Alluring Matching Watches Exclusively For Couples


Although the wristwatch has declined in popularity in recent years there are still around a billion sold annually which still make them a very popular piece of jewelry. As we have just mentioned their popularity has fallen, especially among the younger generation who tend to use their smart phones but for many they are still an essential part of their daily lives. They can be simple timepieces or complex and intricate as well as being cheap or luxurious and very expensive. A watch is the centerpiece of your hands and wrist and in some ways there is now an distinctive respectability about them and they are somewhat alluring and eye catching.

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A watch is a gift that many people would be delighted to receive and wear but as a gift there are ways to enhance the response and joy of ownership to a higher level and one such way is to make them a more personal and sentimental item for the recipient. With the amount still sold yearly and the amount of brands and designers who produce them you would expect to see thousands of different styles and designs and among these is a niche focused on those that have been designed and made as a set for family members of friends. There are many varieties produced as a pair for different member of the family and these will include parents, mom’s and dad’s, children, siblings and of course couples who have a romantic connection.

Being here will mean you have taken an interest in the range of clothing, accessories and jewelry that matches and you may have come to realize the just how large the variety of items that can be found as a pair. When it comes to many items and especially those that can be gifts you will soon realize that anything that is sold individually will also most likely be sold as a matching set. There are many items in this range such as certain clothing that some people will find particularly irritating and completely opposed to but this style of clothing also has its fans who love to show off their connection to one another. Of course there are private items such as underwear or items for the home like pillows that no one but the couple who owns them will see. There are other less conspicuous items that can be worn discreetly and may even be accepted or be worn by the haters of this niche and they would be jewelry such as rings and watches.

Within this whole niche of items the idea is to celebrate a bond or love for one another and this will usually be achieved by ways of images or text that has been written or particular couple brands that have become popular like King And Queen. For large items you may find whole verses and there are also those that can be customized so include your own words, names, dates or verses. How they are added will depend on the object and you will find that can be monogrammed, engraved, printed, embroidered or transferred and this will the element that identifies you as a couple and can be funny or romantic.

A watch is a piece of jewelry that filters into this niche naturally where making an additional piece to turn them into a his and hers set makes sense as a matching pair would look fantastic. It is common for these sets to be chosen and purchased together or to bought as a gift for a partner. You will at times also come across individual pieces dedicated to you partner by way of an engraving containing some words of love. As a gift they are perfect and will be something unique compared to many presents. Many of us get to that stage where there are many celebrations during the year and having to think of something different year in year out can leave you relying on the same type of things over and over. A gift such as this will be new and exciting and of course romantic and because there is such a wide range from which to pick you are sure to have enough choice to end up with your partner will love.

Any person with even the smallest amount of good taste would be able to choose a watch that would make a fantastic present because most of them already look incredible. However you can take what would be a wonderful present and make it even more special by adding your own personal and romantic element to it. It will be this side of the gift that will let the recipient know how much you love and care about them. The kind of gift like this will have had much thought spent on it and will also show the efforts the giver has gone to to create a beautiful experience. Anyone who is on the receiving end of a present that has been customized just for them and had a pouring of love and dedication will understand and therefore both treasure that item and appreciate you for it. Obviously any partner will be genuinely delighted to receive a watch set designed for you both at any moment but a personalized gift of this nature would usually be given on one of several special occasions of which include Christmas, birthday’s, Valentine’s day, anniversary, Thanksgiving or Easter along with one off celebrations like for the bride and groom on their wedding day or engagement. That is not to say you shouldn’t surprise your partner with a spontaneous gift that says I love you and sparks up the romance.

Of all the various items that you will find belong within this niche of matching items there will be some that will not necessarily fit in with every occasion or event you might attend. There are garments such as hats and shirts that would  be printed in a style that might well be great to wear in a casual manner but would not be as acceptable at certain places of work or to a formal event. There items with this niche that can still wear anywhere and that show a lot more discretion and these include things such as jewelry that tends to not look out of place at any function. Jewelry items which includes watches are acceptable almost anywhere and you could just as easily wear the same one to buy a burger as you would to meet a countries leader or royalty and not look out of place.

As we have previously mentioned, with the many brands and designers the amount of various styles means a vast choice of watches available and while more limited this is also true for the sets made for couples. Having many choices can be advantageous in respect of a lot more to look through will result in a higher chance of finding the exact one you had pictured in your mind. There is also a negative aspect to too much choice as it can often mean you will end up finding quite a large number that you would love to own and reducing that number to just one seems to come down to the toss of coin. Coming up we will be running through a few options which might help you bring that number down and make a final choice easier.



His And Hers Watches Are Ideal Romantic Gift Sets



It is a nice feeling to receive a gift but giving your partner something special is also a wonderful feeling and when the time of wanting to give them a gift comes it is those that have the personal touch which will usually be more appreciated. When it is between partners this personal element will be what makes the gift act as a symbol of your love and display how strong the relationship that you have is. When worn it will be become a reminder of your loved one every time you look at it and represent the love and bond you have between you. This can be an item worn by a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or those in a civil union and they will still possess some common factors. These will be the trust you share, the confidence in knowing you can confide in that person and that they will always support you and love you through all that crops up in life. They will be the person that you share things with that you would never mention to anyone else and the person that will make you laugh and bring joy to your life. Above all they will be the person that you will spend the rest of you life sharing your experiences and when you give them a gift it will be representing all of this love and care that you have for one another.

A watch is a creation of wonder and every one you hold feel special. Any one of them is a joy to receive and when purchasing one for a partner it will be with the knowledge that it will be worn a lot and very much loved. As well as already being something incredible they will also carry a connection between you both which adds more personal value and they then become an item of sentiment. There are numerous amounts of watches which come in a lot of different materials and designs but it will be the way in which they are customized that make them significant to a couple. There are different things that you can add to make them personalized and one way would be to include a custom addition of names, initials or dates. You could have images or sculptured creations that split and show a complete object when joined together. There maybe an option to add photographs of you both or a way in which to add a loving verse. Those that come as a set of two will most of the time have a romantic theme but there are some that have been created with fun and humor in mind.

With this style of product it would be normal for a couple to choose what they like and purchase them together or for one partner to buy their other half a set as a gift. However the purchase is not just limited to the couple themselves and could be bought for them by close friend or members of their family including their mom’s, dad’s, brothers or sisters. For this kind of item it will be more likely to come from family members that are very close. They will be those who often get to see the incredible relationship you have and want to get you both an item that celebrates this. There will be certain occasions where this style of gift will be perfect and one could be for a bride and groom on their wedding day or even for when they announce their engagement or a bridal shower. Another option would be for a housewarming present and of course any of the yearly celebrations such as birthdays and Christmas make for perfect occasions to buy a couple a matching set.

You will find that as with any type of jewelry that will many different styles and designs that catch your eye and this will give you a good variety from which to make your purchases. Some of the options you can begin to look at include materials.

Stainless Steel – Most watches will be made from stainless steel because it is durable, lightweight and difficult to scratch. It is also resistant to corrosion and will maintain its shine for a long time.

Wood – You will also find those made from wood are unique due to the various colors and grains. These are great for watchmakers to display their craftsmanship and is also an eco-friendly material.

Titanium – It is a lightweight material and twice as strong as stainless steel. It is light, durable and resistant to corrosion and is often used for sports watches.

Ceramic – There are those made from ceramic which make them heat resistant and scratch proof as well as being easy to clean and will maintain its shine for a long time.

Gold – Gold will be used in expensive watches and will certainly be attractive to the eye. They are softer and can scratch easily and being gold will also be fairly heavy.

Carbon Fiber – Carbon fiber is one of lightest materials but also very sturdy and very high quality and will be very expensive.

Silicone Rubber – Silicone rubber is soft and comfortable to wear and will also be waterproof and very light and come in almost any colors.

Plastic – Plastic is one of the cheapest materials around and will be light but does scratch easily and can snap without too much pressure.

The watch straps will also come in a variety of materials and these include –

Leather – A high quality and durable material and will be long lasting and environmentally friendly. There are different types of leather – faux, genuine and the highest quality full grain.

Wood – Wood is not only environmentally friendly but also unique due to the color and grains of the wood.

Stainless Steel – Still the most popular material used due to its durability, scratch resistance and high polish shine.

Nylon – Nylon straps have been around for many years and are durable, comfortable, water resistant and are breathable on the wrist.

Silicone Rubber – Eco-friendly and super comfortable against the skin and wide range of colors.

Titanium – Twice as strong as stainless steel while still maintaining a lightweight and durability along with resistance to corrosion.

The watch case and strap materials are one of the main factors to consider but there also others.

Bezel – The ring surrounding the watch face.

Crown – The knob on the side of the watch

Crystal – The clear part the covers the face

Dial – This is the part the displays the time

Hand – The style of the hands that indicate the hour

Hour Marker – The numerical style on the face

Pusher – A button that may control functions like the date

Sub dial – A secondary dial that may display seconds

The Movement – The engine of the watch that makes it work


There are many options to consider and certain aspects maybe more important to different people. The are simple designs as well as ones that are incredibly intricate and those brands that are cheap and other very expensive. You also have the custom options available which make the watch unique and personal and they include engraving a name, date or small message.

Looking at all of this different parts of a watch and the designs you can see that there are a number of options that will need to be considered before you will make an actual decision of which to buy. Because these are produced with couples in mind they will be more often than not bought as a pair and therefore worn by two people. Surprising your partner is a wonderful thought and you will want to choose wisely the options that you will think are important to them but at the same time need to ensure that you are also happy to wear the other one.

Depending on how much notice you take of your partners jewelry preferences will factor into how easy or difficult a choice you have. If you are up to date in your partners current jewelry trends you will probably know what kind of things they like and while buying a set might only need to make a few compromises in order for you both to be happy. Beyond buying for your partner, this may be a gift for another couple which could end up being a little more of a tricky decisions unless you happen to follow recent fashions in jewelry and what styles both parties like. It may all be beginning to sound like a hard thing to choose but generally by getting a few of the options right the rest falls into place and more of the gift sets look spectacular enough to please most people.

As we have raised some of the key points that you may wish to consider before making a purchase all that is left is to browse through some designs and pick out a few that tick the boxes for the options you think most important. Next we will run through some of our favorites to help in your decision making process.



Find Inspiration And Ideas Among The Best Brands And Watch Designs


We now know there are many types, materials, straps, details and on top of that all of the various dedications and romantic words that can be engraved. To help inspire you we have listed a few of our favorites with a short description along with engraving ideas.


His And Hers Watches


The watches first listed, immediately below this text all come as a matching set of two designed for men and women. Most of the brands that are listed further below this section tend to come as individual pieces but there are still male and female varieties and for many that could mean creating your own set by purchasing them separately. Many of these brands will create a men’s and women’s range and will have identical watches in each but just of different sizes so they are easy to pair up and you have created your own incredible gift.

  • Dragon and Phoenix luxury his and hers pair
  • Valentine’s romantic quartz analog with half heart face
  • Starking couple rose gold Japanese quartz
  • Bewell wood lightweight date display fashion styled
  • Top Plaza simple but elegant black/ brown bracelet
  • OLEVS business design
  • Swiss Brand rose gold mesh strap waterproof
  • Menton Ezil sport dual time waterproof
  • OLEVS ultra thin casual classic waterproof
  • Luxury automatic two tone
  • August Steiner two tone bracelet blue face
  • Akribos crystal filled roman numerals with date window
  • Onlyou Japan quartz movement ultra thin waterproof
  • JewelryWe luxury gold silver tone quartz calendar
  • LinTimes fashion – triangle shaped black and white
  • OLEVS date calendar gold and black
  • Welly Merck Swiss quartz interchangeable band
  • Tonnier slim mesh strap
  • Cool brown genuine leather strap with date calendar
  • Shengke two-tone face leather strap
  • OPK two tone alloy strap casual black face
  • Charles Raymond bling bling hip hop iced out nauti designer
  • Carnival automatic mechanical fashion chic
  • Youwen ultra thin no second hand waterproof
  • SHNJ customized engraving tungsten carbide calender quartz
  • Centorum matching diamond set


The following brands and designs will mostly come as individual items where you would need to pair up the male and female equivalent or similar. There are many that produce the same watch for both sexes but although they are not sold as a pair they can be both purchased and given as a set. There are also some exceptions such as Michael Kors that are still sold as a pair.


His And Hers Watches Movado

  • Movado unisex bold iconic metal
  • Movado connect 2.0 unisex smart watch
  • Movado bold black dial ladies
  • Movado bold black sunray dial unisex
  • Movado women’s Swiss quartz gold plated
  • Movado women’s museum
  • Movado men’s bold thin


Michael Kors Couple Watches

  • Michael Kors jaryn pair gift
  • Michael Kors mini bradshaw stainless steel chronograph
  • Michael Kors mini slim runway for women
  • Michael Kors Men’s runway
  • Michael Kors women’s darci three hand with crystal bezel
  • Michael Kors blair chronograph


His And Hers Watches Rolex

  • Rolex submariner steel black ceramic
  • Rolex datejust 41 mm steel silver diamond dial men’s
  • Rolex lady datejust steel and gold roman numeral dial
  • Rolex submariner automatic self wind
  • Rolex sea dweller deepsea blue dial oyster bracelet
  • Rolex pearlmaster 18k gold diamond women’s


Customized Watches With Pictures

  • Personalized graphic photo stainless steel custom picture
  • Personalized custom photo with added text
  • Custom photo of choice as watch face



  • Rado centrix day date black gold plated ceramic men’s
  • Rado men’s centrix jubile gold plated
  • Rado men’s centrix open heart auto
  • Rado coupole L men’s quartz
  • Rado women’s quartz



  • Tissot V8 black/silver stainless steel
  • Tissot men’s seastar 1000
  • Tissot T-classic everytime
  • Tissot women’s everytime
  • Tissot men’s T-Race sport model
  • Tissot T-Race chrono
  • Tissot white dial stainless steel quartz ladies
  • Tissot women’s cera black dial



  • Emporio Armani men’s and women’s black leather quartz box set
  • Emporio Armani men’s dress gunmetal
  • Emporio Armani women’s quartz with stainless steel strap



  • Citizen eco-drive promaster diver for men
  • Citizen eco-drive chronograph canvas
  • Citizen eco-drive sport two-tone for women
  • Citizen women’s silhouette eco drive sport



  • Guess men’s stainless steel casual
  • Guess men’s stainless steel crystal dress
  • Guess g twist women’s analog quartz
  • Guess women’s stainless steel petite casual

Daniel Wellington

  • Daniel Wellington petite St. Mawes
  • Daniel Wellington women’s classy St. Mawes
  • Daniel Wellington petite Bondi
  • Daniel Wellington iconic Link
  • Daniel Wellington classic Sheffield
  • Daniel Wellington petite Melrose
  • Daniel Wellington petite Cornwall


Wedding Set

  • His and Hers matching Swiss wood set perfect wedding gift
  • Tungsten steel mechanical men’s and women’s wedding gift set
  • OLEVS His and Hers set of 2 wedding gift with date calendar


Gift Set

  • August Steiner set of two gold dial and bracelet in gift box
  • Romantic his and her quartz analog gift set
  • Swiss two tone men’s and women’s stainless steel gift set



  • Titan Raga women’s bracelet style quartz water resistant
  • Titan Workwear men’s designer quarts water resistant
  • Titan men’s edge mineral quartz glass slim analog
  • Titan women’s Raga
  • Titan Raga Viva Women’s
  • Titan men’s contemporary chronograph



  • Timex men’s steel chrono
  • Timex women’s crystal bloom Swarovski
  • Timex men’s modern easy reader
  • Timex women’s southview leather
  • Timex women’s easy reader date


TAG Heuer

  • TAG Heuer Formula 1 chronograph
  • TAG Heuer Aquaracer blue dial
  • TAG Heuer Carrera day date automatic chronograph
  • TAG Heuer women’s Aquaracer
  • TAG Heuer women’s Formula One
  • TAG Heuer ladies Carrera diamond mother of pearl dial



  • Bulova men’s silver diamond dial
  • Bulova ladies crystal
  • Bulova men’s sea king analog
  • Bulova women’s marine star quartz
  • Bulova precisionist stainless steel



  • Personalized engraving for husband wife etc on wood/ stainless steel wristwatch
  • Customized engraving on his and her tungsten carbide calendar quartz



  • Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 stainless steel chronograph quartz
  • Diesel Mega Chief
  • Diesel Oversized dual display
  • Diesel Julez stainless steel analog
  • Diesel Mini Daddy


Fitness Watch

  • Fitbit Inspire HR
  • Fitbit Charge
  • Garmin vivosmart
  • Garmin Forerunner


Smart Watch

  • Sony Smartwatch
  • Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Apple Watch Series


Hugo Boss

  • Hugo Boss Focus quartz stainless steel and leather
  • Hugo Boss Orange New York Black
  • Hugo Boss Jump quartz black
  • Hugo Boss quartz with stainless steel strap
  • Hugo Boss leather chronograph ladies



  • Gucci quartz gold and nylon casual
  • Gucci Timeless
  • Gucci G-Timeless stainless steel silver toned
  • Gucci Men’s Gucci dive
  • Gucci Women’s bamboo bezel and stainless steel case



  • OLEVS black with blue face his and her ultra thin casual classic
  • Black bezel, black strap and black face ultra thin no second hand waterproof

Below 500

  • Orasi tungsten steel retro couple pair

Below 300

  • JSDUN tungsten steel mechanical his and her set
  • Welly Merck his hers pair Swiss quartz perfect for Valentine’s day



  • Casio 100m water resistant
  • Casio duro analog black
  • Casio super illuminator quartz stainless steel
  • Casio classic digital
  • Casio Forester ana-digi databank
  • Casio classic analog quartz ladies
  • Casio classic quartz digital pink strap



  • OLEVS his and her romantic pair in stainless steel – a great engagement gift


For Lovers

  • Onlyou lovers matching pair with Japan quartz movement ultra thin and waterproof
  • Valentine’s romantic his hers quartz analog with half heart face set of 2
  • Tonnier stainless steel slim mesh strap pair


King And Queen

  • King Crown – Queen Crown with faux leather band
  • Bling’ed out King and Queen Hip Hop set


For Parents

  • Classic design quartz with date set and brown leather band



  • His and hers matching Swiss wood set, beautifully created for a wedding gift
  • OLEVS for him and her quartz analog for weddings



  • Henry Jay Swiss self winding mechanical 23K gold plated two tone
  • Invicta Subaqua chronograph in gold



  • Giordano blue dial bracelet watch



  • Hublot classic fusion black dial black rubber
  • Hublot classic fusion automatic
  • Hublot Big Bang automatic
  • Hublot Spirit of Big Bang ceramic chronograph


Kenneth Cole

  • Kenneth Cole New York quartz stainless steel case and solid link bracelet
  • Kenneth Cole Reaction analog quartz black/ gold
  • Kenneth Cole New York classic grey
  • Kenneth Cole New York women’s transparency stainless steel
  • Kenneth Cole New York classic ladies


Calvin Klein

  • Calvin Klein CK silver dial
  • Calvin Klein City chronograph black dial
  • Calvin Klein women’s analog quartz
  • Calvin Klein Unisex analogue-digital quartz and leather strap



  • Longines Legend diver automatic
  • Longines Saint-Imier moonphase
  • Longines Hydroconquest ceramic diving with black or blue dial
  • Longines Dolce Vita ladies


Long Distance

  • Fossil his her two-tone stainless steel matching set as a reminder when a long distance apart.



  • Lacoste moon quartz stainless steel
  • Lacoste TR90 quartz
  • Lacoste Capbreton analog
  • Lacoste ladies 12.12 quartx resin and silicone



  • Omega speedmaster professional moonwatch
  • Omega seamaster aqua terra
  • Omega speedmaster racing chronograph
  • Omega De Ville automatic
  • Omega seamaster automatic unisex



  • Seiko women’s 5 automatic
  • Seiko jewelry solar classic silver-tone
  • Seiko Swarovski crystal stainless steel solar
  • Seiko Coutura Japanese quartz two-tone
  • Seiko stainless steel solar
  • Seiko Japanese automatic with stainless steel strap
  • Seiko men’s 5 automatic



  • Swatch analogue quartz silicone strap
  • Swatch New core quartz silicone strap
  • Swatch Tech-mode silcone strap
  • Swatch Irony Neramente silver dial


Tommy Hilfiger

  • Tommy Hilfiger Sophisticated sport quartz
  • Tommy Hilfiger Cool sport stainless steel
  • Tommy Hilfiger Quartz stainless steel strap in blue
  • Tommy Hilfiger Dual time analog blue casual



  • Versace S800 vanity rose gold ion plated
  • Versace Dylos automatic
  • Versace Dress watch
  • Versace Palazzo empire



  • Victorinox Maverick 11
  • Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s alliance sport
  • Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Maverick
  • Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X
  • Victorinox Victoria analog display



  • Vincero Luxury chrono s
  • Vincero Luxury Kairos
  • Vincero Bellwether chronograph
  • Vincero Luxury Eros with leather band



  • Engraved pocket watch perfect for anniversary
  • Engraved custom years anniversary wood pair


Valentine’s Day

  • Unique set of his hers with stainless steel bracelets



  • Coach Perry quartz black butterfly pattern
  • Coach Mini boyfriend signature white
  • Coach Madison quartz white dial
  • Coach Delancey white dial
  • Coach Tatum quartz blue dial



  • Disney Girl’s Loving Couple Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  • Disney Winnie The Pool Mop dial
  • Disney Donald Duck with black band
  • Disney Vintage Mickey Mouse
  • Disney Minnie Mouse white dial red strap



  • Fossil His and Her Lux Luther three-handed two-tone stainless steel gift set
  • Fossil His and her Fenmore midsize multifunction stainless steel gift set
  • Fossil Men’s Grant stainless steel chronograph
  • Fossil Women’s Virginia stainless steel dress style



  • Invicta Men’s Pro Diver gold stainless steel two-tone automatic
  • Invicta Speciality Mother of Pearl dial
  • Invicta Women’s Pro Diver silver heart dial two-tone stainless steel
  • Invicta Women’s Angel Quartz two-tone
  • Invicta Aviator analog quartz
  • Invicta Subaqua gold tone chronograph



These Customized Timepieces That Match Are An Exquisite Accessory For Any Occasion


During your lifetime you are going to come into contact with many people and some will become friends and others close friends. Out of all these people it will be the dearest friends and family that will always be the people that are most important to you and who when spending time together will create the memories you look back to. The time that you spend with the people you love are the most precious of all and it is with these people with whom memories are created that will be treasured above all. As you grow up those early memories will be all about your family and friends but there comes a time in your life when you meet a partner, fall in love and then that person becomes the one with which you create precious memories with. This person will be the one that you will be spending your life with and whether they become your husband or wife or remain a boyfriend or girlfriend they will be your soulmate and the love of your life. Communication within a relationship is a vital part as is telling them how much you love them and appreciate them. While letting them know this verbally is key to a long and successful partnership there are also other small gestures you can do to acknowledge them and their love.

If showing your love and appreciation is something you believe to be an important part of a relationship there are a few ways in which this can be approached. One will be to give them an exquisite gift that really captures your feelings and passes them on by way of an object. These seemingly simple acts are what keeps a relationship fresh and happy and because it is a gesture of love the cost, whether expensive or cheap plays no significant part, it is the act itself that shows the love. A thoughtful message such as this will let your other half know that they are in your thoughts, how deeply you care about them and the item itself will become symbolic of the love you share. There are many items that could play the part of this role and be a representation of the bond that you share and this could be something as simple as a keychain or as detailed as a watch.

There are many gifts that are popular to give and watches are among them as they are something that are fit to be given for any occasion and one that you know will be used and worn. If you are not one of those who like to be bold, they work well as a subtle way to for you both to wear an item that tells the world you are together and celebrates your love without the direct approach. By purchasing a matching set of two in any item it will be to show the world the strength in your relationship and certain things work well in regard to acting as a reminder of the other when looked at while spending any time apart. Unlike some items in this niche which would only be usable for casual purposes, these can be worn anywhere including the most elegant of functions or for business.

We have already commented on the purpose of these watches and the fact that they would be bought by together by both partners or separately as a gift from one to the other or even for another couple that you are close to. We have gone over the materials used, options and for those that can be personalized the engraving possibilities. The engravings and look can be what type of theme the watch falls under and most of these would be romantic but you can get those with more of a fun theme. The type you choose to give to another couple will come down to a few points and that is their personalities and for what occasion you will be giving them. We would imagine you would know the people involved well enough to know if they would rather receive something that is romantic or funny. That just leaves the occasion and for one such as a bachelor/ bachelorette party or a group of friends birthday celebration something funny would fit in well as long as you think they would wear them long term. For more romantic celebrations such as for a bride and groom on their wedding day then one that is romantically themed will be perfect.

You will now have quite a few options to think about before diving in and making a purchase and they are relevant to a couple buying for themselves or for one another as they are when a gift is being bought for the couple by someone else. It can become time consuming checking the various points we have mentioned and seeing who likes what and you may think it easier to just pick out the one you find most appealing. However, we all have different tastes and all of the points we have raised doesn’t mean it has to get too complicated. You really only need to know one or two key points that will be important to the recipients and once those are right the watch itself will be enough to convince them you have made a fantastic choice. Most of them look exquisite and all it would take is something easy like choosing the correct strap material for the recipients to be absolutely delighted.

We know that watches have declined in popularity as people use their phones more to check the time but there are advantages to wearing one and we will look through some next.


Advantages To Wearing A Watch


Watches have lost some popularity over recent years and this is particularly true among younger generations. Many people now see their smart phone as their timepiece as well as numerous other things and while it is true that a quick look at the phone gets you the time there are still advantages to wearing a watch. Unfortunately many people these days will only wear a watch as an item of jewelry and will not even bother to set the correct time but fortunately to some the watch is still king.

Here are a few reasons why we still think watches a must have thing on your wrist.

Watches Project An Image

It maybe all well and good checking your smart phone but taking a look at an impressive watch will let people see the type of person you are. They can offer clues to your personality and income and are classy in appearance.

Conversation Starters

Lets face some watches are truly spectacular in design and craftsmanship and asking about it can make for a great opening to a conversation.

As A Gift

A nice watch given as a gift will be used and then kept sometimes for generations and passed down whereas a phone lasts a year or two and is then upgraded.

Tougher And Harder To Lose

There must be thousands of cell phones lost every day, they are an item that is easily left behind or can drop out of your pocket but a watch is always on the wrist so will very rarely be lost. Smart phones can also easily be damaged by the smallest drop but there are many watches than can take a lot of abuse with having any effect.


Many are a work of wonder and the artistry is breathtaking. Some you can just sit, stare at and admire the precision engineering but it won’t be something you do with a phone.

It’s Not Annoying

Although most people own one, they still find certain places where people use their phones an annoyance, perhaps like a cinema while glancing at a watch is never a problem.

Trains/ Planes

It is bothersome for the people surrounding them and often for the user to have to dig out a phone just to check the time when a quick flick of the wrist gives you the same information.

Religious Places

Nobody likes to see someone looking at their phone at a place of worship but checking the time on your wrist is not disrespectful.

Work/ Meetings

Your bosses will not be too impressed with you constantly looking at the phone, even if you are just looking at the time whereas glancing at a wristwatch isn’t going to create any problems and can be done more discreetly.


Anyone want sand or sea around their phone, no? Sand gets in everywhere and seawater and electronics don’t work well unless it is waterproof whereas most watches are more tightly secure and waterproof.

During A Date

Looking at your phone constantly while on a date is not only rude but will leave the other person thinking you are not interested whereas checking the time on your watch is not going to cause a problem and with the right watch will project a good image.


While most cars have clocks, some do lose or gain time and are often not corrected and looking at your phone even at the time is not only very dangerous but will also get stopped by the police. A quick glance at watch will not be a cause of danger or see you with a large fine.