Save Memories Of Your Relationship With A Scrapbook For Couples


Scrapbooks may feel a little old fashioned with so much technology to do it for you. Gazing at a phone or tablet is convenient but it can in no way be as enjoyable as opening up your own book designed by you. It is all very well storing your life on a phone but they will never be permanent and as phones are replaced memories are lost which is why giving them a proper real life home is important. When you are designed one as a couple it can be fun to choose a style and really make it personal to both of you. They can be used like a photo album but you can also add notes and journal entries about the particular moment. Obviously photographs bring back memories but often the details are lost and with some written words you can relive that experience fully. Many times when taking photos with your phone you take many of the same thing thinking one will be perfect but when you know you want to print and store it forever you may take more time on getting that perfect snap. Making one will be a lot of joy to your relationship especially as you can both sit back looking through it and reflecting on the past year.

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If you enjoy things especially for couples you will notice there are many different items of clothing and accessories that are made with them in mind. You will find all types of clothing which tends to be one of the love or hate garments but there also pieces of jewelry such as watches and accessories used daily like keychains. All of these various things fit in well with anyone wanting to having something matching their partners. They will also all make wonderful gift ideas for you other half and can be made to be even more romantic and loving with the right words or images. Many of the items in this niche will have a few words of love or ones personal to a couple such as their names, initials, special dates or long romantic verses. Certain items can be customized to say anything you desire and scrapbooks are a great example of an item that can be custom created for any partners.

You will find that the majority of item that are specifically produced for a couple will come as a match pair but obviously a scrapbook is about the two of you and all the information about you for the year is stored in one. This is something that you might be considering purchasing and creating together or making one as a surprise gift for your partner. Because they are for couples to look back on their precious memories together they will often have a romantic theme and maybe designed to acknowledge the love and romance between you.

As a gift they make a tremendous surprise that your partner is sure to be ecstatic with. They not only look great from the outside but with the many photo memories, notes and descriptions contained within and the time and effort that will have been so obviously put into it makes it something not only for your partner to treasure but you also. You can both spend a memorable few hours going through it and chat about your memories of the photos and notes that have been added. You can of course give a gift like this at any time of the year but they work especially well on special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or Wedding Days.

There are a large variety of scrapbooks available in many different sizes, styles, shaped and colors and they can all be themed and customized in anyway that you choose. A wide range from which to select your perfect one could be seen as a great advantage as more choice means a higher chance of finding one you really love. But there will be times when too much choice can result in having too many selections that you want to own. Due to it’s special nature of telling the story of your love, it will be something of which you want to make the right choice because you don’t want to have to remake it all.



Any Couple, Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Will Love Romantic Scrapbooks As A Gift



It must be pretty well all of us who like to receive gifts at any time of the year but there is also much pleasure from giving special persons in your life a nice present. To make gifts for your loved one extra romantic and sentimental you can add some kind of personal element which is also a way of letting your partner know how much you are thinking about and love them. The great thing about giving a scrapbook is that it preserves your memories of when a treasured moment and while also being a photo album that allows you to visually remember various events. They are a wonderful way of acting as a reminder of many happy times and can become a symbol of the love and strength of your relationship. The fun times you have together as well as the love and trust between one another are important factors in any partnership and commemorating them through way of a book means you always have something to look back on and share.

A scrapbook can initially look pretty ordinary but can be customized in your own way to look incredible or there are extraordinarily beautiful looks ones that can be purchased directly. Many almost look like pieces of art on their own and would look wonderful as a piece of decor for the coffee table in any home. This type of thing with either be purchased by a couple together or bought by one for the other as a gift. Most will made from cardboard but you can also get ones produced in leather and some elaborate varieties made from wood. In terms of color there are many to choose from and the same is also true for different sizes. The already decorated versions will have words such as The Story Of Us, Our Adventure Book, You Are My Greatest Adventure, One Year – Our Story So Far while others you can design your own front page.

Whether it is for a gift or as a combined effort you are going to want the perfect title and first page. You may have some ideas for a title that is personal to you but if you are struggling we have a list of some suggestions you could use or alter to suit.

  • Because Being Together Is Enough
  • The Reason I Breathe Is You
  • Two Hearts That Beat As One
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
  • A Love Of A Lifetime
  • A Special Kind Of Love
  • Always And Forever With All Of My Heart
  • Beautiful Eyes, Beautiful Smile, Beautiful You
  • Dedicated To The One I Love
  • I Love You More Than The Moon, The Stars, And The Sky Above
  • Memories Made With Love
  • One Hand, One Heart
  • Take My Love, For Love Is Everlasting
  • Ten Things I Love About You
  • The Story Of Us
  • Then, Now And Forever
  • True Love Stories Never Have Endings
  • You Hold My Heart In Your Hands


The first or opening page should be something that has some impact. If it is a gift for your partner a dedication would be an ideal beginning and the same could be said for certain facts like where you met and dates. This could also be true of a book you may be creating together. It will also depend on the theme of the book but you could have a general synopsis with one or two photo’s. You may want to begin with a loving poem or a famous romantic quote. Or you could just begin with the date of which you start it, perhaps the beginning of the year with a Happy New Year message.

Most scrapbooks will be created by the couple themselves or as a surprise from one to the other but with the right information they could be given be some closer friends or family. Those people close to you are likely to know significant dates and have photograph’s you have shared with them and know where you have visited and what you like. With everything in place they could make a wonderful gift for any couple and fit perfectly into certain occasions like for a bride and groom on their wedding. Of course, you do not have to put anything in them, the books look so beautiful they make great gifts on their own or you could even start one off by adding a photo of the happy couple.

There are a few different options to think over before buying one which are important to get right because this will be something you will enjoy together for a long time. First up is what color you want it which will need to be one that suits you both. You will need to think about the size and consider how much you are putting in there in order to determine the number of pages you may need and the dimensions. The also come bound in a few different material such as wood and leather with the most common being cardboard. Another option to perfect will be a romantic quote which would go well on the cover or introduction page. We have listed below some examples of romantic quotes perfect for these type of books.


  • Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage.
  • 1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas. And I had the privilege of meeting you.
  • A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.
  • All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!
  • For it was not into my ear you whispered, but my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
  • I have no sense of direction, I get lost in your eyes.
  • I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever.
  • Love isn’t blind; it just only sees what matters.
  • Remember to the world you’re no one, but to me you’re the world
  • Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
  • Why do I love you? Because you are and always have been my dream.


You may have come to realize that there are actually a few options that need to be thought over before diving in and buying one. These will be the same decisions that need to be run through whether your are buying a book together or as a surprise gift for one another. Although things like colors and sizes don’t take long to make you mind up about the content, title, first words etc are time consuming and often difficult to perfect.



Some Ideas And Inspiration For Your Memory Book Or Photo Album



To help you with some ideas and offer up some inspiration for how your scrapbook, memory book or photo album should look we have run through a few of our favorites and listed them below to perhaps help you with your decisions.


Couples Scrapbook

  • The Story Of Us embossed scrapbook album
  • Our Adventure Book
  • You Are My Greatest Adventure
  • The Book Of Our Adventure
  • What A Trip
  • Live Laugh Love
  • Our Story Begins Here
  • As We Grow
  • Heart Shaped Leather Cover
  • Our Bucket List Adventures
  • Bucket List


Couples Photo Album

  • Luxurious Photo Album with ribbon closure
  • Leather bound photo album with world map cover
  • Pieces Of Moment


Scrapbook For Boyfriend

  • A Year With You keepsake journal with heart
  • Best Boyfriend Ever Book
  • Best Boyfriend Ever I Love You in scrabble letter


Memory Scrapbooks

  • Memory album in purple with Memories written on front
  • Memory keeper leather ring style album


Love Scrapbook

  • Felt cover with leather cord binder and heart
  • Live, Laugh, Love themed
  • Full of Life And Love with photo opening
  • Wood cover Forever Love with two hearts and arrow carved in center
  • Love themed with Love all over cover
  • Why I Love You: A Journal Of Us
  • Cover with many loving words and phrases


For Girlfriend

  • A year with you: A keepsake journal for two to share
  • Heart printed album with forever and ever words
  • Lucky to be in love with my best friend



  • One year, Our Story So Far
  • 10 year anniversary wooden cover
  • 6 year anniversary with wooden cover
  • Custom anniversary book, choice of 1 to 50 years
  • China Anniversary
  • Tin Anniversary
  • Wood Anniversary
  • Pearl Anniversary Memory Book



  • Personalized album with names of choice on front and established dates


Long Distance

  • Magnetic album with self adhesives and opening for photo


Bride And Groom

  • Bride To Be Book: From The Proposal To I Do
  • Mr and Mrs Photo Album
  • Honeymoon travel journal
  • and they lived happily ever after



  • I said Yes to new adventures
  • Here We Go with image of hot air balloon
  • My Adventure Book
  • Our Travels
  • Honeymoon Adventure Journal



  • Retro style with heart on front
  • I Knew The Second I Met You That There Was Something About You I Needed
  • Why I Love You



  • Forever Love Kissing couple under the moon and stars



  • Custom book with names of choice on front and special dates



  • Vintage album with heart opening for photo
  • Vintage style with dandelion printed on surface



  • Wedding Our Love with cartoon characters
  • Cartoon album with rabbits



  • Wedding memory book with man and women silhouette cover
  • Collage frame embossed wedding cover photo album
  • Our Wedding with opening for one photo
  • Wedding scrapbook


Of Marriage

  • Our Perfect Marriage: A Journal For Sweet Nothings
  • As We Grow


With Baby

  • Our Scrapbook with 3 penguins on front
  • Memory book with fox and balloons on cover
  • Book with ring binder and photo opening for couples with baby
  • My Pregnancy Journal



  • Christmas Memory Book



The Story Of Us – Your Love And Relationship Can Be Told Through This Personal Book



The time that you spend with your family and friends will be the happiest moments of your life. In the early part of your life it will be your family with who you will enjoy spending time and creating some treasured memories you will always remember. As you grow up, meet your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend it will be with them who you will also have memorable moments that will be among the most precious to you. Your partner will be the person you spend the rest of your life with and share everything that comes along, good or bad. You will always be there for each other and there are times when you may wish to show your appreciation of them.

Giving gifts to your loved one is wonderful part of being in relationship. Seeing the joy on their faces brings a warmth to your heart and when they are an object the involve the both of you then become a symbol of the love and strength you share. There are many things you could choose to give as a gift to represent your love and this could include rings or a necklace set but also another beautiful item full of your memories, a scrapbook.

A scrapbook makes for a wonderful gift that comes from the heart. You could of course buy one and create it together or alternatively a scrapbook for boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband could be completed and given. The idea is a great one but you maybe wondering what to fill it with so we have made a list of love scrapbook ideas and things to write and general content for your pages.

  • 1. A page full of tickets to places you have been which will highlight all the fun times you have had.
  • 2. If you have been together for a long time you could have a then and now picture page.
  • 3. Staying with the photo theme, why not a page full of all your silly, fun photos.
  • 4. The reasons I love you page which will remind you both of all the little things you love about each other.
  • 5. A list of your firsts – first dates, kiss etc. You could find a photo of the place online or print a map and reminisce about the day beside it.
  • 6. Your couple playlist- All of your favorite songs that have special memories for you.
  • 7. Your love letters – You have probably written some kind of love notes or message at some point and a book will be a perfect home for them.
  • 8. Dried flowers – If you have ever kept any flowers you have been given and dried them, then this is a great addition.
  • 9. Text and social media messages – We use phones to send many messages and rather than losing them, print them out and add them all to your book.
  • 10. Tell you stories – Describe your story or journey together from when you met and include some significant moments in your relationship.
  • 11. Photo Album – Add lots of photos to brighten up the pages as this is a photo journal.
  • 12. Your favorite Birthday/ Christmas/ Valentines Day cards.
  • 13. If either of you draws or doodles then a page dedicated to these would be a welcome addition.
  • 14. Add funny captions to photo’s where appropriate.
  • 15. You can buy and use all sorts of stickers to help create the effect you want.


Remember to plan your pages and theme each other around what the page is about. Add the right titles for the page, use decorations that suit the story you are telling on that particular page. You can use various fabrics, colored paper, shapes, hearts, maps, ribbons etc but don’t overdo it. They are their to help dress and theme a page but not to overpower the main elements.

Scrapbooking is an incredibly fun pastime and you will really enjoy creating a piece of art for your partner who will in turn love receiving it. Making one together would also be a great way to spend some quality time together reminiscing over various things you have done and going back over old photographs. Discussing days out and writing them down can often bring our different perspectives of that day that neither of you may have thought about. This is a great way to bond with one another and have fun at the same time and being active in a relationship keeps it healthy. Dedicating a few hours a week to your scrapbook will me more fun than sitting in front of the TV for that time.

There are many varieties of scrapbooks available with many different colors and sizes and we believe it is one of those objects that you kind of know what you want when you see it. Obviously if it is a gift for someone then you will need to take into account their tastes in terms of overall look and colors. If it is a joint project or you are buying for another couple then you may need to compromise to suit both partners tastes. Once complete it will be a wonderful book to place on the coffee table in the living room so you can browse through it and friends and family can admire it.