Cuddle Up With A Super Soft Teddy Bear Perfect For Romantic Couples


Teddy bears have been bought and cuddled for over 100 years and there are hundreds of millions in the world today being enjoyed by all age groups. Most children own many different varieties of teddies and soft toys who they love to play and cuddle up to. They bring them a sense of comfort and safety that helps keep a child calm and they will usually have a favorite that you could never replace. The same is true for adults and there have been studies to show that holding a teddy helps people to feel less anxious, calm them and helps with stress. One survey of adults found that around 40% still slept with their cuddly toy and found it brought them a sense of security although most adults also like to keep this a secret and hide them from their friends. The cuddly toy you had as a child is most probably still in your possession and is a prized item that to you is priceless. Most of us love these fluffy soft toys which can be any animal and giving them to a loved one is something we have probably all done many times.

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When you begin to have a fondness for stuff designed for couples you will see that there all sorts of various clothing, jewelry and accessories. Teddies are slightly different to the usual things in this niche which will normally include all types of clothing and many other items varying from towel hooks to video games. Peoples perception of this kind of thing varies and you will find many could never wear clothing that matches their partners but may be happy with a bracelet. With so much variety in this range there is a large scope to choose many romantic gifts that can have some loving words and images. Many items come with set ideas that can add both fun and romance and these include text like his and hers, Mr and Mrs or King and Queen. There are also other option which are custom to you and they can be your names, initials, special dates or in some cases romantic poems. Other items can include the option of have a personalized picture included and a teddy is one such item in which some will allow you to add your own photo or custom name and message.

Many of the items within this range that we have mentioned will often come as a matching set with one for each partner to wear or use to show their love or to always have a reminder and connection to their loved one. Teddies come in both a set of two, one each for you and your partner with various words written on them. They also come as an individual item that will come with a specific loving message and be a gift from one partner to the other and they also can be purchased individually designed for the couple. Which one you want will all depend on the reasons and occasion for which you are buying it or giving it.

It is almost impossible for anyone not to love a teddy. Even as adults we look at teddies with joy and still have that wonderful feeling when holding one. They very soft and hard not to cuddle and many many adults still either sleep with or have their teddies on display. There is a psychological comfort to them and it has been proven over and over again that they provide a sense of security and are comforting through many situations. They will be with you for life and are there to treasure and if you have one each they can also be friends. You can give one of these as a gift at any time but they work well on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries.

There is a huge range of teddies especially if you include any kind of soft plush toys in that category. Combine that with the way in which they are designed, the sizes available and colors and you have an almost infinite selection from which to choose your favorite. Having a lot of choice is often great because it means more chance of finding something that you really like but all too often you can end up with too many great selections and then narrowing it down to just one becomes difficult. It is one of those things you want to get right first time otherwise it ruins any kind of surprise so take your time and choose wisely.



Any Couple Will Have A Lifetime Of Joy With These Cuddly Gifts



Whether it a spontaneous one of for one of the many celebrations through the year, most of us enjoy the thrill of receiving a gift. The same is true of giving a loved one a gift and seeing the joy on their faces and by making it personal and romantic it adds another layer of sentiment to an already wonderful item. When you add your own personal element you are adding a little of yourself into it which lets your partner know how much you love them and makes the gift that little more special. Teddy bears are delightful to look at and can fit in well as part of a rooms decor so that they can always be on show and there are many ways in which you can display them.


Here is a list of a few ways to put yours on display.

  • In cabinets with glass fronts
  • For smaller bears – in glass domes
  • On the top of wardrobes
  • On chairs sat together in a group
  • On shelves around a room
  • Standing on special supports
  • Create an elaborate display if you have the room such as a teddy bears picnic


A teddy can come on its own as a plain bear or come with additional elements. These might be holding another object like a heart or wearing clothes, hats, scarfs, ties and while bears tend to be brown or white in color there are other varieties. When we think of a teddy bear it is the traditional bear we think of but most people use this term for many other soft toys which generally come as any kind of animal you can think of. All of these version are available in a massive range of colors, any color combination you can imagine will most likely be available somewhere.

The teddy that you will choose is likely to fit in with a certain occasion or has some meaning behind it. There are many different occasions for people to give cuddly toys but for couples the most popular will be Valentine’s Day but they could also be given for an anniversary, a wedding or engagement, at Easter, birthday’s, Christmas, Thanksgiving, a graduation, a get well soon gift or perhaps just as a romantic gesture.

Giving something so cute as a gift already means it is going to be well received, appreciated and looked after. When this type of gift is given between a couple it will often carry with it certain memories or a special date and will always act as a reminder of that time. However, they do not have to be limited to being given between partners and there is a time and a place for close friends or family members to give a gift such as this. These friends or family might feel they are a perfect romantic choice for a bride and groom on their wedding or engagement party or perhaps just to bring some like to a new home for a housewarming.

Obviously there are many choices when it comes to buying a cuddly toy and among the major ones are what type, size and color. There is the traditional teddy bear type but you will also find may different things that have been produced as soft toys. The most popular things to make a cuddly toy from are animals and some of the common favorites are dogs, cats, elephants, zebras, tigers, dragons, lions, deer’s, pandas, lizards, octopus, sloth, monkey and ponies. There also many soft toys made from popular movie, TV show or book characters. With so much variety in types you also get a choice of sizes with most being on average between 15 and 18 inches, although you can go to extremes with the smallest being 4 1/2 mm and the largest coming in at 19.41 meters at the time of writing. These might be a little too small or too large to fit in anywhere but luckily there are plenty of average sizes ones available in an enormous range of colors with the most popular being brown, white, black, red, pink, blue, green, yellow and purple.

It is quite apparent that there are countless choices of different types of cuddly toy and many options and that doesn’t include any of the personalized additions such as adding names or dates or special messages. These choices are the same ones that need to be made if you are buying one together or any set or individual bear as a gift. They all look very adorable and it’s hard to dislike any but there will be always one that jumps out as being the perfect teddy at that moment and for that particular occasion. To help find that perfect one we are going to run through a few ideas.



Find The Right Teddies For You With Our Ideas And Inspiring Selection



We have listed a few of our personal favorites with a brief description in the hope to offer some ideas and a little inspiration for your next super soft cuddly toy.


Set of 2

  • Cute set of 2 dressed in overalls and dress
  • Bride and Groom 2 pack bears
  • Pair both holding hearts with one saying Love and the other Sweet


Bride And Groom – Mr and Mrs

  • Mr and Mrs Bride and Groom wedding set of two


Personalized Teddy Bears

  • Personalized recordable bear
  • Personalized 5 foot bear with your message on a ribbon and t shirt
  • Wearing red t shirt with you choice of custom message


Romantic Teddy Bear

  • Romantic bear with text saying I Love You
  • Wearing t shirt with text saying I love you to the moon and back
  • Holding heart with Be Mine on it
  • With shirt saying I love you
  • Romantic puppy in white covered in red hearts


Teddy Bear With Picture Frame

  • Brown bear holding picture frame to add photo of choice
  • Holding heart shaped picture frame
  • Santa dog soft toy with picture frame
  • Reindeer soft toy holding frame



  • Brown with red bow tie and hearts
  • 40 inch high holding heart with Love written



  • Cowboy themed bear that sings



  • Message on shirt saying – I’m Sorry
  • I love you embroidered on paw
  • White wearing red floral dress and hat and carrying miniature bear



  • Medium size with message on shirt – I Miss You Even When I’m Not Horny
  • I Love You With All My Bum, I Would Say Heart But My Bum Is Bigger
  • You’re My Favorite Pain In The Ass
  • With heart and message Shawty U Fine As Shit Tho
  • Farting bear – Hug it’s heart to hear it fart
  • Pizza shaped soft toy with – I want a pizza dat ass written on
  • Dressed in black and white striped top with eye mask holding heart saying You stole my heart
  • With text on heart saying Liked you before you were cool


For Boyfriend/ Husband

  • White bear covered in red hearts
  • With red bow and I Love You on paw
  • Wearing white shirt that says I heart You
  • Chocolate color with small white heart on chest saying Love
  • Love You in pop art style


For Girlfriend/ Wife

  • Large with 4 love hearts on paws
  • White bear holding large red rose
  • With red heart on paw and face and red tie
  • Pink bear covered in white and pink hearts
  • Rose teddy with over 250 dozen flowers



  • I love you to the moon and back unicorn
  • Wearing shirt with words – Will You Marry Me?



  • Rose bear – flower bear covered in roses
  • Hand made teddy rose bear
  • Love bug holding heart with bug ears and hearts on end
  • Holding red rose with t shirt saying Happy Porcelain Anniversary for 20th
  • Happy 1st Anniversary message on shirt
  • White t shirt with message Happy Cotton Anniversary for 2nd
  • Happy 4th Anniversary


Valentine’s Day

  • White with red heart and Happy Valentine’s Day words
  • Holding red heart saying Damn, Boo… You Fine
  • Carrying heart reading Sweeter Than Chocolate
  • Wearing white t-shirt with I love You written on
  • Pink and holding dark pink flower
  • I love you more than chocolate written on pink heart hold by dark brown bear



  • 6 inch with heart reading I love you


Giant – Large

  • Giant 5 foot with bow tie and heart pillow with message I love you
  • 47 inch plush bear with bow
  • 78 inch 6.5 feet giant soft and cuddly bear



  • Puppy dog soft toy with heart scarf



  • White shirt with message Sorry. I’m Such An Idiot
  • Sorry I am a Dumb Ass Please Forgive Me
  • Sorry I Was An Asshole Please Forgive Me


Long Distance

  • With blue bow and holding tissue and card saying Miss You
  • Wearing shirt saying I miss your face



  • Sloth soft toy holding heart saying Damn Shawty You Fine


Grizzly Bear

  • 12 inch stuffed Grizzly



Twerking Christmas bear bluetooth compatible with Alexa



  • Auspicious beginning stuffed animal, pillow dog corgi


Red Squirrel

  • Wildlife red squirrel stuffed animal


Polar Bear

  • White polar bear wearing striped top



  • Toy Story 3 Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear



  • Hugh love you plush stuffed animal elephant



  • Panda teddy with red ribbon and heart



  • Jumbo wolf plush toy 30 inches



  • Soft llama with red heart on side and message I love you



  • Pug soft toy carrying heart saying I love you



Matching Bears Can Be Personalized For You And Are Yours For Life



The times that produce the most precious memories are those that you spend with your loved ones and best friends. From a young age it will be your mom and dad, brothers and sisters and school friends who dominate your memories while when you get older and meet your own partner it will be with them who you create those treasured memories that stay with you forever. As they will be the person you wish to choose the rest of your life with your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend will be the one with whom you share everything. They are the person who will encourage you and support you through good and bad times and showing your appreciation of their love will make them very happy.

You could show your appreciation in countless ways, sometimes a simple I love you is enough and for other times buying them a gift, either simple or luxurious is a gesture they will love you for. You have an infinite choice when it comes to buying a gift for your partner and it could be something cheap like a keychain or somewhere to store your memories like a scrapbook. Obviously teddies are a simple gift but also one the lifts anyone’s spirits, look incredibly cute and one item that your partner is sure to adore.

Most people are aware that soft toys come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes and this means there is usually one that will fit any occasion for which you may want to give one as a gift. You might see the biggest available and buy that thinking it will be a great idea at the time but you always want to consider the space you have available and whether there is enough room for it to be seen. You don’t want to have to resort to hiding it away in an attic and at the same time you can’t have it making a small area even tighter packed. In this case buying an average sized one will be the better all round decision and one in which the teddy can have a happy home and you can both enjoy he or she daily.

As we have previously covered you will have many different option from which to pick including many different ways to make yours personalized to the person or persons involved. You can do this with adding a picture frame to the teddy or having your own message added to the teddies shirt or an item it might be carrying. Those personal messages can be either romantic, funny or have more adult humor and what you choose to give will depend upon the reaction you want to see from the recipient and the occasion for which you are giving it. Another influential factor will be the personality of the people receiving it and who will be there when it is opened. On Valentine’s day between two partners a romantic option would probably be the best choice although there are some appropriate fun ones also. If it is a birthday with a group of friends or perhaps a bachelor/ bacherlorette party then one that is either funny or rude would go down well with everyone and bring a laugh.

Teddy bears can vary a lot in price and can range from just a few dollars right up to over one hundred thousand but these will be targeted more at collectors. Collectors will pay a lot to have rare items and there many antique bears that are worth a lot of money. The largest collection of teddies at the time of writing this article stood at 20367 which is going to require a large amount of space. An average one with a message of some kind including will cost between 15 and 40 dollars but this will depend on the size and if it is a particular brand they could be more. Whichever you choose you can be sure the cuddly toy will bring a lot of joy and find it’s place to live happily in your home.