Cuddle Together In Romantic Bedding Sets For Couples


It is hard to live without a nice cozy bed, although you can manage without one, a bed is still a must have item in the home and in the top three most important items to buy for your house. To make the bed complete you will need a nice set of bedding and these come in many different styles and colors to keep every one happy and to match any chosen bedroom decor. Bedding sets will also make for great gifts but to make them even better you can make them more personalized. There are various personal types produced that will suit many different family members with couples linked romantically being one.

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If you particularly like any kind of clothing, accessories or any other items that are made for couples you probably would have noticed there is a range available in all avenues in order to keep everyone happy. It does not matter what kind of things you are after, couple swimwear or custom robes, there will be something that everybody will like. What makes these extra special is that the will all have some text, sometimes long verses like on blankets for couples and other times monogrammed labels like his and hers or a couples name or initials. Often they are deep and meaningful verses of love and other times a small simple message. Bedding sets will make the bedroom look great which makes them an amazing gift but when they have been designed with a couple in mind and the print made accordingly then they become even better.

On this page we will be talking about and taking a look through those that have been designed for couples who may wish to buy them together or for any half of the relationship who wishes to buy one for their partner. Most of the time you will be choose your bedroom decor together but because these have that personal touch they could also make for a great idea for a gift. There are many celebrations through the year and constantly coming up with new ways to surprise your partner can soon become difficult. You usually end up giving them the same old thing that they expect to get year after year. A bed set is a wonderful present because it is something that will be used all of the time but due to their design that can also romantic or fun depending on what you choose.

Making the gift you give that little bit more personal will usually mean it is more appreciated by the receiver because they will know you have made more of an effort and put some thought into the gift. A romantic bedding set can be bought at any time but will make fantastic presents for any occasion including Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day or Easter.

All items in this range make for brilliant gifts with duvet bed sets included because they are a practical item that will be used frequently and also look fantastic. Those that are designed just for couples can be both romantic and fun and will help to make your bed look like it has been professionally design. They are an item that will get a lot of use and not just from going to be at night. Walking into your bedroom and seeing how great it looks will lift your spirits and make you feel happy that you have a beautiful looking room. They are great just to lie down on, relax or have a read or perhaps take an afternoon nap to recharge.

There are obviously thousands of different styles of bed sets available normally and for those produced with a couple in mind there is also a good range to choose from. It is great to have some choice but it also means some harder decisions as you will not only need to decide what size you need but also color, material and then what kind of printed words you want. This is something you need to see and be able to live with daily so it is worth taking a moment to think whether or not it will work in your home.



Custom Bed Sheets Are Great Gifts For Him And Her



If it is your intention to give a gift that has something of a personal touch to either a loved one or a couple you know, it is the addition of the personal element that makes the gift individual and special to them. It is a way of showing how much you care for that person and introducing that extra romance into the relationship. They are also a reminder of how strong your relationship is and to add a little bit of fun and a spark of love into both of you. The intimacy and trust between a husband and wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is important and is one major building block of a loving relationship. This is the person you are wanting to spend the rest of your life with and any shared gifts for the pair of you act as a symbol of your closeness, love and bond between you.

Buying a set of bedding will usually be something done together but the way in which these are made mean that can also be purchased as a gift for your partner. Many of these couple type bed sheets look incredible and can be either romantic,
funny or both fun and romantic at the same time. The colors are gorgeous and truly look amazing and make them look even more luxurious. The designs are varied and there is something to suit any couples tastes with many that will make your partner laugh and with the incredible materials, want to jump into bed straight away. The choice of whether you choose  humor, romance or a mixture of both will come down to your personalities but you could of course buy two different ones and switch them around depending on your mood.

It is not only the couple themselves that can buy these together or for each other. They will also make perfect gifts from family or friends to any husband, wife etc close to them. Bedding is always needed and because these are unique and high quality items made for a couple they make perfect gifts for weddings or engagement party presents. You could also give them for you child who has just moved into a new home or for any other relative or friends house warming party. A bridal shower could also be another option for a gift like this and we are sure the future bride will be ecstatic receiving and  opening these.

As you can imagine when looking at bed sheets and sets there is every color you can think of available to buy so that you can make your entire bedroom matching in color. There is also a choice of materials and quality of materials which can be microfiber, cotton, Egyptian cotton of varied thread counts, silk, satin, linen, tencel, polyester, velvet and  bamboo as well as others. There are some whose designs are simple and elegant but still standout as the centerpiece of the room. There are also more intricate prints and images in a variety of styles designed to convey a mood of romance or laughter.

These options are also ones that you will need to think about when either buying these as a set. It does not matter whether you are buying them together or surprising your partner you still have to decide what you both will like in the bedroom and quite often some compromises will need to be made to keep you both happy. The same can be said when purchasing a set for any couple, you need to consider what both may like and make your decision accordingly.

While choices of colors, materials and designs means you have a nice selection from which to find what you want there are times when too many options can make it difficult to actually decide upon the one that you want. Coming up are a few ideas to help you in your decision making process.


Ideas For Your Bedroom Decor



We have listed some of the designs we particularly like and think you will too. Our favorites are here to give you some ideas and offer you some inspiration as to how you want your bedroom to look. You will find most of these are cotton, 100% Egyptian cotton, silk, satin or linen.


His And Hers Bedding

  • Half grey, half white with black text His Side, Her Side with mustache and hair bow print and matching pillows
  • 3/4 White with Her Side written in black and 1/4 black with his side written in white humorous his hers set
  • His and Hers with male and female symbols

Mr And Mrs

  • Half black, half white with contrasting text printed Mr on one side and Mrs on the other with matching pillow cases
  • All black with gold writing – Mr and Mrs with hearts

King And Queen

  • King Queen with skull and flowers

Hubby And Wifey

  • I Love My Hubby romantic with heart

Romantic Bedding Sets

  • French themed Eiffel Tower with romantic words in French
  • Romantic Owl themed set with two owls cuddled together on a tree branch
  • Romantic style set with Tower and red umbrella
  • Romantic caricatures with red heart balloons
  • Kissing couples with hearts, lanterns and violin music notes

Rude/ Funny

  • 3D Skull set with It’s you and me against the world baby. We f*cking Got This and pillows with Best Bitch Wife Ever and Best Asshole Husband Ever


  • Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse cartoon character in red
  • Minnie, Mickey and I Love You print in white
  • Mickey and Minnie holding hands and kissing in white
  • Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse hands forming heart shape with Mr and Mrs print


  • Colorful skull pattern in black neon gothic style
  • Mexican day of the dead skull couple in heart kissing

Lesbian/ Gay Couple

  • I Love You with rainbow color heart pride design
  • Pride bedding vintage style


  • 3D cute red and pink lipstick kisses


  • Red lips with open mouth with All We Need Is Love text

Married/ Wedding

  • Married couple walking across a tropical beach in 100% Egyptian cotton


  • Red and white festive colors with snowflake pattern perfect for Christmas
  • Flannel white with grey snowmen
  • Merry Christmas Santa Claus and snowmen 3D printed set
  • Christmas scene with snowy house, Santa, sleigh and reindeer



  • 3D Peacocks joined together as a pair


  • Watercolor zebra’s touching heads


  • Koi carp and cherry blossom branch


  • Pair of flamingos on beach and water scene



Personalized Duvets And Covers Will Liven Up Your Bed


Your family and loved ones will be the most important people in your life and the time that you spend with them should  always be one that you can be yourself and enjoy and one of these will be your partner. It does not matter if they are husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, they moments you spend together are all ones that you should treasure because they will soon become special memories that you will hold on to forever. You can be married or together in some way but the important thing is that you are together for each other through the good times and bad times that happen in life. There are times when you should show how much you appreciate them being there for you and their love and to tell them how much you love and care about them.

Those gifts that act as symbols to show your love and appreciation of your partner are important gestures that represent the bond and closeness that you share. There are all sorts of items that would be appreciated by any partner and these can include jewelry or accessories that you know will that your other half will love. Obviously bedding sets are one of those items that you give to your partner but which you can also both enjoy the comfort of and share it together.

Because these sets come in many colors, materials and have various prints and images there will be something that you will be able to pick out that both you and your partner will love. There are sizes for all beds and because they have to be
large they are something that stands out and makes for nice bold colors and large slogans and images that brighten up the room and show off your couple status, through text such as Mr and Mrs, His and Hers etc.

When you are buying these either for your partner or for another couple it is not only the choice of colors, material etc that you will want to get right but also what kind of reaction you want to see from the recipient. You have the option to give them something that looks incredibly luxurious and wow’s them through the quality of the item or to give them one that is romantic and celebrates their love. Alternatively you may way to give them a set that is fun and amusing and one they can laugh about with each other each time they see or talk about it. The recipients personalities will be one factor that will help in those choices but also who you are purchasing them for. Buying them as a gift for newlyweds or as an engagement gift might mean a more romantic theme whereas for an anniversary present something more fun could be the perfect choice.

Which options you choose from all the possibilities is important to get right because they play a major part of your bedroom decor and set the tone and theme of the room. Consider how you or they want their room to look and do they fit in with their current decoration or one they are going to change to. Does the style also fit in with their overall home and fit them as people. All of these things should be ticked off before any actual purchase takes place. Obviously bedding is changed and washed so you could opt for and alternate styles and themes of your bedding weekly or when the wash day for you sheets and duvets are and this could also make a great compromise if you both like different things.