Store Your Special Memories As Couple In A Memory Box


A memory or keepsake box does exactly what it’s name implies and that is to be used as a place to store memories. They are used for many different reasons of which we will discuss but their overall function is to serve as a place to keep treasured items that you have collected or have a special meaning to you or the person you are creating it for. There are no limitations as to what will go inside and a lot of the time the contents will depend upon the context for which you are making it. There will be those that are made for happy occasions and those that are there to help people through difficult times in their lives such as a miscarriage, dementia or a bereavement. Happy occasions for couples may include a first year together box so that you can look back and remember all that you did in your first year together. Another option might be a specific wedding keepsake box which could include photographs, cards, a copy of the wedding service etc. For a couple making one together and having a place to store items like cinema tickets is a great idea rather than putting them somewhere safe and losing them and looking through it over the years will bring a lot of happiness.

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As these particular memory boxes are designed for couples you may have come across the many other accessories and clothing that are also produced with a couple in mind. Any kind of item or gift you can think of will usually come as a set of two that are matching and will have words or images that link the two people together in some way. For some people they make wonderful gifts and love the romantic side and this includes wearing matching clothing but many other people find this a little too much for their tastes. However, there are many items that are made for couples that don’t need to stand out or worn in public which almost everyone considers acceptable and these include items like glasses or clothing such as underwear. Many of these items can be made to personalized and include text like your name, initial, special dates or often romantic poems. Many memory boxes fall into this category with custom additions of your choice available to be added to make them even more unique to you both.

As we have just mentioned, many of the items you will find in this niche will come as a matching pair whereas others are individual items that are for a couple and these boxes fall into the latter category. It is still an item that you may wish to purchase together and enjoy filling it up or they could be given as gift from one partner to the other. This could be either empty or already filled if that person has been keeping special things to do with your relationship for some time. They look beautiful and make for a wonderful surprise either to enjoy together either by adding things or just going through the items inside and remembering the time which they are associated with.

Some of the boxes available are simple where as others are intricate and well crafted and are in themselves a work of art that anyone would take pleasure looking at. In this way they make for a beautiful present for your other half and one you can be sure they will be ecstatic with. They are quite and unusual gift, well outside of the normal which is great because with all of the many celebrations that require gifts throughout the year it can soon become difficult to think up new and exciting ideas. You could plan and surprise them further by saving some of your last years memories and putting them in the box ready to be looked at when it is opened. They are perfect for occasions such as Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s day or Anniversaries or of course a spontaneous surprise.

Boxes of this kind come in a variety of designs, sizes, shapes, materials and colors and many can also be personalized as to your choices. With a broad range to choose from you will be sure to have enough to variations to enable you to find one that is perfect for your requirements. The selections available are not vast enough to become to difficult to pick one out which should make finding the one that suits you and your partner a fairly easy experience.



A Keepsake Box Can Store Your Happy And Romantic Adventures And Make A Great Gift



We all love that feeling of receiving a gift, looking at the shape, feeling it and trying to excitedly work out what it may be before ripping the paper off and there is equal pleasure in seeing your loved ones opening one you have given to them. Gifts such as boxes already have a special meaning that your partner will be thrilled at and you can your own personal touch to make it an even more important sentimental item in their lives. No matter how much you enjoy an event in your life, over time those detailed memories fade and exact details become blurred but having detailed notes and photo’s of it in your box will mean you have a documented account that will bring all those memories flooding back. This the wonderful thing about storing your memories away somewhere safe.

As you probably already realize, as with any kind of box, they can look pretty ordinary or lavishly detailed when carved by a skilled craftsman from wood. Some of the wooden memory boxes are probably the most visually stunning types that are available. They are certainly beautiful enough to buy for your partner as a gift but obviously it will be the contents that are the most important aspect of the present. Whether you decide to given an empty box and fill it together or give one ready to look through will be up to you and the occasion for which you are giving it. If you are giving a more simple box such as one made from cardboard then perhaps adding some contents will make it more meaningful.

Like we have mentioned, these boxes are available in many different materials with some of the more popular listed.

The most popular and best looking will be wood, many of which will be –

  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Ash
  • Birch
  • Beech
  • Cherry
  • Cedar

Cardboard which can still be decorated, is not so robust nor can be carved to add some beauty.

Plastic boxes are cheap, light and flexible and serve their purpose.


The lid or cover of the box will need to be carefully chosen and if it is wood, professionally carved. These boxes look better when they have a lid that gives you some idea what the box is about, especially one that has been engraved into wood. Obviously the words will depend upon the reason you are using it for but here are a few examples of covers.

  • Your names – Our journey began – The date you met
  • Your name’s most cherished memories – Our journey began – custom date
  • Your names – Memories that will last a lifetime
  • Map of a country, world or state with an airplane journey
  • Your Initials and date
  • Your name’s – dates from to – Happy Anniversary
  • Everything We Never Want To Forget
  • You are Braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, Smarter the you think and Loved more than you will ever know
  • Mr and Mrs Surname – And Date
  • Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart
  • Memories are like keepsakes…always to be treasured
  • The Adventures of Your Names
  • Memories are timeless treasures of the heart
  • Our Love Story – Your names and custom dates
  • Loved you from the start – custom date
  • Today’s moments are tomorrows memories


The majority of this style of box will usually be created by the couples themselves or by one of them to give as a gift to the other. With the right planning and saving certain items that could be put together as a surprise for a couple and something like this would be a well received a gift for a bride and groom perhaps from a bridesmaid or best man documenting their wedding journey from proposal to wedding day. Or you could just give them a beautiful box with their names and wedding date engraved on for them to fill it with memories.

Before purchasing a box there will many decisions that will need to be finalized and these include the many options of which we have mentioned. Another factor could be the color although buying them in wood they will usually maintain their natural look of the wood you have chosen. As a gift for a couple, just the purchasing of them empty box could be a hard choice, especially thinking about size and what they may wish to fit in it. Below we run through a few of the styles and types available.




Ideas And Inspiration For Boxes – Handmade, Wooden, Cardboard, Wedding, Large And Small



If you are the type to struggle to make a decision we are on hand to run through a few of our favorites with a brief description in the hope you will be inspired by our ideas.

Keepsake Box

  • Mr and Mrs engraved wooden keepsake box
  • The Adventures plus custom names


Memory Box

  • Memories made by custom names
  • Mr and Mrs Love Laughter and Happily Ever After
  • The best thing about memories is making them
  • Ticket holder with window


Wooden Memory Box

  • Walnut box with hinged lid



  • Custom names – Together Since – custom date


Large Keepsake Box

  • Large vintage wooden keepsake


Wedding Keepsake Box

  • Personalized with many compartments perfect for wedding memories
  • Collapsible wedding keepsake box
  • Mr and Mrs – Our Wedding with custom date


Personalized Wooden Boxes

  • Personalized wood engraved with names and custom dates
  • Personalized The Adventures of – Your custom names



  • Handmade unique box with no two the same with Celtic design on lid



  • Stack of nesting cardboard boxes in different colors with labels
  • Cardboard in trunk design set of 3



  • Forever in our heart musical



  • Fully assembled exploding surprise love box
  • DIY explosion gift box with photo album



  • In memory of with glass frame and wood
  • Personalized with name and date



  • White linen and gold foil extra large box with You are so very loved on lid



  • Sculpted mother and daughter on lid of box
  • Mom – Unconditional love with music
  • No one is more lucky the I am Mom on lid



  • Personalized with name and date of birth for newborn keepsakes



  • Small intricately carved circular shaped handmade


Used For Dementia

  • Mental stimulation with lots of openings and locks



  • Personalized with couples names and heart engraved
  • Custom name and dates on lid


With Photo

  • Woodgrain finish with photo lid
  • Leather with photo frame lid


With Lock And Key

  • Decorative wooden truck style chest with lock and key
  • Pirate small box with lock and key
  • Customized in wood with lock and key


Year 1

  • Babies first year keepsake with milestone stickers



A Personalized Box Can Store Your Sad And Happy Memories Forever



The most memorable days of your life will usually be those spent with close friend and family. These could something simple like a day at the park or an enjoyable family holiday. You will no doubt have many precious memories of the time spent with your mom, dad, brothers and sisters and because over time details of those memories fade a great idea is to keep hold of mementos of that time in order to better remind you. When you grew older and fell in love it will be with your partner that you begin to create new treasured memories. Again as time goes by, certain things are forgotten but many people keep certain items like cinema tickets and this kind of object is perfect for a keepsake box. When you look back after a long time, the item and a small note will bring all the details flooding back. This is a great way of sharing because when talking through it between you, you both may see things in a different light and may not have realized your partners point of view of the day is different to yours.

Because of their practicality and often beauty it means they make for a wonderful gift in which to store memories and because it includes you both they can become an object that defines your relationship and acts as a symbol of your love for one another. There are many different reasons for keeping a memory box and you also may be wondering what kind of things should go inside. Here is a list of the various reasons to keep these boxes and some ideas of what to include.


  • Your wedding dress or perhaps just the veil as the whole thing probably won’t fit
  • Wedding Invitations
  • The wedding service
  • Your cake topper
  • Guest note book
  • Cards
  • List of gifts received
  • Photographs
  • DVD
  • Wedding favors
  • Something borrowed and blue
  • Dried flowers from your bouquet
  • Confetti


  • Your tickets
  • Holiday itinerary
  • Photo’s
  • Tickets of places you visited
  • Leaflets from places you visited
  • Small local gift memento of the area
  • A journal of the vacations

Your Baby

  • Baby scans
  • Hand or foot 3D print
  • Hospital growth book
  • First clothing
  • Hospital wristband
  • Lock of hair
  • First tooth
  • Photographs


  • Tickets from things you have been to – cinema, vacations
  • Then and now photo’s
  • Your favorite songs, movies, books
  • A list of first dates, kiss etc
  • Print out text messages and emails
  • Journal of you life together
  • Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s day cards
  • Dried flowers
  • Love letters


  • First date
  • First kiss
  • First romantic getaway
  • First Vacation
  • First home together
  • Photograph
  • Tickets
  • Souvenir of first date
  • Map of where you met
  • Something connected to a thing you both enjoy doing


  • Photographs
  • Diaries
  • Birthday and Christmas cards
  • Notes to and from each other
  • Emails and texts to and from each other
  • Their favorite things to do
  • Favorite songs, books or movies
  • Funeral service


As you can see there are different varieties of memory boxes and you can make one for just about anything which can be either happy or sad time. They both serve the same purpose and that it is to look at items that will remind you of certain times together. You could have one for a specific purpose like a first year anniversary or one that continues throughout your life together and that you slowly add to over the years. You will both find it a wonderful pastime and one that you will be glad to have done when you sit and look back through it many years later. Many of the boxes also look quite exquisite and can be used as a decorative piece on your home for friends an family to admire.