Look Stunning Together In Cute Anklets Designed For Couples


While ankle bracelets are not quite as common as many pieces of jewelry they are an attractive item worn mainly be women but now also by more men. They are a stunning accessory that look wonderful on with the right outfit and although they will not be worn as much as rings they are still a must wear piece of jewelry for many. For anyone who loves jewelry you can be sure an anklet will be one gift they will be happy to receive. Whether they like to wear them currently or not, they are so adorable it is hard not to love them. By then taking it and making it personal for them you will be not only giving a stunning item but also one that will be close to their heart. Even though they do not have the popularity of many items there is still a vast range from which to choose and this includes those designed with couples in mind including those with a romantic connection.

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If you have been browsing through the range of items available just for you and your partner you will have probably noticed that the amount of matching items available in all types of clothing, jewelry and accessories is vast. There are not many objects that are made individually that you will not find in a variant produced for a couple. Many people love the idea of or wearing a matching set of garments with their partner while out but there are many who find it all too much although we are sure even they may have their heads turned by some of the more subtle items that can be worn. While walking around in matching hats may not be appreciated by them, wearing a discreet item like watches could be perfectly acceptable.

You will find that many of these items that have been produced as sets for couples will carry some kind of message or an image if large enough. There are some well known ones that include his and hers, Mr and Mrs and King and Queen and these can take the approach of being romantic and loving or funny and humorous. Anklets are a both ancient and modern piece of jewelry that most couples would be happy to wear and that fit in well with the matching items niche. As well as having some chosen messages included there are many that will also allow you to add your own personalized words so you can dedicate to your partner with a message that is meaningful to you both.

Due to the nature of the niche, the majority of these anklets with be designed with the intention of a couple to either choose and buy a set together or for one or the other partner to buy as a gift for the other. Wearing them as a pair means you both have a piece of one item and are joined no matter where you are and they stand as a reminder of the other and are of course romantic when going out together. If you have no prior experience with ankle bracelets and you have a partner who does not wear them currently you may find the choice a difficult one. However, it will be worth the effort to give something unique and with all of the celebrations that occur throughout the year, having something for different to give will be fresh and exciting.

Giving your partner a gift will see them very happy and overjoyed at the thought and by adding something loving and personal to it shows how much you care about them. The personal element is a little outpouring of yourself put into the object and it shows the extra effort and thought that has been injected into it and these types of gifts that come from the heart are the ones that mean the most. A personalized anklet will be received well at any time of the year but these kind of gifts are usually given for celebrations such as Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s day, anniversaries, weddings or engagements.

We have already stated that

there are many pieces of clothing, jewelry and accessories that you will be able to purchase as a pair. Many of them you will wear with your partner for daily use but certain items and garments especially are limited as to when they can be worn and to what places that may be accepted. Obviously there are items like robes that are only for the home, pool or spa anyway but there are still things that can’t be worn to formal events. Any piece of jewelry is much more flexible as they are a lot more subtle, not so noticeable and wouldn’t be frowned upon for wearing at the most formal parties, ceremonies or important meetings.

There will be a large amount of choice to peruse through before finding a pair of anklets that suit and you will probably notice there are hundreds of different styles. It could be argued that a lot of choice results in a better chance of finding the perfect one for you but sometimes it can cause a problem because you end up with so many different items that you really like and deciding on that final one feels impossible.



These Cute Ankle Bracelets Are Wonderful Gifts For Any Couple



We all know how busy life gets and often celebrations loom up so fast we almost forget to buy a gift for your partner or perhaps for a husband and wife you are close to. This is a time not to panic, relax and think about something you can give that has a personal touch. After all it is this personal element that elevates a gift from great to amazing and makes the receiver feel loved and thought about. These type of gifts often become a symbol of the love and bond a couple share and this is true whether you are husband,wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. This is the person you trust above all others and one you can confide in knowing that they will stand by you through the good and bad times. Being the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with means any gift that represents your love is a special one.

Giving any jewelry as a gift is usually received with an ecstatic enjoyment and you can always be sure your partner will love whatever it is. As well as looking incredible, the personal touch makes it a very sentimental item that will be treasured and makes wearing it feel even better. There is a fantastic choice of anklets and many options and these include the materials or metals used to make them. They can be made from gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel, leather, plastic or nylon among others. Other choices include what type of pendant or charms you may want included and many that come as a set feature a split design pendant so both partners where one half each and it will only complete when joined together. There are then also personal engravings such as names, initials, significant dates or possibly even photographs.

Obviously being a set and designed with partners in a relationship in mind they can be monogrammed and they will tend to be purchased as gifts from one to the other. There are other options and this is for close friends or family members like a mom or dad to buy for their child and in-law. These people are usually very close to the happy couple and they make great gifts for many occasions but especially for a bride and groom on their wedding or as an engagement gift or even a housewarming. They are also suitable for any other festivities throughout the year which includes Christmas.

As we have mentioned, they come in a variety of materials including gold – white, rose, yellow, sterling silver, platinum, titanium, copper, bronze, beads, leather or plastics. They come with different types of chains, a variety of charms than can include birthstones, letters or shells. They can be of a very simple design or look incredibly intricate and sophisticated, be cheap or very expensive depending upon the materials used. Of course, you also have any custom option you may decide to add either at the time of buying or later on as added charms.

There is another important aspect of anklets and this is how to wear them and while this may seem simple there are proper ways in which to wear them.


The first option is which ankle to wear them on, the left or the right?

In our modern society you an choose which you prefer and not worry about it but in older traditional times in certain countries, much like how a wedding ring is worn on the left hand, an ankle bracelet worn on the left symbolized the woman was married.

Secondly, where to position it?

Firstly you should only wear an anklet next to your skin and certainly not over any type of clothing. They can be worn on show with bare legs or under a pair of jeans and the way it sits depends on your preference. You could choose to let it sit loose and rest on the top of the foot or have a tighter fit around the ankle.

Thirdly, what type for what occasion?

A luxurious anklet in gold with precious stones such as diamonds will fit well at a formal event whereas a more casual beaded style might be the better choice on the beach with a pair of flip flops. Silver can be both sophisticated or casual and the addition of charms can be added to any of the above.

Other points to consider

You need to remember that although they are an accessory you wear because you like them much like any other, they may draw some attention and looks so you may want to ensure your feet and toes have been properly groomed and manicured to match these beautiful accessories.

There are actually quite a few options when it comes to buying an ankle bracelet and with the addition of buying a set for a couple there are two peoples tastes to please. However, there should be enough variety and choice in order to please most people and we are going to run through a few ideas.



Infinity Loops Or Simply Cute – Ideas And Inspiration For Your Matching Anklets



There are many different type of anklet available and we have listed out some our favorite styles in the hope to give you some ideas and offer a little inspiration.


Infinity Anklet

  • Stainless steel infinity love set of two
  • 925 sterling silver infinity loop adjustable
  • Personalized infinity loop with custom names
  • Sterling silver infinity loop charm also in white or rose gold
  • Infinity loop and love heart adjustable
  • Stainless steel matching set with infinity symbol


Cute Anklets

  • 2 piece in gold and silver with hearts
  • Multi layer sterling silver small link chain with beads
  • 925 sterling silver Cuban link rope chain
  • Sterling silver and cubic zirconia ankle bracelet
  • Multi layer with butterfly, moon and pearl charms
  • Sterling silver with heart and cross charms



  • Promise anklets great for a long distance relationship
  • Pinky promise adjustable set of 2



  • Turtle charm beaded set of 2
  • Stretch beads in iridescent white


King And Queen

  • Her King – His Queen


Prince And Princess

  • Prince – Princess beaded in turquoise and black


His And Hers

  • His and Hers infinity loops
  • His One – Her Only
  • His and Hers intimate hotwife stainless steel


Bride And Groom

  • For the bride – something blue, blue gems anklet


Long Distance

  • One for me, One for you long distance beaded



  • 18 ct gold plated link style
  • 14 ct gold rope chain style



  • Waterproof rope great for the beach



  • Gold plated dotted hearts with chain link
  • 24 ct gold plated dangling hearts



  • Pair of elephant charms on 925 sterling silver chain link



  • Infinity name ankle bracelets with choice of 2 names and 2 birthstones


Custom Anklet

  • Custom name on chain link
  • Personalized name bar with custom birthstone


Initial Anklet

  • Choice of Initial with dangling chain and gem
  • Alphabet initial charm of choice on gold plated chain
  • Your choice of 2 initials on silver chain



Personalized Jewelry For The Ankle Can Be Worn Anywhere



When you look back on your past memories they will feature a few people that whose time spent with you will treasure the most. From a young age these will be your family and close friends where certain precious moments stay in your mind for all of your life. When you meet your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend then they will join the important people like your mom and dad who you love to spend time with the most and create unforgettable memories. This is the person who you will spend you life with and who will make you happiest and there will be times when you want to show them how much you love them.

We sure you can think of many ways to shows them how much they mean to you and sometimes a simple I love you tells them everything but buying a gift is also an idea. As it is a gesture of appreciation to show your love for them it will not matter if it is cheap or expensive but you will want it to be personal to both of you. This is where any kind of matching pair of items work well and this include a set of anklets.

An ankle bracelet can be given as a gift to show your love at any time of the year and making one that is spontaneous can make for a wonderful surprise. Having your own custom engraving that is personal to you both also makes them feel even more special to be wearing and the advantage of these is that they can be worn anywhere. There are many different items that work well within this niche of gift but they will not all be acceptable to wear in certain places. An anklet is a discreet beautiful item that, just like wearing a necklace, will work well in any situation.

We have mentioned the many different options that will need to be considered before making a purchase and there is also the an additional one and that is whether you want the theme of the anklet to be one that is romantic or fun. They are available in many different styles and if you are buying a set for a particular couple you might want to decide what reaction you want to see when they open it. This option really depends on the recipients personalities and for the occasion that it is being given. Something fun would go down well at a bachelor/ bachelorette party or a birthday party full of friends but for a bride and groom on their wedding day a more romantic type would be the better choice.

One last note is the secret hidden meanings that come with wearing one which hold true for some people today. Wearing an anklet has various meaning in different cultures both from old traditions and some households who still maintain them. Many years ago they were very loud and you could hear a woman walking and it notified family members if they were leaving the house as this was not allowed. In a similar way in Indian culture the noise from the anklet indicated the wife was coming and so that the other family members could welcome her correctly. For some people, in current times, they indicate a married woman is available for an open relationship with her husbands consent (hotwife) but they would usually have certain charms attached to indicate this. Obviously for the majority of people they just a great looking piece of jewelry to wear just as you would a watch or a ring.