African Couples Always Look So Incredible In Matching Outfits


Early African outfits were very basic as being a warm climate they were not needed to keep warm. Those early simple garments will generally for communicating status and region if moving between states. It was the trading in the 15th century that brought other items such as beads, shells and buttons which were paired with garments. This was also a time when weaving improved as well as access to more fabrics. It was around this time that very decorated clothes would reflect the tribes status.

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Wax printed clothes that are still seen today did not reach Africa until the 19th century. Women also began requesting certain designs and these became a way of communicating in secret. In recent times the west has influenced African fashion in the major areas but they are still found worn by remote tribes. Having said that traditional African clothing is being worn in many ways today.

Different areas of Africa have their own names for these colorful outfits. The dashiki is worn in West Africa and the kitenge in East Africa. They are also named an ankara print of African print and these are predominantly cotton with vibrant patterns. Other fabrics include chiffon, spandex and silk and these additions allow for a wider range of clothing that can be produced in this style.

Any clothes that are matching are exactly as the word describes. A couple will wear the exact same matching item at the same time. Buying any matching garments and you are getting a set of two. This style of fashion is popular among couples who want to show off how connected and in love they are. They are worn by boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives of different ages. It is a genre of fashion that has certainly seen an increase in popularity in recent years. This is most likely down to their greater exposure over the various social media platforms.

Here we are discussing African couple outfits but there are great number of other such garments available. Some of the more popular are those such as king and queen shirts, hats and for mommy and daughter, African dresses. There also accessories and jewelry like aprons and bracelets. All of these are wonderful to wear but just a small selection of the many thousands that can be purchased.

As we just alluded to, it is not only couples who can enjoy the benefits of wearing such clothing. We mentioned mom and daughter have their own sets as do all other members of a family both as a who or in all of the various permutations of two. These wearing of these type of clothes are obvious candidates for photos of the couple. They look very cute when worn together and most people just love that twinning style.


Black Couple Goals Can Be Fun Wearing Matching Clothing Which Also Makes Them A Great Gift


We think it is safe to say that most of love buying clothes, regardless of the style. They are quite a person thing and one where it is hard to gauge other peoples tastes. For this reason most of clothing people own are bought by themselves. However, there are some styles and designs that are perfect for giving as a gift. Black or African couples matching outfits are one such a style. They will provide a great deal of fun and help when bonding together.

We mentioned the popularity of this genre of clothing earlier Depending on what the garments are and when they can be worn will influence when they might be purchased as a gift. Clothes of an African design can be worn throughout the year which makes them a gift that can be given for any celebration such as Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and more.

Matching outfits are one of the possible things to include in your black couple goals. We know that black love is incredibly strong and passionate but can also suffer from fading away as every day life takes a hold. To ensure you reach those black relationship goals you must have a solid start. Begin by communicating with each other about what a successful relationship will mean to the both of you. Continue with that strong communication and set some time aside each week to share feelings etc. Every person is unique and has their own little quirks. It s important to accept your partners differences from the beginning and not make any attempt to fix them.

There are a few ideas to reach those black relationship goals:

Do Things Together

You should always be involved in each other lives and take an interest in each other likes. Whether these hobbies are indoors or out, make an effect to participate as these allow you both to bond further.

Learn To Apologize

Black people can be quite egoistic but to be in a successful relationship you will have to lose it for your partner. Learn to say sorry even if you think you are not at fault.

Respect Each Other

It takes a lot of patience to reach those black couple goals and is definitely not something that can be rushed. You need to respect each other in every possible way and hold each other in high esteem.

You Both Need Space

We understand that, especially at the beginning of a relationship that you will want to spend all your time together. However, you both also need some time to yourselves and be able to do things on your own or with friends.

With black love being so unconditional the goals should be ones that focus on the long term effect of your relationship. Ideally all couples should feel like they are on their first dates and not allow that honeymoon period to fade away. Keeping the romance alive is one way of maintaining the early goals and this can be achieved in many ways.

Ensuring that you do things together is one of the important ones. This can be anything both or one of you has an interest in and can be simple or complicated. It can be anything ranging from cooking together to going on a vacation. A way to enhance this bonding time is for both to wear matching outfits in the African style. They look amazing, help you lover to stand out and help to form a strong connection.


Our Personal Favorite Designs


We have made a list of some of our personal favorite designs. All come in a range of sizes from small to plus and in a variety of colors.

  • Dashiki woman’s traditional maxi wedding dress and mans outfit
  • Traditional wax print design wedding party dress and outfit
  • Ankara bodycon dress and shirt
  • Bazin riche top and pant set
  • Bazin riche men’s suit and woman’s dress
  • Women’s long maxi dashiki dress with men’s evening shirt and pants
  • Men’s and Women’s suit with dashiki shirts and ankara pants


You Can Wear This Genre Of Clothing All Of The Time


A successful black relationship is going to happen if you make your own rules and work towards those rules hand in hand, together. All of our relationships are unique so trying to copy other peoples is not going to work. Communication and appreciation of each other is going to go a long way in maintaining that healthy partnership for years to come. Long in the future you will have many memories to look back on and relive the amazing times you had.

A gift is just one way of showing your appreciation of your partner. It needs to be something romantic and at the same time playful. One that will help you to feel closer to each other and we believe African couple outfits are one of the gifts that can achieve all of this. They fulfill the playful and romantic as well as looking amazing, cute and feeling great on.

African outfits are colorful and vibrant and one you cannot help to notice. The print style is named different things in the various parts of Africa, namely anakara, kitengen and dashiki. There is a technique used to create these African prints or as they are sometimes called Ankara fabric, African wax or Holland and Dutch wax. The wax resistant technique used to print the fabric ensures they maintain their intense colors and do not fade.

During production of this fabric, which is named batik, designs are printed on the cloth itself using wax and then the dye is applied. Advancements in technology allowed for this process to become automated but due to the way there are created each print has slight imperfections and this makes each one unique.

Returning to buying a set of these for you and your partner to wear as a form of letting them know you care is not an easy task. If you happen to be very in tune with your partners taste in fashion then it will be easier but lets admit it, most of us are clueless as to that are partners like in terms of clothes. There will be times where you can look at what they current enjoy wearing and copying that as close as possible. Alternatively you could pick the one you like the most and hope your partner loves it too.

Other considerations prior to making a purchase include understanding where and when they might be worn and which color will be the more suitable. You may need to think about the reaction you might expect from a couple if you are giving them as gift and in the same vein, the reaction you may wish to see from your partner when you hand over a gift.