Exquisite Matching Rings Especially For Couples


Rings are one of or perhaps the best selling piece of jewelry in the world. They are an item that virtually every one will own at least one of with owning many and are a piece of jewelry that is worn daily and in all situations. They can look simplistic or intricate but always exquisite and always look wonderful on a persons finger and many can be very eye catching. A ring is one of those gifts that almost anyone would be over the moon to receive but there are ways to enhance them to  another level and one of those ways is to make them more personal to the recipient. As they are such an incredibly popular piece of jewelry, there are, as you can imagine, thousands of various designs and styles and this includes those that have been made particularly for family member and friends. You will find that there are many produced as sets of two for various members of a family and these include parents, children, siblings and those couples with a romantic connection.

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It is only when you begin to dive into the range of clothing, accessories and jewelry that matches that you will begin to notice that there are many different choices that can be purchased as a coordinated pair. There are any number of items that are produced individually as gifts that you will also found being sold as a matching set. There are many people who love this style and will have a large collection that will include clothing to be seen out in and items for the home such as bedding sets or picture frames. This small niche of items also has people that particularly dislike it, especially the clothing but there are certain things like pieces of jewelry that are less conspicuous and more accepted even among them.

Pretty well all of the items that you will find in this style will come with some kind of image or text that may have already been written using some of the more popular phrases or those that can be custom created with personalized words. These will be added to represent your status as a couple to the world and some of the more common ones will be His and Hers, Mr and Mrs or King and Queen. Depending on the object they will printed, monogrammed, engraved, embroidered or transferred with a specific element that will celebrate you as a couple and they can be either romantic or funny.

Rings naturally fit into this category perfectly and those that have been produced for couples will generally come as a set of two which would normally picked out and purchased together or more commonly bought as a gift for their partner. There also individual rings that will be engraved with some loving words dedicated to your partner. There is such a vast range from which to choose your favorite you will most probably spoiled for choice and will likely find a large number that you will feel could make a wonderful romantic and unique gift for your partner. This type of gift will make be great to add to your repertoire of gift ideas because with the many celebrations that occur throughout the year it can soon become difficult to think of something different, unique and exciting to buy that will be a nice surprise. Most of the time people end up buying the same kind of thing for each occasions every year and any real thought often disappears.

Any ring will make a fantastic present but it is the romantic and personal element that truly shows the person how much you care for them. This type of present will have had a lot of thought put into it and shows that some effort has been made to ensure that it is perfect. A person who receives something that they know has been picked out just for them and which has had so much love dedicated to it will appreciate it and treasure it even more. Your partner would most likely be ecstatic to receive a ring designed for the two of you at any time of the year but this personalized style of gift will usually be given on one of many special occasions including a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Valentine’s day, Easter, Thanksgiving and also engagement or a wedding day. If you are feeling romantic and wish to surprise your partner as a way of saying I love you or as a thank you then of course an spontaneous present will be welcome on any day.

There are a number of items that fall into this niche of matching clothing or accessories that will not always fit in with every occasion. Garments such as matching shirts are perfect for wearing casually but not so much at work or at a formal event. The items that are more discreet which will include items of jewelry will be accepted and not look out of place anywhere including at work or to a formal function. Jewelry such as rings are commonly worn by many and are not frowned upon for being worn anywhere so if your matching item is something you want close to you more often than not then they make a good candidate along with items like bracelets.

Due to the thousands of various designs and styles of rings that are readily available we know there is not shortage of choice and the same can be said for those that have been produced with a couple in mind. You would think that having many choices to go through would be an advantage because it would mean more chance of finding the perfect one but it can soon become a disadvantage. It is great having many to look through but often you will end up liking too many and actually picking just one out is impossible but there are options you can run through which will help you reduce your final list which we will look through soon.



His And Hers Rings Make Perfect Gifts And For Promise Wedding And Engagements



Whenever you buy a gift for your partner at any time or if you want to buy something for another couple it is good to know that by adding a personal touch to it, they will be even more gratefully received. The present on its own will always be warmly welcomed but with the addition of that personal element it becomes a symbol of the strength and love in their relationship and at the same time with let them know just how special they are. Wearing them as a set will also serve as a reminder of the everlasting love and bond that they will always have between them. As long as there is a romantic connection, it will not matter if they are husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or civil union partner there are certain points common to all of these couples. Those are the trust that has grown between you and with that the knowledge you can confide in one another and know that person will always be there to support you. Your loved one is the person that you will share you most intimate secrets without judgement and the person who will be there for you through the good times and bad. They will be the person that you will be spending a lifetime with and buying a special gift will acts as a representation of all the love, trust and support that you share, that special bond that can only be between two people in love.

There are a number of gifts that you can guarantee your partner will be delighted to receive and one of those will be a ring. You know that they will love it and that it will be worn on a regular basis but on top of that, due to the personal element it will be an item that is sentimental to you both which in turn makes them an even more special item to wear. There are a huge number of rings available in a variety of materials and designs that look mesmerizing on their own but when they are personalized just for a couple it makes them even more compelling. Considering ways in which to make them personalized or made to be more custom to those persons could be a simple matter of engraving names, initials or dates but there also those that have been designed in a way that the split into individual items and complete like jigsaw pieces when joined together. Of course, for larger item you can add photographs of you both and even large verses containing meaningful words of love. Because they could be purchased for different occasions and personalities there are those that are romantic and unique in appearance and words but also those that have a more humorous side and either will generally come as a set of two but sometimes you can also find those that are individual items.

Because they have been designed and manufactured with couples in mind it could be assumed that they will either be buying them together or as a gift for one another but there is greater scope that goes beyond those limitations. For any couple there will be close friends or family members like your mom, dad, brother or sister of whom could buy a pair of rings for them. The members of your family are most likely to be the closest people to you and know what a special connection you have and may want to give something unique that will celebrate this. There are a few occasions that might be very suited to this kind of gift and among them are for a bride and groom on their wedding day or perhaps prior to the big day as a gift for an engagement or bridal shower. You could include in this list a housewarming present or for all of the other yearly festivities such as Christmas and birthdays as a great occasion to buy a set for a your favorite duo.

As with all kind of jewelry, when it comes to purchasing an item you will see that there are many designs and styles when of course means a good amount of choice. One of the initial points you might look at is the material that has been used and most common among these will be gold, either yellow, white or rose, platinum, titanium, sterling silver, stainless steel, copper, tungsten, palladium, bronze, brass, wood, bone, leather, glass and plastic. They obviously come in different sizes to suit finger size and while some will be plain bands, perfect for weddings other can be much more intricate and delicate and a number of various gemstones that many come with. As well as those, you will also have you custom option which will be engraved and they will include names, dates and other short messages of love.

When you think about it, those are quite a few options to consider before actually making a decision as to what to buy. There is also another consideration and that is that they are going to be worn by two people and bought as a pair. If you wish to surprise your partner you will not only be trying to tick all the right boxes for them but also picking out one that you will also feel happy to wear. This could be hard or easy, depending on how much notice you take of their current go to jewelry. If you are knowledgeable about what they like from the options above and you know what you like then choosing something will be a little easier although often some compromises may have to made in order to for you to be both happy to wear them as a set. Purchasing a pair for another couple could be a bit more difficult, especially if you are unaware of the style of jewelry they like most and what materials they prefer. Although it may like it could all end up turning into one big headache, it is important to remember that most of these sets look enthralling and perfection is not necessary for people to still love them.

Now that we have noted some options that are available in order to make the perfect choice it is just a case of browsing through some designs and picking out the right one for you. We will be going through a few of our favorites to help you further narrow down your preferences.


Different Ideas And Inspirations Including King And Queen, Heartbeat And Custom Sets


With all the various ring types, materials, small details and engravings dedicated to couples, you might be left with even more thinking to do so we have listed out our favorites with a short description and some engraving ideas to help inspire you.

Promise Rings For Couples

  • Matching him and her promise bands with half heart on each
  • I love you promise style with heart disc and missing heart
  • 925 sterling silver his and hers adjustable promise style with love engraved
  • Love heart stainless steel promise bands

Wedding Rings For Couples

  • Sterling silver his and hers for wedding
  • Titanium with cubic zirconia men’s and women’s wedding bands
  • His Hers stainless steel round cut wedding set
  • Intricate his and hers yellow gold wedding set
  • Sterling silver princess cut with cubic zirconia

King And Queen Rings

  • 2 piece set in blue and pink with His Queen – Her King engraved
  • Stainless steel Her King – His Queen in black and gold
  • Her King – His Queen with crowns
  • My Queen – My King in tungsten carbide
  • His Queen – Her King with crowns titanium

Engagement Rings For Couples

  • His hers engagement in titanium with cubic zirconia
  • 18 ct yellow gold plated engagement with solitaire
  • His and hers engagement style in white gold with blue cubic zirconia


  • Yellow gold plated titanium with cubic zirconia
  • 10 ct yellow or white gold comfort fit 3 mm band
  • 0.09 ct diamonds on 10 ct gold set
  • 0.15 ct diamonds and 10 ct gold men’s and women’s set

Matching Black Wedding Bands

  • Black gold filled detailed with green cubic zirconia
  • Black bands filled with red agate cubic zirconia
  • Black bands with blue cubic zirconia


  • Black with white engraved heartbeat and I love you set of two
  • 8 mm heartbeat silver and black tungsten


  • Personalized engraved on inner with two names
  • Personalized text on inside and outside along with name and date
  • Personalized text in inner and outer of domed band
  • Titanium wedding band with personalized text on outer and special date on inner


  • Custom unique Harley Quinn and The Joker set of 2
  • Custom engraved with choices of names and dates in roman numerals
  • Custom bands outer engraved Your Name’s King – Your Name’s Queen with inner date
  • Custom engraving of dates and names with two tone spinner

Tungsten Wedding Bands

  • Tungsten Carbide with gold shading around black with personalized names and dates
  • Black brushed finish tungsten carbide wedding band


  • Black titanium funny His Crazy – Her Wierdo engraved in white
  • Black titanium with purple cubic zirconia


  • Platinum plated sterling silver solitaire with Swarovski

Unique couples rings

  • Unique transparent acrylic resin wood in ocean style
  • Tungsten abalone shell inlay with opal
  • Handmade crushed fire opal tungsten with Hawaii koa wood

His And Her Rings

  • His One – Her Only
  • Her Wierdo – His Crazy
  • Her Jack – His Sally The nightmare before Christmas inspired


  • Personalized stackable names collection in rose gold, gold and coffee
  • Spiral band with 2 names of choice on front
  • Sterling silver personalized name cut into silver
  • Names of choice and heart engraved on inner


  • Cheap color changing stainless steel mood temperature index
  • Cheap Celtic knot hearts eternity style ring

Sterling Silver

  • Sterling silver flower design charm
  • I love you 925 sterling silver adjustable set
  • 925 sterling silver stackable eternity band

Bride And Groom Set

  • Bride and Groom custom engraved 18 ct gold
  • Bride and Groom beveled edge titanium set with free engraving

Boyfriend And Girlfriend

  • I will always love you silver/gold and silver/black pair
  • I love you inscribed with heart
  • I heart U stainless steel
  • Forever – Love
  • I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine in English and Hebrew


  • Open style ring with heart made with Swarovski Crystal
  • Swarovski zirconia brilliant cut solitaire
  • Swarovski Crystal hummingbird in sterling silver


  • Player 1 – Player 2
  • Couple having sex


  • Titanium steel with heart shaped cubic zirconia
  • Stainless steel band with heart and band with missing heart piece
  • Celtic Knot shaped heart high polish eternity


  • Sterling silver engagement skull with amethyst
  • 2 piece skull rings in stainless steel

Carbon Fiber

  • Blue carbon fiber black Celtic dragon tungsten ring

Under 100

  • Tungsten carbide simple beveled edge bands


  • Black tungsten engraved on inner and outer with words of choice
  • Stainless steel band engraved with your custom text in inner and outer


  • Set with choice of two initials with heart
  • Personalized initial with cubic zirconia
  • Simple knuckle ring with choice of initial


  • Never F*cking Give Up
  • Keep F*cking Going
  • Hope Faith Love
  • Semicolon Heart
  • I Can & I Will
  • I Believe
  • Let That Shit Go
  • Semper Fidelis

Beauty And Beast

  • Her Beast – His Beauty with love heart in black stainless steel
  • Titanium band with Her Beast – His Beauty

Bonnie And Clyde

  • His Bonnie – Her Clyde

Buck And Doe

  • Her Buck – His Doe stainless steel engraved with elk

White Gold

  • 14 ct white gold and diamond wedding bands

Prince And Princess

  • Titanium stainless steel engraved with Prince and Princess
  • Her Prince – His Princess in stainless steel with crowns

Sun And Moon

  • 925 sterling silver sun – moon with I love you engraved


  • Personalized signet in sterling silver with monogram
  • Monogram signet with up to 3 initials in sterling silver
  • Signet with classic Gothic tree of life

Silicone – Rubber

  • Ergonomic breathable silicone band
  • Silicone bands in variety of colors
  • Silicone wedding bands with heart shape
  • Breathable rubber with infinity loop


  • High polished sterling silver adjustable sun moon bands

Hammered Wedding Band

  • Hammered tungsten wedding band in rose gold, black, grey and silver
  • Hammered 8 mm silver tungsten comfort fit band with polished edge

Black Titanium

  • Black titanium band with rainbow colored thin groove


  • 2 birthstone with custom engraving and cubic zirconia
  • Birthstones with personalized engraving of name and message
  • Two birthstones with engraved outer for names and Love You on inner
  • Twin birthstones personalized with names and Our love is eternal message


  • Tungsten and white gold with bluestone gems


  • Bible verse about love with cross engraved on tungsten band
  • God bless and protect you

Half Heart

  • His and hers half heart stainless steel bands
  • Half heart fingerprints with I love you on inner

Puzzle Piece

  • 2 piece adjustable puzzle piece engagement set

Rose Gold

  • Rose gold and black tungsten brushed comfort band

Star Wars

  • I Love You – I Know engraved


  • Titanium plain dome band in 2 mm 4 mm 6 mm 8 mm

Valentine’s Day

  • I love you most – I love you more


  • The Legend of Zelda triforce ring in stainless steel matte
  • Two-tone blue black Legend of Zelda Triforce
  • Legend of Zelda Triforce in stainless steel and blue carbon fiber


  • Rhodium plated sterling silver constellation zodiac
  • Horoscope zodiac adjustable with 12 constellation choices
  • Color changing mood emotion with choice of constellation
  • 925 sterling silver 12 constellation zodiac pendant astrology rings


  • Glow in the dark titanium stainless steel DC Superhero


  • Glow in the dark Superman kryptonite stainless steel band
  • Man of Steel S signet


  • DC Comics Justice League superhero logo signet
  • Marvel Comics Punisher Skull in stainless steel

The Avengers

  • Iron Man Arc reactor
  • Captain America shield



A Personalized Ring That Matches Fits In Well At All Occasions



Throughout your life you will meet many people, many you will like and others not so much but it will be your family and dearest friends that will be the important people and those that will be any memories you look back on. The most previous times are those spent with your loved ones and the memories created during these times will be those that you will treasure most. Your early memories will be dominated by your family but as you grow older and you will fall in love and that special person will be become one of the people of whom precious memories are created. After all this person is your soulmate and the one that you will be intending to spend a lifetime with and it does not matter if they are your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, they are the one who you love the most. Telling your partner you love and appreciate them is a key part of any relationship but sometimes doing that little more to really show how much you think of them will be very much appreciated.

Showing your love and appreciation can be approached in a number of different way and one of those will be to give them a captivating gift. As it is a loving gesture the cost is not important and it can be cheap or expensive as it will the act that shows the love and it is these simple acts that will keep a relationship a happy one. This thoughtful display lets you partner know that you are thinking of them always, that you care for them deeply and it will become a symbol of the love you have for one another. We can think of many items that can take on the role of this gift and represent the bond which is shared between you both and it could be simple like couple coffee mugs or intriguing like a ring.

Rings have got to be one of the most popular and almost perfect gifts that can be given on any occasion and loved and worn by almost everyone. They make for a wonderfully subtle way to wear an item that celebrates your love for you partner without being too direct. When you purchase matching set of two and wear one each, you are showing the world the amazing relationship you have and when apart are both carrying a reminder of the other every second of the day. The other advantage is that they will be able to be worn anywhere, from casual to elegant or for business whereas many other items in this range are limited to casual wear.

We have previously spoken about who these rings would be purchased by and that would be by partners together or for one another or for a couple you may be close to and have also mentioned some of the options. Those would be materials used, size, gemstones if any, type and the engraving possibilities be they personalized or already created. These engravings and themes of the rings can be centered around romance but can also be funny or be of an adult humor. What kind of theme you actually choose to give the will be influenced by a few key points and they are personalities of the recipients and which occasion you are giving them for. You should know the person well enough to know whether they prefer the romantic or funny style when it comes to gifts or if they like adult humor. There will be some occasions like bachelor/ bachelorette parties or birthdays with a group of friends where something funny will be a good choice but on a bride and grooms wedding day one that is more romantic may be more favorable.

What we have are a number of options that can be considered before buying a ring and those options apply to any couple who may be purchasing one together, for each other or when being bought for a couple. You could of course pick what you think is the most appealing and take a gamble but often just getting one of those options right will mean the whole thing will be well received. Considering all of the options could turn the purchase of a gift into a full scale campaign but don’t let that put you off because often getting just one factor right is enough. They all look exquisite and most people will be over the moon with receiving any one of them.