Wrap Your Feet In Matching Socks For Couples


Socks are one of those garments, much like underwear, that the majority of us own and most of us wear but there are a few people that prefer to go commando. Socks serve many purposes and these include sleeping in or lounging around the house instead of or with slippers. They are beneficial for your feet when worn with shoes or trainers and you would most likely get some odds looks from turning up in a suit, shoes but no socks. Obviously there are also time when socks don’t necessarily work, for most women wearing a skirt and shoes to the office would be combined with tights although certain socks can combine well with a skirt or dress. Wearing socks with footwear such as slides or flip flops has divided opinion but many consider it a fashion faux pas. There are many novelty socks of many different varieties which can be fun and those that have been produced as a set for couples.

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This range of items that have been designed with couples in mind include a large number of clothing, jewelry and various accessories which means there is something for everyone who want at least one item that matches. Generally, if it is available to buy as a separate item you should be able to find it as a set of two. Many things in this niche such as certain clothing split opinion on whether they should be worn in public with a lot of people finding it cringe worthy. However there are plenty of other items that get most people approval such as anklets, phone cases or even bedding. Socks are one such an item within this niche that come as a set and are one that are a little more discreet than say wearing a shirt.

Most of the time garments that come as a matching set will be either chosen and purchased by a couple together, or more likely bought as a gift from one to the other. Perhaps traditionally socks are one of those usable but boring presents you will always seemed to get at least one set of as a child but these are different. Depending on the design chosen they can be a lot of fun and romantic and coming as a set means you are forming a connection. While a plain pair may not be that exciting, a pair for you both will be and with the many celebrations throughout they year actually finding new and unique gifts often becomes impossible. These would work well as a present for many occasions such as Valentine’s day, Birthday’s, Christmas or Anniversaries.

As well as being fun to look at, they are more than just a fashion accessory and play an important role in helping your feet  stay healthy for some reason of which we can see below.

  • Your feet have around 125000 sweat gland and produce around half a pint of liquid every day. Without socks this would end up in the shoe leaving your feet vulnerable to infections such as athlete’s foot and leave a smell that will stay in the shoe forever. A good sock will absorb this moisture, helping to keep the feet dry and healthy.
  • Wearing shoes without socks means you skin is rubbing against the shoe all day which can cause painful blisters.
  • A sock the provides the correct level of padding will protect the skin and soft tissue and reduce the stress felt on the feet that comes from gravity and the impact of walking.
  • As you walk or run your feet will expand, elongate and flatten which means they are constantly changing shape and socks will provide protection from the shoe as this occurs.
  • In cold weather they keep the feet warm and protect against possible chilblains.



A Set Of His And Hers Socks Can Make Fun Gifts



One of the more enjoyable things in life is receiving a gift, it never fails to create a wonderful feeling inside and for many the same is true when giving your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend a gift. Most of us will feel a lot of pleasure in seeing our loved ones happy and giving your soul mate that you love and intend to spend the rest of your life with a present will result in them breaking out into an exciting smile. They will be there through everything that life throws at you and are the person with who you share everything and there will times a small gesture of appreciation lets them know how important they are in your life. There are countless things you could choose to give, often some flowers or a box of chocolates but perhaps something a little unique with a personal touch like a set of socks to share would be a great choice.

Whether it be all day or just a part of it, most people will at some point wear a pair of socks. It could be your preferred footwear around the home rather than slippers or for wearing to bed. Most people would wear a pair to work with their shoes or trainers and the same can be said for going for a run or wearing any kind of outdoor shoe with the exception of a woman who might wear tights with a skirt or dress. As we have previously mentioned there are individuals who prefer to wear their trainers without but this is not recommended for the reasons stated above. Because they are worn by the majority of people you can be safe that as a gift they will be useful. Obviously the idea of the matching set for you both is to wear them together to add a bit of romance, or a bit of a laugh to the occasion for which you are putting them on. There could also be times when they are worn separately from each other and in this case you will have with you a reminder and connection to your loved one at every moment.

Many designs come as sets of two where as others will still be designed with a couple in mind but come as an individual pair that will have some kind of amusing or romantic message to the other. The sets of two will generally be chosen and purchased by the couple together or as in the case of an individual pair, from one to the other as a gift. They also make a great present for a couple from close family or friends and are perfect for celebrations like a housewarming, for the bride and groom on their wedding day or even an engagement or bridal shower gift.

In terms of design socks, most of probably think they are what they are but in fact there are numerous different types some of which we have listed below and some will overlap with one another.

  • Sport
  • Dress
  • Split-toe/ Tabi
  • Toe
  • Half toe
  • Casual
  • Slipper
  • Compression
  • Loafer
  • Leg warmer
  • Work
  • Yoga
  • Winter/ Thermal
  • Boot
  • Liner
  • Grip/ Anti-slip
  • Knee
  • Over the knee
  • Thigh high
  • Waterproof
  • Tab
  • Trouser
  • Half
  • Belly / No show
  • Anklet/ Sneaker
  • Mid calf
  • Crew length
  • Over the Calf
  • Low cut
  • Support
  • Diabetic
  • Knee high
  • Toe less
  • Tube
  • Bobby
  • Novelty
  • Silicon foot protector
  • Handmade


Those are many of the different types available and they will also come in any color you can dream of. There is also a large choice of materials they are made from with some of the more common being cotton, polyester, nylon, wool, acrylic, silk, mohair, linen, cashmere, bamboo and spandex. Add into the mix the various individual patterns, prints, designs and personalized varieties plus sizes to fit most feet and you end up with many many options that need to be considered before making a purchase.

Being for couples or for a partner the most important part will be what the pattern or print whether that is an image or words and choosing a color that suits them rather than worrying about them being a cotton/ polyester blend for instance. You will know what key points are important to you and your partner when it comes to choosing the sock you want.



Ideas And Inspiration For Your Pairs



Get inspired by a list of our favorite design and ideas that will suit couples looking for matching sets or individual
novelty items.


His And Hers

  • I’m Her Carry – I’m His Support
  • His and Hers matching low cut no show cotton pack


Mr And Mrs

  • I’m her Mr – I’m his Mrs


Soul Mate

  • Soul – Mates


Bride And Groom

  • Bride and groom set of 2 novelty – Groom printed suit, shirt and tie – Bride pink with printed rings



  • If you can read this Bring me Some Tacos
  • Peanut Butter – Jelly
  • I like her butt – I like his beard
  • Take no shit – Give no f*cks
  • If you give me a foot rub you might get lucky – Hey babe want a foot rub?
  • If you can read this please rub my feet
  • If you can read this bring me wine
  • If you can read this bring me a cold beer
  • If you can read this bring me coffee
  • I’m gaming do not disturb
  • Beer can pair
  • If you can read this bring me some bacon
  • That’s what she said


Boyfriend And Girlfriend

  • Worlds Awesomest Boyfriend
  • Pretty decent boyfriend


Valentine’s Day

  • You’re My Person with heart
  • Red and black with Love in white text
  • Red with white hearts



  • The nightmare before Christmas
  • In red with Santa Claus
  • Green with reindeer face



  • Men’s and Women’s Sushi socks box – salmon cucumber maki
  • Pizza box socks – Hawaiian Italian pepperoni
  • Master has given Dobby socks Dobby is free
  • 3D Print tube style of Doritos, Nerds, Cheetoes, Froot Loops



  • Game Over – Mission Complete with bride and groom retro game style image
  • Groomsman
  • Best Man
  • Just Married



  • Love you to the moon and back in novelty cupcake packaging
  • Black with pink hearts
  • Candy hearts print all over


Custom Personalized

  • Custom face socks personalized with photos of choice



  • Personalized with you and your partners photos




A Set That Matches To Warm And Protect Your Feet



Your life will be full of precious memories that you will look back on from time to time with happiness and most of those will have been created with family and close friends. Later in life after falling in love it will be with your partner who you also being creating memories with, from your first date to your wedding day. The love you have for them can be expressed in many ways from a few simple words to expensive gifts. Expensive gifts are not common occurrences for most people but often simple thoughts can show just as much thought and love.

A simple gift outside of the normal festivities in which you give presents let them know you are always thinking of them and planning out ways to keep them happy or are ways of saying thank you. Many objects that include you both can become symbols of your love for one another and represent your everlasting bond. You make any item one that is meaningful to you both and this is especially easy when they have been designed in this way. It would be easy to share a laugh when putting your socks on together or when one partner puts them on in order to pass a message on that is printed on them. Alternatively if there is occasions that take you apart from each other you can both wear the same sock to help you feel closer to one another when a long distance apart.

When it comes to wearing a pair to bed there are some mixed feeling among the population with one survey stating that 44% hate wearing them to bed, 28% love wearing them and 29% have mixed feelings. There are some benefits to wearing socks to bed which states that people sleep better when wearing them. The reasons for sleeping better is that they help to assist the body’s internal temperature regulation and this is especially true if you some from poor circulation and cold at your extremities like your feet. Through the night the bodies temperature fluctuates and by wearing a pair of socks you help to balance these fluctuations and helps you sleep better. Studies have also shown that people who wear them to bed fall asleep faster and this is because the warming of the feet triggers a response in your brain saying that it is time for bed.


Other benefits include:


  • Preventing hot flashes – They help cool the core body temperature
  • Improving cracked heals – Moisturizing and then wearing cotton socks can prevent your heels from drying
  • Raynaud’s attack – This affects area of skin usually around the fingers and toes whereby you lose circulation and they can throb or swell. Keeping your feet warm will reduce your chances of this happening


Having said that, there are many people who have a high body temperature and would find wearing socks causes them to overheat. This will be because that person has better blood circulation, a quicker metabolism or thicker skin which means they generate more heat and by wearing a pair to bed they risk overheating and feel uncomfortable. There are also people that find wearing anything to bed an annoying distraction and this is due to our bodies being more sensitive to stimuli when going to sleep.

There are other ways in which to warm the feet in bed or trigger the going to bed response and that is by using a hot water bottle in bed or having a warm foot bath prior to sleeping.

As for couple who wish to wear matching socks or any of those that have been designed with a couple in mind the most important factor will be print or words that make them what they are. This can be a pair that are romantic or a novelty pair that make you laugh and while they are probably considered more of a stocking stuffer when you make them personal to you both, they become a great standalone gift. Because they do have some prints and text on them they do become a talking point and would make a fun gift for a bride and groom, for a housewarming, newlyweds or as engagement gift. They could also be a great thing for a bachelor/ bachelorette party especially if you can find a pair with some adult humor. There is a pair for every couple and whoever is buying just needs to decide whether the recipients would like something romantic or humorous to keep their feet warm.