, sneakers etc which would make your feet vulnerable to infections such as athletes foot and leave a smell in the shoe forever. However, by wearing socks the moisture is absorbed by them which means your feet stay dry and free from infection.
  • Have you tried wearing shoes without socks? If you are a fan of blisters then go ahead.
  • We wear shoes to protect the foot and take some of the impact of each step away by way of the shoes sole. A sock will provide extra padding and this will assist the shoe in protecting the foots skin and soft tissue.
  • The act of walking or running naturally makes the foot expand and elongate which means they are constantly changing shape. By wearing socks you will be providing further protection to the foot to stop this changing of shape being so elaborate.
  • Lastly, socks are their for warmth and comfort. In the cold months of the year they will keep your feet a lot warmer than wearing just a pair of shoes and will help to protect against things like chilblains.


Everyone needs and should wear socks and there are enough varieties to suit most peoples tastes. Those that are produced for a father,son, daughter or for the daddy and me range or not the only items that are made especially for them. There are a vast range of not only clothes but jewelry and accessories that can be found within this niche. There are pieces of clothing such as hoodies, shirts and pajamas for a dad and his son or daughter as well as accessories such as aprons to be worn for cooking.

As these kind of garments are fairly niche you will find differing opinions when it comes to matching designs, especially those that are produced for couples which can get some criticism. Having said that, this negative comments are usually aimed at romantic pairings whereas any for a parent and their children will usually be met with a positive comments and are generally thought of as being pretty adorable. Obviously socks are not one of those garments that stand out anyway so anyone not to keen on drawing attention to themselves even for the cute factor can be happy because not many will notice a set of socks.

There will usually be one of a few reasons for any dad wanting to wear things that match with his son. One of those reasons could just be a kind of family tradition that they wish to maintain. It could be a new concept that they have seen on the TV, online or another family wearing that they think would be a fun thing to try with their son and daughter. It could also be to keep the little one happy if he is trying to dress like dad. Many infants or toddlers will go through this stage of wanting to dress like dad and it is warmly known as the daddy and me look. There are many outfits that could fit in here but for someone who wants to do this discreetly a set of socks could be the perfect answer.



Matching Socks Make Wonderful Gift For A Father, Son Or Daughter



As we have previously mentioned, more often than not socks are not given a second thought and as a gift most people will consider them pretty boring and uninspiring. For those that are plain and simple this train of thought is hard to argue with but they can also be fun and interesting. Those that have some color, words or images on them can turn a mundane item into some more exciting. They can be themed around a certain event, sports team or characters or even a movie such as those that have various Star Wars characters and words. They can also be made to feel quite personal with some custom options for pictures or your own words embroidered on them.

Most of us think of a particular image when thinking about a sock but there are many different types that each have their own benefits when worn at the correct time. Some of these varieties include the following:

  • Half toe
  • Grip/ Anti-slip
  • Knee
  • Over the knee
  • Thigh high
  • Casual
  • Slipper
  • Compression
  • Loafer
  • Leg warmer
  • Work
  • Yoga
  • Winter/ Thermal
  • Boot
  • Liner
  • Sport
  • Dress
  • Bobby
  • Novelty
  • Silicon foot protector
  • Handmade
  • Split-toe/ Tabi
  • Toe
  • Waterproof
  • Tab
  • Trouser
  • Half
  • Belly / No show
  • Anklet/ Sneaker
  • Mid calf
  • Crew length
  • Over the Calf
  • Low cut
  • Support
  • Diabetic
  • Knee high
  • Toe less
  • Tube


Each type has their own unique identity and serve a particular purpose. Combine these different styles of sock with various colors and materials used such as wool, cotton, nylon, polyester, cashmere, acrylic, spandex, silk, linen or mohair and you have a wide selection of choice. Once you add in sizes, themes, prints it can soon change from something that was an easy decision to buy to one that requires some thought.

As these are designed for a daddy and his boy or girl, it is the dad that will most likely be buying a set but they are also a fun idea for a gift. With many different celebrations during just one year that have the need to give a gift it can soon reach a point where there are no new ideas. Many people fall into the trap of buying the same stuff year in year out and this is where any garment or accessory that matches can mean giving something different. The additional fact that they include both father, daughter or son and celebrate their connection makes them all the more personal and special.

It does not need to be a special occasion to be giving a gift but this is the type of present that would usually be given at certain festivities and these will include Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthday’s, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Year or even for a family vacation. They can be designed around these particular celebrations but if that is the case they would tend to only be worn around those days. A better idea would be to buy a set around something both dad and son and daughter enjoy so that they can be worn throughout the year.



Find Some Ideas For Your Next Set


Enjoy your next pair together with some ideas from a few of our favorite sets listed here with a brief description.


Daddy And Me

  • Rule Maker – Rule Breaker
  • Boss – Real Boss


Father Son

  • Man Of The House – Man Of The Crib
  • Best Dad Ever
  • Dad. The Man. The Myth. The Legend


Father Daughter

  • This Girl Stone My Heart – She Calls Me Daddy
  • Daddy’s Girl – Mommy’s World
  • You Can’t Scare Me I Have Two Daughters



  • Custom picture/ photo of face printed


Star Wars

  • Star Wars Darth Vader – No.1 Dad




A Dad, Son Or Daughter Can Enjoy Relaxing And Bonding In Comfy Footwear



The relationship between a dad and son or daughter is very important and the same is true for any parent and child. To form a close connection there needs to be some communication and ideally an interest that is enjoyed by the both. Finding this common ground should be fairly simple and even becoming interested in what they like can mean forming a strong bond. What that shared interest is does not matter it is the act of being together, being passionate about something and enjoying that common thing in each others company. For example it could be a sports team, such as football, baseball or basketball or taking pleasure in cars, trucks or bikes or simply watching movies and playing games.

It is unfortunate that many fathers and mothers leas busy lives in the form of work and socializing and don’t always have the time to spend forming a strong bond with their children. Often this is unavoidable but there will be many times where with a few different decisions and personal sacrifices, more time for a child can be made. This is advantageous to any parent in that they get to see various milestones that would otherwise be missed and other incredible areas of their little ones development that are sometimes once in a lifetime experiences that will be treasured for years to come. Surely there is nothing more important than the collection of precious memories a dad has of seeing his son and daughter grow up.

This time put into being with a child is not only for the benefit of the parents but also good for the child’s development. Children learn from the people they spend the most time with and this learning includes how they interact with people as they get older and how they act within their relationships later in life. Any parent who wants to be that positive influence in their child’s developments needs to put the quality time in with them.

Building those foundation with infants and toddlers is simple, they enjoy the company and the attention. However as they grow older holding their attention get a little harder. They often do not want to be with their parents and with phones, tablets, TV and games consoles to distract them, parents don’t always get a look in. Again finding a common interest is the key to spending time with older kids who you are struggling to bond with. Communication and making yourself aware of what they really like and then sharing that interest can break down some boundaries.

For those boys and girls who do enjoy their dads company, to continue enjoying spending time with one another still needs some shared interest. Along with more difficult children making things fun can help and by wearing garments such as matching socks can help to create a laugh and some interest. Obviously it depends upon the final wording or images but many can be fun to look at and can be enjoying wearing them together relaxing, feet up watching a movie. By making dad,son and daughter times fun, they  will look forward to it again. Of course, the daddy and me look is for younger boys and girls and it does not take much persuading for them to want to be with their dad but again making it fun when they are younger will hopefully see them growing up to always enjoying dads company.