Give Your Home A Loving Look With Romantic Figurines For Couples


Any type of decoration is an essential aspect of all homes as without them there is no life or warmth. Stepping into a room that is bare and lifeless can feel lonely and give a depressing impression. Every home should have some pieces of decoration that brings it to life and makes it feel lived in. While being minimalistic may also be a choice because it is often seen as fashionable they also feel dull and generic. There is also no show of real human expression and emotion as it is these decorative elements that make any home feel bright and lived in. They also satisfy an inner feeling of comfort and ease that people feel when walking into a room that has some life in it.

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If you have in mind something you wish to purchase that has been produced for couples you will see that there are a wide variety of clothing, accessories and jewelry available. There are many items such as garments worn daily that some people find too tacky but with all of the different types of things that can be bought there will be at least one thing that fits for everyone. While clothing such as shirts may not be for you, you may feel comfortable at home in a robe or using a a set of glasses. Often this type of gift will ordinarily be well received but there are ways in which they can be enhanced further. This is achieved by adding some words or images about love and romance or if you have custom options then adding names, initials or significant dates. Among the items that are romantic for couples and some of which have personalized option are figurines.

As we have discussed, there are many items that are produced especially for couples and for many they will come as a matching set but figurines do not fall into this category as the primary theme of them will show a couple. This type of object for the home will often be chosen and bought together or purchased by one partner for the other as a gift. You will likely have a few pieces of this kind of decor around your house to give it some life and we should image these would have been purchased by you both or been given as gifts or memories of vacations. If you find the design that appeals to you both then you will have another beautiful figurine to brighten up any room and be a display of romance.

In terms of looks most of them are delightful to look at and your favorite will radiate charm and romance and has they have been especially chosen by you they make for very special gifts. A figurine of this nature can for some couples be an unusual gift and in that way you are creating more of a surprise. With many celebrations throughout the year a surprise gift can be a difficult one to think up and many of us are guilty of buying the same things repeatedly. A present of this kind will be welcomed because of its beauty and also the romantic element that can be displayed and viewed daily.

This style of present is also one that carries a personal touch and is one that has required much thought. There are many different figurines and you will have picked one that captures the mood you have in your mind that has some meaning to the both of you. The special meaning and understanding of this between a couple turns an already exquisite item into one that holds a lot of sentiment and will add more love and warmth to the room in which it is displayed. Obviously, gifts are welcome at any time of the year but figurines would make particularly wonderful presents on occasions like Christmas, Birthday, Val

entine’s Day, Anniversary, Weddings or Engagements.

Figurines come in a wide array of sizes, colors, shapes and design which is enough choice to satisfy most peoples requirements. Those that have been designed with couples in mind also fall under the umbrella of this vast amount of choice. At first you may think more choice is better as there is more chance in finding your perfect piece but in reality you might find that too much choice results in too many items that you really like. Trying to then actually pick out just one can end up being a very difficult decision especially with so many magnificent looking items.



Man And Woman, Anniversary, Engagement or Bride And Groom Figurines Make Wonderful Gifts



Receiving a gift will usually be a joyous experience and most of us love the thrill and surprise of opening one. The same can be true when giving a gift to a loved and seeing the happiness you have given them and often this only takes a simple present. When it comes to gifts of a romantic nature between partners it can often be the personal touch that goes into the gift that makes it more special. This extra element is a little bit of you poured into not only the choosing of the item but the romantic theme and sometimes custom options that can make it individual to you and your partner. These figures can be a show of love and will act as a symbol of you both and let everyone know how strong your relationship is. The love and trust between a man and woman in love and they can be husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend can be represented by these beautiful figures.

While this type of home decor will often be chosen and purchased by a couple together, some will be bought as a gift for the respective partners. Obviously they also make for wonderful gift from close friend and family members to a couple they may know. There are many occasions where a item such as these would make a perfect gift and they could be especially loving celebrations like an engagement or as a gift for the bride and groom on their wedding day. Alternatively they would make a great anniversary gift and this would be especially relevant for a year that matches the material used to make it such as wood for the 5th anniversary.

While some figurines may looks simplistic and others intricate they are all beautifully crafted to tell a story and create a loving effect. There will be times when both partners will want to choose these together while on other occasions they will be given as a gift. As a gift is for a couple it will mean taking into account two peoples tastes in terms of design, colors, materials and size. Figurines of this type can be made from a variety of materials with the most popular being clay, wood, glass, ceramic, porcelain, resin, plastic and metals. These materials fall well in with various anniversary years that are associated with them in both traditional or modern gifts. Traditional gifts have wood for the 5th and pottery for the 9th whereas following modern ideas you have china for 2nd, glass for 3rd, wood for 6th and porcelain for 18th. This make a figure of particular material suitable for many different years although they are obviously not limited to giving on these years or just to an anniversary.

When it comes to choosing a color you would be picking one that fits in with your overall decor. Everyone has there own ideas of what their decor will be and most of the time this will center around creating your perfect mood and displaying things that you will enjoy looking at daily. Surrounding yourself with personal memories and interests makes your home yours and makes you feel at ease living in it. Items that connect us and our past are important to display because they bring instant happiness and serve as a reminder of a particular occasion. Obviously the size of the object is also a vital aspect and one that you must check, while you probably wouldn’t want a figurine that is massive filling a room you also wouldn’t want one so minute that it is not clearly visible.

As you may have come to realize you do have some options to think about before buying and these could be made together or as a surprise for one partner for the other or for the couple themselves. Surprises of this nature can be quite tricky to pull of successfully as you need to find the recipients tastes without giving the game away. We can only suggest you check out their current figures and match the style they have already chosen and browsing through some ideas we have suggested.



Find Some Ideas And Inspiration For Any Married Or Loving Couple


To offer further help we have listed some of our favorites in the hope they will give you some ideas and a little inspiration as to what will fit in well with your home.


Couple Figurine

  • Love is deeper than the ocean porcelain boy and girl about to kiss
  • Precious Moments Through The Years
  • Precious Moments Together Forever boy and girl in SUV
  • Precious Moment We’re In Perfect Harmony Country singing boy and girl
  • Precious Moments We Are Picture Perfect boy and girl holding photo frame
  • Life With You Is A Beautiful Journey boy and girl on bicycle



  • Ceramic 50th anniversary couple
  • Willow Tree anniversary hand painted
  • Sweeter As The Years Go By 40th anniversary porcelain
  • Ceramic 25th anniversary couple
  • We Share A Love Forever Young 50th anniversary Bisque porcelain
  • A Whole Year Filled With Special Moment 1st anniversary porcelain
  • A Decade Of Dreams Come True 10th anniversary porcelain



  • Precious Moments Will You Marry Me in porcelain
  • Man and woman sitting in a Champagne glass with Happy Anniversary
  • Would You Be My Pardner?


Old Couple

  • Old couple – grandparent or parents sitting on a swing
  • Elderly couple sat on a wooden sign reading LOVE
  • Old couple sitting in a car
  • Elderly man and woman giving piggyback
  • Old man and woman under umbrella


Husband And Wife

  • Husband and Wife praying in grey stone resin
  • A Kiss Forever – husband and wife


Married Couple

  • Love Never Dies Married Couple
  • Just Married man and woman in car
  • Two brides in dresses Just Married


Loving Couple

  • Loving couple sitting on a swing kissing
  • Precious Moments You’re The Only Fish In My Sea boy and girl in boat
  • Our Love Was Meant To Be


Balloon Man And Woman

  • You Make My Heart Soar – man and woman in hot air balloon


White Couple

  • White Tigers embracing
  • Two Snowy White Owls


Silver Couple

  • Silver swan love birds


Wedding Figurines

  • Ceramic African American Wedding Couple
  • Precious Moments From This Day Forward
  • Love Never Dies Wedding Skeleton man and wife
  • Day of the Dead Mariachi Skeleton Man and Woman getting married


Bride And Groom Figurines

  • The Happiest Day Groom carrying Bride
  • You’re Everything To Me Bride And Groom
  • African American Bride and Groom on beach
  • Bride and Groom Just Married


More Than Words

  • More Than Words Loving Embrace
  • More Than Words Happy Anniversary
  • More Than Words Husband and Wife with Dog
  • More Than Words Lost In You


Willow Tree Couples

  • Willow Tree Promise hand painted
  • Willow Tree Together hand painted
  • Willow Tree You And Me hand painted
  • Willow Tree Around You hand painted
  • Willow Tree Around You Musical hand painted
  • Willow Tree Promise Musical hand painted


Native American

  • Native American Indian man and woman


Guardian Angel

  • Guardian Angel with Halo
  • Strength and Healing Guardian Angel


With Baby

  • Mom and Dad with baby
  • Willow Tree We Are Three
  • More Than Words Welcomed with love parents with baby


On Bench

  • Always Be By My Side boy and girl sitting on bench holding drinks



  • Black bear couple cuddling with Always and forever, No matter what engraved



  • Tropical Rain forest two scarlet macaw parrots perching on a tree with fate engraved one tree
  • Pair of Doves in porcelain



  • Hand Painted pair of pigs holding heart saying Hogs And Kisses



  • Two crystal swans
  • Swarovski Crystal Love Couple
  • Swarovski Crystal pair of owls


Custom / Personalized

  • Willow Tree personalized names and dates engraved on marble base
  • Willow Tree Promise personalized engraved marble



  • You Give Me Butterflies – boy and girl with butterflies



  • Kissing Lovers abstract
  • Resin male and female kissing



  • Gnome and Forever pair of colorful gnomes holding heart shaped wood with forever engraved



  • Bride and groom funny sexy dance
  • Day of the Dead skeleton man and woman dancing
  • Dancing With My Star
  • I Am Smitten By Your Love – ice skating scene



  • Dragon and Phoenix celestial perfect auspicious marital bliss



  • Romantic heart shaped plaque with two deer’s – stag and doe



  • Mickey proposing to Minnie
  • Disney Traditions Mickey carrying Minnie
  • Disney Parks Mickey and Minnie Mouse happily ever after wedding
  • Disney Snow White and Prince



  • Wooden pair of elephants with red heart
  • Grey elephants making a heart with their trunks



  • Man and woman embracing



  • Bride holding on to groom as he tries to run
  • Groom tied up with bride holding on to him
  • Bride dragging groom across floor
  • The love pinch – bride pinching grooms bum
  • Bride and groom holding rifles
  • Groom with leg tied to ball and chain with bride holding the key
  • Race to the Altar



  • Precious Moments You Take My Heart Float
  • My Heart Always Comes Around To You



  • Praying husband and wife sitting on sofa
  • Precious Moments The Lord Bless You



  • Man and pregnant woman holding her stomach



  • Love Is Like A Sweet Song – serenade scene
  • We’re The Perfect Blend – drinking coffee scene



  • You’re My Favorite Place To Be – boy and girl on couch
  • Sitting listening to record player



  • Male and female skeletons making love



  • Miniatures boy and girl sat on bench kissing perfect for terrarium



  • Love Never Dies sex on the beach skeletons Valentine’s gift
  • Secret Ingredient – beautiful Valentine boy and girl cooking together



These Small Statues Are Perfect Decorative Pieces For Your Home


Until you reach an age of meeting a girlfriend or getting married it will be your closest friends and family with who you spend the majority of your time and whose time spent with is many of your happiest. Before meeting your partner it will be your family who fills your thoughts with treasured memories. Once you have found the person you will be settling down with they will then become the most important person in your life and the one you hold precious memories of. Over your years together you will have countless moments of happiness and they will be standing by you through the good and bad times. While telling them how much you love and care about them is often enough it can be sometimes nice to show your appreciation of them in other ways.

One method to show your appreciation is to give them a gift and it does not have to be expensive or elaborate as it will be a gesture that comes from the heart to represent your love for them and act as a symbol for the wonderful relationship that you have. Thinking of gifts probably fills your head with an almost infinite number of potential candidates and these range from clothing through accessories and to jewelry. Another object that could represent you and your love as a couple is a figurine which has a beautiful appearance and is small enough to be not too obtrusive but still be a wonderful decorative piece for your home.

Figurines come in a variety of sizes, materials, colors and styles and it is the postures in which they are crafted that could represent your special moments, or romantic times or even tell a famous love story or just show heart and tenderness. Here are some possible examples that may tell your story or representing a moment that is meaningful to you.

  • A couple celebrating an anniversary
  • A lovers dance
  • A happy day
  • A passionate kiss
  • A kiss to remember
  • Together forever
  • Everlasting love
  • You’re everything to me
  • The thrill of love
  • Our song

These are just a few examples of what they can represent and there maybe an important moment in your relationship which you would like to see preserved forever. Finding the right design means you will both have a special item that you will see daily that will always be a reminder of a time that is important to you both and can brighten up your day by looking at it and remembering.

Having an item that is that deep and personal to both of your lives could be difficult depending on what it is or you may find something more generic that fits and acts as a reminder regardless. Someone buying a gift for both of you may not be a party to all of your intimate secrets and perhaps will not give something with quite as deeper meaning but a piece that still radiates beauty. The majority of these items look exquisite in appearance and they would all bring any room to life and be an item that draws the eye and is loved by everyone.