The Sunglasses Of A Bad Ass Agent


Agent Smith is the antagonist in the Movie The Matrix and the two sequels Reloaded and Revolutions. During the trilogy we see a number of Agents but Smith is the most powerful. All of them are sentient computer programs who patrol the Matrix dresses as normal government agents. Their job is to protect the Matrix which in the case of the movie is Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and other crews of humans that have been released from the Matrix by taking the red pill. They will also go after any rogue programs that no longer serve their rightful purpose.

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All Agents wear suit of a black-green color and have a gold lining. The have white shirts, dark shoes and dark green ties. Of course they wear square sunglasses and an earpiece to communicate. They are dressed as a stereotypical US government agent such as the FBI. Their firearms are Desert Eagle handguns concealed in shoulder holsters. As well as carrying guns the are experts in martial arts and hand to hand combat.

The Agents have been programmed to have have various superhuman abilities. They are incredibly fast and are able to jump long distances such as across buildings. They can evade bullets by swaying their body from side to side. They are incredibly strong, being able to punch through concrete and ripping off a car roof with one hand. They can be stunned for a moment but do not feel any pain.

They can be stopped by a point blank shot aimed directly at the head or by managing to hit any major organ with a bullet. However this does not kill them as they do not really exist and just take over another human that is still connected to the Matrix. This person transforms into the Agent for as long as he has taken over the body. It is for this reason that the real humans avoid crowded spaces as Agents can also disguise themselves in any person connected to the Matrix.

They also have some control of the Matrix program itself as we see by Agent Smith sealing Neo’s mouth closed and surrounding a hotel with brick walls when some of the rebels are trapped inside. Almost all of the Agents show no sign of any emotion apart from Smith who also appears to be superior in intellect to his colleagues.



Agent Smith The Awesome Villain




The suit, sunglasses and the confidence all tell us that Agent Smith is not any ordinary Agent. Played by Hugo Weaving in all three movies, he is the only Agent to be some kind of a match for Neo. As we have mentioned above, like all Agents he is very powerful and fast, being able to dodge bullets and punch through walls. However, when Neo realizes his full potential he is able to destroy Smith with ease.

That being said something happened to Smith as we find out in the sequels. When he was effectively killed by Neo he was to return to the source of the machine mainframe to be stored or destroyed. But when Neo literally jumped inside of him something happened that enabled him to ignore any programming. He actually becomes disconnected from the system and this makes him an exile program free from any duties. He copies his program on to other programs and this gives him powers similar to the of Neo, The One. This gives Smith a new purpose and this is to not only destroy Zion but also The Matrix.

He begins to make hundreds of copies of himself all with his memory and skills. He is even able to take over the Oracle and use her ability to see the future and have control over the Matrix. In the end the only person able to stop him is Neo who, when co-operating with the Machines, lets Smith also take over him but this results in the end of Smith.

When Smith changes from Agent to exile the color of his suit changes to dark black and no longer wear his earpiece. His sunglasses are also different and they change in shape to one that is more angular. This change means there are two different styles of sunglasses worn by Smith and this means two different possibilities of what kind to purchase.



Smith Wears Sunglasses To Kill For




A million or more Smith’s only one Neo. We are not sure it was a million but it was certainly thousands of Smith adorning the same suit and sunglasses all to beat The One. He has evolved from the original form of Agent he once was into a more thinking program that certainly displays a little more character and he finds his own purpose.

While all the other Agents are devoid of any kind of emotion, Smith is that more complex and also has emotions that make him seem human, certainly more so than any of his colleagues. In the first film he is a confident program within the Matrix that is methodical and a character you may think of as quite smug.

As the story roles on through the first movie and into the second and third he begins to express more human emotions. He has doubts as can be heard in the tone of his voice. He also displays a lot of anger when things don’t go his way or he cannot get what he wants. There are also many moments of sarcasm in his tone and words that would not expect to hear from any of the other Agents. At times you would think he was part human and part machine and although eventually destroyed it does show in this trilogy that the machines have even more potential.

His sunglasses are very stylish and also different to those worn by either Neo, Trinity or Morpheus. While all of the glasses are custom made for each character in the movie there are many that have been created as copies. This means we are fortunate enough to watch and enjoy each film and decide which glasses we like the best.