Wear These Shirts For Dad And Son Bonding Time


There are numerous different types of clothing that are perfect for a dad and son to wear and shirts are one of the more popular. The term shirt has a wide meaning and can be defined in many way with a mixture of different styles and types which means that there will always be something to please just about everyone. A shirt can be of the tee variety, long sleeve, have a collar, button down or be of a polo style. While some are more casual, others will go with and be flexible enough to fit in at many types of gatherings being able to be paired well with a lot of other garments. They make a great choice for a dad and boy to wear together doing what they enjoy most.

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It is not only shirts for a dad and his son that are available but also many other items of clothing, accessories and jewelry that can be purchased for any combination of family member you could wish for. There are also options for mother, husband, wife, daughter, brothers, sisters and grandparents that can be purchased individually or as matching sets of two, three, four or more. There are also mother daughter shirts, shirts for mom and son as well other accessories such as dad and son hats and jewelry like bracelets and necklaces that have been produced for either parents and their children.

 This niche of clothing is popular among many families and can not only be a great deal of fun but also look cute and adorable. For those who embrace the matching look, there could be different reasons as to why you end up looking for this coordinated or twinning look. One possibility come stem from your baby boy simply wanting to copy his daddy, in a cute daddy and me kind of way. You know when this is starting by him trying on dads clothes so he can be just like him and this can be an adorable moment in their life. Having said that, it can also easily become a little annoying when the majority of your clothes are constantly being dragged out and hidden around.

 A great way to satisfy your little ones need to dress like daddy is to buy a matching set for both and then he will be happy to be wearing the same as his dad and you will relieved to being back in control of your wardrobe. Although a child at the copying age group would probably not notice, one word of caution which you will most likely see for yourself is that not all shirts in this niche are completely identical. Many coordinate with one another in a same theme but can have slightly different wording, one for dad and one for infant, biggie and smalls for instance and others will similar but differing images. The overall effect is the same and whether they are of an identical type or not, an infant or toddler would still believe he looked like his dad.

Obviously from the child’s point of view they just want to be the same as dad but many parents will choose this type of garment for them and their children for the looks and this will be the most common reason for buying shirts such as these. Either dad or perhaps mom will like the idea of wearing something that looks like dad and son are matching together as they not only look adorable but also give the impression of a strong bond between the two and a psychological feeling of being closer to one another.

 This type of item will usually be purchased by the dad or mom but they can of course be bought by grandparents or other relatives and close friends who think they would make a good present. Depending on the theme they can be worn throughout the year but there are those that are designed specifically for certain occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, Father’s Day or Birthdays and this kind of item is usually given as a gift on one of these celebrations. Just because they are given at that time it does not mean that a more year round version cannot be given and by choosing this type means they will be not be limited to being worn on only certain days of the year.

 When buying an individual shirt it will usually be something that you will find a lot of choice of and from a great many designers and brands. The range that caters for father and son is a little more limited although still with enough choice to require some thought. There are still plenty of options for materials or fabric used to make them, colors and of course sizes. Probably the most important part will be the personalization of it and this will either be an already printed idea, something custom made just for you or a hybrid of the two. Many times you can add your own text or names and dates to shirts while retaining the standard image for example. This is the part where you can often get creative and have a further choice to make on whether the wording and images should be something fun to bring a laugh or one that is cute and adorable.






Father’s And Son’s Look Awesome In Matching Shirts






As we previously mentioned, any type of clothing that matches can be found for many different sets of relations, whether they be romantic style couples shirts or accessories for brothers, sisters or best friends, there is something for everyone. Having said that, it is not everyone that are fans of displaying this niche of garment in public and some people find it incredibly annoying. Although we say embrace it all and have fun, there will be some types that infuriate those that do dislike them more than others. When it is a parent and child then even those totally against the style will usually be more accepting and simply think of it as a cute look.

For most of the time such garments are going to be worn only for certain occasions and celebrations which will often be a private get together or a party among friends. They are commonly worn out by fathers and sons on days out for a birthday or Father’s day, perhaps Easter and holiday festivities such as Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving they would probably be worn at home. This is because they are often purchased around these periods as a gift and the imagery and words will often match up to the particular moment that is being celebrated. They are perfect for these occasions and look incredible being worn together and are often worth it just for a few days of enjoyment. However, we do think that by purchasing a design that is able to be worn at any time is not only better value but it means they can be enjoyed throughout the year on many days out.

 Shirts are a great all around piece of clothing and are not only comfy to wear relaxing at home but can also be worn out with many different outfits and not look out of place. They can be worn for a dad and son chill out day at home, playing games, watching movies or having a play with a ball. Alternatively you could both choose to wear them out to your favorite place, to the beach, park, out for lunch and they still work well and not only that but you are able to let the world see how fantastic you both look and what a close and loving relationship you must have to be wearing shirts that match.

 Showing how good you look and how important you are to each other is one of the positives of wearing them out for people to see and how people perceive the look will also make an impact on the choice of shirt you make. Buying a set for yourself and you may be considering the reaction you might expect from people when you both wear them. Do you want to wear something that makes people laugh or maybe just smile at how cute or clever the print is. As a relation buying a set for your husband or son, again you might be thinking about what reaction you would want from them when they open them. There is also the where, that needs to be taken into account as in where you intend to wear them? Are they for relaxing at home and casual outdoor wear or being bought for a particular reason such as a vacation. They can make a great addition to a vacation as they are a lot of fun and great for photo opportunities. Aside from size and color there is a lot of thought and options that go into choosing the right shirt for both persons.




Ideas And Inspirations For Daddies, Children, Infants, Toddlers And Newborn Babies


 We have compiled a list of a few of our favorite designs for various age groups in the hope to help find some good ideas or just some inspiration.



 Dad And Son Shirts 



  • Daddy of a Prince – Son of a King
  • Captain – First Mate
  • Dad – Baby
  • The Legend – The Legacy
  • French Fry – Tatter Tot
  • Jigsaw heart shape with missing piece – Missing piece
  • He Did It with fingers pointing
  • Head Chef – Sous Chef
  • Turntable – Speakers
  • I’m So Tired – I’m Not Tired
  • Floppy Disk – USB flash drive
  • Baseball Dad – Baseball ball bodysuit
  • Need Beer – Need Milk
  • Tractor image on tee and bodysuit



Father Son Matching Polo Shirts



  • Classic short sleeved polo in various colors and sizes



Father And Son T Shirts



  • Battery Low – Battery Full
  • Big Man – Little Man
  • Taco – Taquito
  • Daddy Shark – Baby Shark



Father Son Matching Dress Shirts



  • Long sleeve regular fit dress shirt in dark blue
  • Boys toddler dress shirt with matching bow tie
  • Button down long sleeve dress shirt


Like Father Like Son


  • Like Father Like Son with dad and boy holding hands
  • World’s best farter – Like farter like son





  • Still plays with cars – Plays with cars
  • Head Chef – Sous Chef
  • Worlds best farter – Like farter like son
  • Burger – Slider
  • Mr Fixit – Me Breakit
  • I have a surprise for you…It’s Poop
  • Toilet Roll Paper – Poop


Daddy And Me



  • Me – Mini Me
  • Papa Saur – Baby Saur
  • Me + Mommy = One Broke Daddy
  • Oak Tree and Oak
  • Daddy – Baby



Star Wars Father Son Shirts



  • The force is strong in my family
  • Yoda – Free words of Wisdom
  • Who Da Man? Yoda Man
  • The best dad in the galaxy
  • Every great father teaches his children the ways of the force
  • I am your father
  • Storm Pooper
  • Together we can rule the galaxy as father and son






  • Custom jersey design with choice of color, team, name and number


Button Down



  • Button down long sleeve flannel
  • Button down regular fit plaid flannel casual






  • Hawaiian style matching shirt set in black and white
  • Casual floral Hawaiian short sleeve vacation wear
  • Hawaiian Luau flamingo pattern set
  • Hawaiian tropical short sleeve set





  • Reel Cool Dad – Dad’s Cutest Catch
  • Can’t work today My arm is in a cast
  • My favorite fishing buddy calls me dad
  • The Rodfather
  • Set of 2 with fish printed
  • Father and Son fishing partners for life
  • I love a good pole dance
  • World’s Okayest Fisherman




  • Buffalo plaid check long sleeve flannel material
  • Plaid woven romper baby bodysuit




  • Disney Mickey Mouse – Best Dad Ever graphic
  • Disney The Incredibles Logo
  • Custom Disney Mickey with name

Copy Paste


  • Copy – Paste set of 2 or 3 in tee or romper
  • Ctrl + C – Ctrl + V


Ralph Lauren


  • Ralph Lauren Polo long sleeve classic crew neck pony tee




  • Best Dad by par




  • Button up brushed cotton button down plaid




  • Red with Santa, Reindeer and Christmas themes
  • Feliz Navi Dad – Santa Baby


Baby Son


  • Papa Bear – Baby Bear




  • Best Buckin’ Dad Ever
  • Big Buck – Little Buck


Maverick And Goose


  • Maverick – Goose with Top Gun logo and plane tee sets
  • Maverick – Goose tee and romper set


Infant Son


  • World’s best farter (I mean father) – Like farter like son




  • Super Dad




  • I love you dad with custom option up to two names


Ctrl C Ctrl V


  • Ctrl C – Ctrl V with mouse pointer graphics
  • Ctrl + C – Ctrl + V on keyboard keys


Lion King 


  • Lion King Hakuna Matata




  • Gun – Son of a Gun




  • Personalized with name and number




  • Pizza Pie and Pizza Slice in black, white, grey, blue, red




  • New York Yankees jersey




  • Best Dad
  • Best – Buds




  • Marvel Avengers team logo with Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Black Panther


Biggie Smalls


  • Biggie – Smalls


Batman And Robin


  • Batdad – Batson
  • Dadman


Best Buds


  • Best – Buds with fist


Shake And Bake


  • Shake and Bake Motorsports
  • Shake – An Bake set of 2 with split words




  • Happy Birthday Daddy


Dragon Ball Z


  • Dragon Ball Z Goku


Drinking Buddies


  • Drinking Buddies – with image of beer and bottle of milk
  • Brew Dad – Micro Brew
  • Daddy’s drinking buddy




  • Reel Cool Dad – Dad’s Coolest Catch


Darth Vader – I Am Your Father


  • I am you father with lightsaber
  • I am you father with double lightsabers
  • Darth Vader image with I am your father


Father’s Day – First Father’s Day


  • Top Dad
  • Best Dad Ever
  • Promoted to Daddy est. date
  • The best Dad in the galaxy
  • Our first Father’s Day – set with infant bodysuit


Valentine’s Day


  • I get my charm from my daddy


Game Of Thrones


  • Hand of the King – King
  • Father of Dragons




  • Player 1 – Player 2
  • Pro Gamer – Noob
  • Achievement unlocked Fatherhood – Achievement unlocked new character created




  • Custom hockey jersey with team, name and numbers of choice


Pint Half Pint


  • Pint – Half Pint with image of glasses




  • Papa Saur – Baby Saur


Say Hello To My Little Friend


  • Say hello to my little friend – Little friend




  • Firefighter – Future Firefighter




  • Pirate buccaneer costume set


 Top Gun


  • Maverick – Goose
  • Top Son


4th Of July


  • USA Flag


 You’re Killin Me Smalls


  • You’re killin me smalls – Smalls


Toy Story


  • Disney Pixar Toy Story with Wood and Buzz image


Dad And Two Son


  • You can’t scare me, I have two boys


Long Sleeve


  • Like father, Like son long sleeve




  • The Dadalorian – The best dad in the galaxy


Ohio State


  • Keep calm and hate Michigan


 Regional Manager


  • Regional Manager – Assistant To The Regional Manager




  • New England Patriots
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Giants
  • Seahawks
  • 49ers
  • Chiefs
  • Bills
  • Mahomes
  • Steelers
  • Texans
  • Raiders
  • Vikings
  • Broncos
  • Packers
  • Dolphins
  • Redskins




  • Spiderman Amazing Dad




  • Beast – Beast In Training




  • Baby, toddler or infant shirt with bowtie


Wu Tang


  • Wu Tang classic yellow logo


San Francisco 49ers


  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Is it just me or do the seahawks stink?


La Lakers


  • La Laker series champions


Chicago Cubs


  • Custom with name and number




  • Dodgers world series champions



 Custom Tops For Parent And Child Are Adorable



All of those special times that a dad spends with his son are ones that will be remembered for many years. They don’t all have the makings of a never to forget moment but they are all important and even just those periods of playing with some toys together can be treasured. From newborn through to infant and toddler, all have their milestones which will never be repeated and these along with the special bonding periods will become precious memories to look back on over the years. It is important to take advantage of all these times that your little one wants to spend with you as it never seems to long before they have grown up and those fun times become less frequent as they are busy with their own lives.

Taking advantage of your little ones childhood years will be a decision that will not be regretted. All too often parents are too busy with their own lives and miss out on many special moments. If the time you give to your kids is limited then perhaps now is the time to change and dedicate more of yourself to them and let them have the enjoyment of playtime with dad and you can begin to appreciate how much you have been missing.

 A set of shirts for father and son are a wonderful garment to wear for a fresh beginning and the start of many bonding days together. Your shirts could symbolize this change and represent the fact that you will be having many more days in each others company. Younger boys tend not be too worried about what they wear but dressing to look like dad is sure to add to the fun of it all for them. Having them personalized can make them more identifiable for your relationship and ensure that both look adorable.

 Whether they going to be bought as a gift for a father and son or by them themselves, shirts are a fairly simple garment to purchase. Sizing tends to be quite standard and the only option will be if they want a loose or tight fit. There will always be a huge range of colors, certainly enough to be able to choose anyone’s preference. Actual styles differ in terms of look and they can be found in casual t shirt types or formal dress versions with others than fall between the two such as polo shirt or casual button up. It means enough choice to pick up the right style depending upon the occasion it will be worn. There are many printed options that are plays on a dad and son relationship and custom additions should they be required.

 This certainly means that any dad son combination will have at least one shirt that they will both enjoy wearing together. In fact there will more the likely be quite a number of tops that will probably like the look of and they are reasonably priced enough to purchase a couple of different sets that could be used at various times of the year, such as one set for vacations, another for Christmas and one for casual days at home or outside. Just don’t forget to take plenty of photo’s to share with the rest of the family and friends.